The Kingdom 3: Wiki, Plot, Cast, Real Names, Release date and details

The Kingdom 3: Wiki, netflix, Plot, Cast, Real Names, Release date and details:  What do you do when there are zombies with your modern science and technology? But what happens when there were zombis during your ancestor or when there was still Kingship going on in the country. This same idea Occurred with the Writers of The Kingdom.

In 2019 we got the First season of Kingdom and the next one respectively in 2020. So the fans are ehar for The Kingdom 3.

Story of The Kingdom 3.

During 1392- 1897, the present day korea was ruled by Joseon King and the era was called Joseon Era. Although the characters in Series are fictional. A plague breaks out in Joseon Korea where, People become zombies like creatures and crave human flesh. This happened after 3years of japanese Invasion of Korea. And it is also known that this kind of an outbreak broke out before Japanese invasion.

The story revolves around Crown Prince Chang,Who is born out of a king and a concubine, and the Powerful clan members of Haewon Cho. They don’t want the Crown Prince on the throne and the queen is yet to conceive. And the king dies of an illness. The powerful Minister who belongs to the Haewon cho Clan tries to wake up the king from death with the help of a plant. And this takes a new turn. As there is a rule in Joseon no 2 princes should be alive as there might be disputes between them.

Either they are stripped of their title and given a rank of Commander of the King’s Army and they should not be married and have children or they are killed.As The crown prince knows that he would die soon and wants to find the truth what his father had become which takes a turn of events.By the end of 2nd season we come across A character named Ashin, The plant which brought the dead back and she is the seller of it. 

Jun ji hyun Kindom 3

And it is being said that there will be a new special called The Kingdom: Ashin of North released in 2021.The main goal of the writer was to portray the Plague that broke out in Korea and she found Zombie as A justifying creature for her Idea. 

Details of The Kingdom 4.

Network  Netflix
Writer Kim Eun Hee
No. of Seasons 2
No. of Eps 12
New Special Episode TBA
Production House Astory
Running Time 36-56 Min

Cast of The Kingdom 4

Kingdom Cast

Ju Ji Hoon Crown Prince/ Lee Chang
Bae Doo Na Seo bi/ Physician
Kim Sang Kyu Yeong shin/ Tiger Hunter
Jo Seok Ho Cho Beom Pal/ Magistrate
Ryu Seung Ryung Cho Hak joo/ Mid of Haewon Cho clan
Heo Joon Ho Lord Ahn Hyeon
Ashin (new) Jun Ji hyun 

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