Love Alarm 2: Wiki, Cast, Real Names, Plot and Details

Love Alarm 2: Wiki, Cast, Real Names, Plot and Details :  Netflix had broadened its spectrum and been associating with a lot of countries in the world. Among them Asian Netflix had been on good terms with Netflix. As a result there are new Series. And also It is not normal for a korean drama to have a season 2. And in the new Year we might be Expecting Love Alarm 2.

Story of Love Alarm 2

Love Alarm 2 wiki

The Story is about an App Called Joalarm. The app enables And sends notification in a 10 meter Radius and who are the people that like you. But It doesn’t show the details of how much the one specific person likes you. 

The story revolves around 3 teenagers, Going to the same school. And not loved by their parents and in search of love through JoAlarm app. The Season 1 was an open Ending and The viewers who Already Watched the 1st season are eagerly waiting for the second season.

Details of Love Alarm 2


Network  Netflix
Production Companies Netflix, Studio Dragon and Hidden Sequel
Written By Lee Ah yeon, Seo Bo Ra and Kim Sae Bom
Based on A webtoon Love Alarm byChon Kye Young
No.of Episodes 8
Season 2 release date TBA
Running Time 42-56 min
Language South Korean


Love Alarm 2

Kim So hyun Kim Jo Jo /Hard working girl
Song Kang Hwang Sun Oh/ Model from a rich family
Jung Ga Ram Lee Hye Young/Sun Oh’s Best friend
Z. Hera Kim Jung Go/ Jo Jo’s Best Friend
Shin Seung Ho Jo Jo’ ex
Go Mi Sin Park Gul Mi/ Jo Jo’s cousin
Lee Jae Young Developer of Love Alarm App
Song Sun Mi Jeong Mi Mi/ Popular actress
Shim Yi Young Mother of Hye Young
Kim Young Ok Jo Jo’s grandmother
Song Geon Hee Marx/ idol Star
Kim Si Eun Sun Oh’s Girlfriend

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