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Sweet Tooth on Netflix Wiki | Cast | Release Date | Trailer Summary: Sweet Tooth is an upcoming Netflix Original fantasy-drama series based on the DC comic book of the same name by author Jeff Lemire. A devastating virus called the “Great Crash” has caused severe damage worldwide. As a result, the emergence of hybrid humans-half of animals and half of humans are born when babies are born. It is not clear whether the hybrid is caused by a virus or by a virus. Many of the remaining people are looking for hybrids. A young mongrel named Gus and a lone hiker, Geppert emerged from his forest hideout and travelled through the remnants of the United States to find answers.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Details

Release Date 4th June, 2021
DirectorJim Mickle
Assistant DirectorRobyn Grace
ProducerJim Mickle, Will Forte
Executive ProducerRobert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey
Music byCavetown
GenresAction, Adventure, Drama
IMDb Rating

Sweet Tooth Cast Real Names

Real NameName in the Series
Nonso Anozie Tommy Jepperd
Christian Convery Gus
Stefania Lavie Owen .Bear
Aliza Vellani Rani Singh
Naledi Murray Wendy
Sarah Peirse Dr. Bell
Nixon Bingley Gus (aged 7)
Seth Flynn Goggles
River Rain Jarvis Gus age 4
Neil Sandilands General Steven Abbot
Christopher Sommers Spaghetti
Eric Tiede Newscaster

Trailer Explained:

“Sweet Tooth” directed by Marvel Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and his wife Susan Downey. Like most Netflix network series, the first season of the series will only have 8 episodes. “Sweet Tooth ” will be released on Netflix on June 4, 2021, with 7 volumes and 52 issues. The story in this comic ended perfectly.

Even after the comic book was adapted, many changes were made to the web series. At the beginning of the trailer, we heard someone’s narration, and the story continues to the end. In this story, we see a future in which the world will be destroyed. In the next scene, we see an unknown character walking around, and that character may be Tommy Gepperd.

Sweet Tooth Gus

In the next scene, we see that the mixed child looks like half a human and half an animal. Among all the hybrid children shown, one boy is special, his name is Gus, and the role of Gus is played by Christian Convery. In the series, Tommy Jepperd named Gus because Gus likes chocolate. According to this story, a deadly virus has spread around the world, gradually destroying humanity. No one knows how to eliminate this virus and how to cure it. Legend has it that when Gus was a child, his father hid with him in the woods to avoid hybrid child hunters.

Gus and Jepperd will have the same goal in their performance, that is, they must go to a safe place where humans and hybrids coexist. This place is called a reservation. The purpose of setting up the sanctuary is to protect the children of hybrids from attacks by General Stephen and his hunters, who wanted to catch the hybrids. In general, the difference between the series and the manga version is that people who read the manga will be able to watch the episode without spoiling the plot.




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