Top 13 Celebrities With Luxurious Jacuzzi Setups

You might think your little plastic pool in the backyard is pretty nice, but wait till you see what the celebs I’m about to list have got going on outdoors. 

We ain’t talking about your average old jacuzzi here – their hot tubs are straight-up works of art. 

Today, we’ll talk about all the juicy deets! We’ll take a peek at what the rich and famous are doing to unwind in style. Then, let’s jump right on in and see what these celebs have hidden in their backyards.

1. The Kardashian & Her Hot Tub

Kim Kardashian & Her Hot Tub

Have you ever noticed how Kim Kardashian is always lounging in her fancy hot tub? Seems like every time I check Instagram, there she is, soaking up some rays. 

Maybe for her, it’s just another chance to show off that bikini bod. Not that I can blame her I guess, if I looked that good I’d want to show off too. 

Anyway, winter or summer, that hot tub must be her favorite place to relax. Just something I’ve been noticing every time I scroll through social media. It’s a far cry from her days with Damon Thomas, that’s for sure.

2. Chloe Ferry’s Pre-Dubai Dip

Before jetting off to Dubai for New Year’s Eve, Chloe Ferry decided a hot tub photo shoot was the way to go. Because nothing says ‘ready for vacation’ like a bunch of pre-holiday hot tub snaps, right?

Speaking of relaxing getaways, If you’re considering a splashy one, offers an enticing selection of hotels with hot tubs in the room, ensuring your escape is as bubbly as it is memorable.

3. Jack Fincham: A Filtered Reality

Jack Fincham had a moment of truth with his hot tub pic—edit, backlash, re-upload without filters. Maybe it’s a metaphor for life: Sometimes you just gotta keep it real, filter-free.

4. The Love Island Hot Tub Club

The Love Island Hot Tub Club

These Love Island peeps like Tommy, Molly-Mae, Liv and Jack – they seem to think those hot tubs they lounge around in on Instagram are just as important as that villa they lived in on the show!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, the villa was their big debut to find love and all. But seems like once the show wrapped, they realized where the REAL work was – taking those perfect bikini and swim trunk pictures next to a bunch of bubbles!

5. Kelly Brook’s Cozy Moments

Nothing screams ‘romantic hotels with Jacuzzi in the room’ vibes more than Kelly Brook and Jeremy Parisi chilling in their hot tub. Just a casual day at home, folks.

6. ITV’s Steamy Gatherings

Alison King, Sally Dynevor, and Samia Longchambon show us how it’s done. Who needs a pub when you’ve got a hot tub to catch up in?

7. Family Time with Andy Whyment

Family Time with Andy Whyment

Andy Whyment takes a different approach—hot tub time is family time. His kids, Hollie and Thomas, probably think Dad’s the coolest, and who can blame them?

8. The Beckhams’ Plunge Pool Luxury

Not exactly a Jacuzzi, but David and Victoria Beckham have an outdoor plunge pool at their Cotswolds retreat that screams luxury. Sometimes you need to cool down before you can heat back up, right?

9. Nadia Sawalha’s Inflatable Party

Nadia Sawalha keeps it real and relatable with an enormous inflatable hot tub. It’s big, it’s fun, and it’s shared with the whole family—what’s not to love?

10. Scarlett Moffatt’s Stylish Spa

Scarlett Moffatt’s Stylish Spa

Scarlett Moffatt doesn’t just relax in any old hot tub; hers is a Lay-Z-Spa styled as ‘Helsinki’ with a chic wooden exterior. Because style shouldn’t stop at your wardrobe.

11. Alison Hammond’s Garden Retreat

Alison Hammond has a hot tub right in her Birmingham garden. It’s her slice of heaven where she unwinds with her son. Private, perfect, precious.

12. Ferne McCann’s Chelmsford Choice

So I heard that Ferne McCann just moved into a new place. Now, we’ve all been there – moving is no picnic! Boxes everywhere, stuff to unpack, saying goodbye to your old neighborhood…it can really take it outta ya!

But get this – instead of moping about it, Ferne went out and bought herself a hot tub. Pretty fancy, and resourceful huh?

13. Peter Andre

Peter Andre and His Hot Tub

I recently saw that video of Peter Andre showing off his fancy new hot tub. Was that thing huge or what? Looked like it could fit at least ten people in there! His whole backyard has really come together, gotta hand it to him.

Now I know what you’re thinking – only a big celebrity could afford something so nice. But anyone can enjoy the relaxation of a hot tub, even if it’s not as big as his. Maybe start smaller if you’re on a budget, or save up over time.

Bonus Entries

  • Andrea McLean enjoys her luxury garden hot tub with hubby Nick Feeney. Because after a long day of chat shows, who wouldn’t want a soak?
  • Alexandra Burke rocks a square-shaped hot tub in her £1.6 million Hertfordshire mansion. Go big or go home, right?
  • Denise Van Outen flaunts a blue metallic interior hot tub with jet machines in Essex. It’s like her very own water disco.
  • Gemma Atkinson opts for a family-friendly orange and white paddling pool from Asda. It’s budget-friendly and still gets the splash job done.
  • Alex Jones lets her sons splash around in a paddling pool that doubles as a foot bath for adults. Sometimes, it’s the simple pleasures.

Final Words

Luxurious Jacuzzi Setup
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Man, some of those celebrity hot tubs look SO nice! Like you could just chill all day in one of those fancy hotel rooms with a big ol’ hot tub. Must be nice to afford that, huh? Don’t feel too bad though – a hot tub is really just about relaxing and unwinding.

If you’re itchin’ to upgrade your home spa but money’s tight, maybe just set up a kiddie pool in the backyard for now. Throw in some floaties, crack a cold one, and pretend you’re a big-shot Hollywood star! As long as you’re feeling that chill vibe, who cares what you’re soaking in, right? Just do you and enjoy the simple things. The good life will come eventually.