Uncanny Counter: Cast, Real Names, Streaming time, Story and Details

The Uncanny Counter: wiki, Real Nmaes, Streaming time, Story and Details : Horror films are always the latest hot topic. Likewise in the same way Korean dramas have thriller and horror elements in it. A Similar show has been bought on Netflix called The Uncanny Counters.

Story on The Uncanny Counters.

Story of Uncanny Counter revolves around a noodle shop owner and the name of the shop is Eonni noodles shop. Firstly, in drama there is a group called counter. The people working in that shop are employees by day and change into demon Hunters at night. Moreover they chase the  demon that prey on humans.

th euncanny counter

All this happens in a fictional city called Jungjin. Duty of the counter is to search for the evil spirits that escaped the Afterlife. Evil spirits Dwell inside the bodies of the human who have the same evilness in them. For example a great intent to kill and criminals with evil ideas. Wendy’s evil spirit processes in humans the spirit and handsomeness of human abilities and gives them power like the movie venom. Moreover, the story is based on a webtoon called The Amazing Rumor.


uncanny counter

Original network OCN
Network  Netflix 
Aired on  Every saturday and sunday
Streaming time 22:30 KST
No. of episodes 16
Status  Ongoing 
Released on   Nov 28,2020
Language  South Korean 

Cast of Uncanny Counter

uncanny counter cast

Jo byung Gyu So Mun Newest member to the group counter
Kim Se Jong Do Hana Server at Eonni noodles
Yeom Hye Ran Choo Mae Ok Chef at Eonni noodles
Yoo Jun Sang Go Man Tak Former Police Officer and assistant spirit
Mun Sook  Wi Gen  Partner of Mun , the upright spirit
Kim So re Kim Gi Ran  Partner of Mo Tak
Eun Ye Jun Woo Sik Hana’s Partner


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