Please Find Attached 2: Cast| Telecast Dates | Real Names | Story | Details

Dice media web series are a must watch. They have a really good and simple content. Back in 2019, we were blessed with a mini series called ‘Please Find Attached’. And again 2020 we are once again blessed with its season 2.


The story revolves around two people, Shaurya and Sanya, who share the same workplace and personal space. The content of Please Find attached was how did they managed their love life and their workplace while living in the outskirts of Mumbai.

In the second season, Shaurya get promoted to manager post and Sanya develops an inferiority complex within herself. And Shaurya as a manager dosent have time and always keeps work first than Sanya. With this Sanya feels left out. This triggers a lot of misunderstanding and temper tantrums between them.

The web series shows what happens when professional life and love life mingles.


Ayush Mehra is an actor and is known for his shows Please Find attached and he alo starred in a lot of videos of filtercopy, a youtube channel.

Barkha singh is an Indian actress and model . She has been endorsing brands such as amazon, cadbury , clinic plus and coca-cola since childhood.


Channel Dice Media
Network Youtube
Written by Ajay kumar, Sehaj Kaur Maini, Karthik Menon, Kaviraj Singh
No of episodes S1 3 ep and S2 6 ep
No. of seasons 2
Released on 30th oct, 2020
Ended on 24th nov, 2020


Ayush Mehra Shaurya Singh
Barkha singh Sanya Agarwal
Vibhavi Upadhyay Ratna
Aditya Pandey Anant
Anumeha Jain Rohini Kumar
Ayush Nathani Abhishek Jain
Tushar Dhemba Varun Vij
Shiv Kanungo Vinod Chaubey


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