Army of the Dead on Netflix Wiki | Cast | Release date | Trailer Summary

Army of the Dead on Netflix Wiki | Cast | Release date | Trailer Summary: The first full trailer of “Army of the Dead has arrived and contains many important details about Zack Snyder’s upcoming zombie robbery on Netflix.

Army of the Dead

Trailer Summary:

The following are the juicy details of the dynamic trailer for Army of the Dead. The long-awaited superhero Snyder’s enthusiasm has hardly diminished, and the directors’ next project is about to premiere. During the zombie outbreak. In addition to the title movie, Snyder is already producing prequels and other animations to help ensure the long-term development of the barracks of the dead. Actors: Dave Bautista, Omari Hardwicke, Ella Purnell, etc. Compared with Snyders’ remake of “Dawn of the Dead”, its plot is very different. Army of the Dead is decorated with amazing cinematographic style and style violence. Snyder’s usual sense of humour and zombies is more than shaking a lazy businessman, but he rarely reveals the character of the active army of the dead.

The origin of the zombie outbreak of the movie has been reported in the prequel, which means that the beginning of the trailer is the apocalypse in full swing. In the next 3 minutes, successfully containing the virus may be the most unrealistic thing. its trailer makes no secret of the fact that the Scotts crew will arrive at their destination in Las Vegas. We see a shot of the outer hatch being smashed with explosives, revealing the inside of the safe, and after Ludwig gropes for some time, the gang enters a vault full of piles of money. The success of the missions revealed in the trailer shows that the real challenge of the gangs in Army of the Dead will not be to get the money – to get out alive.

Army of the Dead: Release Date

DirectorZack Snyder
Release Date21st May

Army of the Dead Cast Real Names


Cast Real NameName in the Show
Hiroyuki Sanada Bly Tanaka
Dave BautistaScott Ward
Ella PurnellKate Ward
Nora ArnezederLilly
Garret DillahuntMartin
Ana de la Reguera Cruz
Michael CassidySergeant Cassidy
Theo Rossi Burt Cummings

Samantha Win ChambersChambers
Omari HardwickMarianne Peters
Tig NotaroVanderohe
Raúl CastilloMikey Guzman
Matthias SchweighöferLudwig Dieter
Sarah Minnich Jessica
Lyon Beckwith

Description of Lead Characters

Dave Bautista’s Scott

Army of the Dead - Dave

In the movie, Dave Bautista’s sturdy protagonist Scott Ward. But not necessarily in the setting, you’d expect. Instead of camouflage and semi-automatic, Big Dave starts wearing a hairnet and spatula and doing his daily chores. Obviously, Ward was once a highly skilled soldier who carried out the most dangerous missions, but Army of the Dead starts with him. Held and his team are enjoying a peaceful retreat, not for long, of course.

Nora Arnezeder’s  as Lily

Army of the Dead - Nora

The next major character we meet is Lily, played by Nora Arnezeder. Although there is no Lily in Hunter’s briefing (as shown in the trailer), she appears to be in a command position. And which suggests that Scott’s team may join another faction. Before the chaos began, it was because Lily knew more about undead zombies than the others on the team. She could have been one of the soldiers responsible for maintaining Las Vegas and its new residents.

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