Sweet Home: Cast, Real Names, Released On , Story and Details.

Sweet Home: Cast, Real Names, Released On , Story and Details : Apocalyptic films are a must watch. The film industry is being swept away by the apocalyptic concept. They are the new thrillers to today’s people. When you hear the word apocalyptic it means that that is the end of the world like in the movie 2012 a word taken by another entity such as virus like the movie I Am Legend. There are a lot of apocalyptic films like Terminator, Residential Evil, interstellar, Train to Busan etc. All these are a mix of horror and thriller elements which the people love. Necklace came forward with this apocalyptic TV series called the Sweet home.

sweet home

Story of sweet home

Story revolves around a boy named Cha Hyun Soo. Philosopher parents in an accident and he moved to a new apartment which is known by the name Green Home. Basically he is alone and moreover is quite life is suddenly disrupted by change in event occurs in the locality. The people there are persons by Monsters and they have changed into a monster of their own Desire that are left unfulfilled. Like for example if you are a gym freak, are so interested in getting the proteins and building your muscles.

So, if you are affected by a Monster  you get a nosebleed and you change into a Protein monster which is the character that is  in the drama. But that might not be the reason behind changing into a Protein monster. If you are affected you just change into a monster based on your hidden Desire. The story is about how the characters in the drama fight against such Monsters. Moreover, the series is an adaptation of the webtoon from the same name which is available in Line Webtoon App.

sweet home




Original Network Netflix 
Written by Hong So Ri
No. of seasons 1
No.of episodes 10 
Released on  Dec 18,2020

Cast of sweet home

sweet home

Song Kang Cha Hyun Soo An high school student
Lee Jin Wook Pyeong Song Wook A man misunderstood as a Gangster
Lee Si Young Seo Yi kyung A former fighter
Kim Nam Hee Jung Jae Heon A Korean Teacher
Lee Do Hyun Lee Eun Hyuk A medical student
Go Min Si Eun Hyuk’s sister Ballerina dancer
Park Gyu Yang Yoon Ji Soo A guitarist 
Kim Sang Ho Han Du Shik A man who can prepare weapons

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