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Mr. Queen : wiki, Cast , Real Names, Streaming Time, story and Details : Historical Korean dramas are very serious and political. But have you ever heard a historical drama which has a comedy element in it? Then you have to watch ‘Mr Queen’.

Story of Mr. Queen.

Mr. Queen

The story revolves around a man named Bong Hwan from Modern South Korea. He is the chef for the blue house of Korea. When he screws up a meal of a Chinese Ambassador, he is chased by a policeman to give a statement. But he kept escaping. As a result, he falls into a pool and she is a mysterious girl swimming towards him.

When he wakes up after being rescued, he is seen in the setting of the Joseon dynasty. He is in the land of 1855 Korea which is ruled by kings. Moreover, he is trapped inside the body of a queen named Cheorin, who is to be married to the 25th  King of  Joseon. The story is an adaptation of web navel called Go princess Go written in Chinese.


Original Network TVN
Distributor  Viu
Time of streaming 9:00 pm KST
Airing day Every saturday and sunday
Status  Ongoing 
No.of episodes 20
Released On  12 dec,2020
Language  South korean 


mR. Queen

Shin Hye Sun The original Queen Cheorin
Kim Jung Hyun King Cheoljung
Cha Chung Hwa As Queen’s Court Lady Choi
Chae Seo Eun Queen’s Maid
Yoo Min Kyu Prince Yeongpyeong/ King’s Half brother
Bae Jong Ok The Dowager Queen
Kim Tae woo Queen’s Brother
Choi Jin Hyuk chef/ the man trapped inside a queen’s body.

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