TharnType 2:Wiki, Cast, Realnames, Plot, Timing and Details.

TharnType 2: 7 Years of Love; Wiki, Cast, Realnames, Plot, Timing and Details:  We know how much the fans Loved the movie ‘Love Simon’ being it LGBTQ. It was nothing here and would just like an ordinary Romance drama. Similarly in Thai language there has also been a lot of dramas on LGBTQ called BL(boy love) dramas. Among them Line TV had a drama called Tharntype.

Recommended: 18+

TharnType 2

Story of TharnType.

In season 1 of TharnType. Tan and type are two gentlemen who are studying in college. Tip is a college football player and he has a roommate named Tharn. When Type know that his roommate is gay he hates him for being gay. It has heater for gas because in his childhood he was abused by a Gay man. But as time passes by Tharn and Type grows fond of each other and Type overcomes his trauma  with Than’s love and affection.

Story of TharnType 2.

The season 2 take place after 7 years of being together. Now type is a sports doctor And Tharn is an architect. Now they are both working adults. And the series show the difficulties they overcome together and intervention of other people into their love life.

Details of TharnType 2

Original Network GMM One
Available Network Line TV
Airs Nov 6th, 2020 -Jan 29th 2021on Every Friday.
Directed by Pique Passawat
No.of Ep 12
Country Thailand
Language Thai
Duration 50 minutes

Cast Of Tharntype 2:

Tharntype Cast

Gulf Kanawut As Type
Mew Suppasit As Tharn
First Chalongrat As Fiat
Ja Pachara As Leo
Mild Jinna As Techno
Boat Napat As Champ
Jame Phat Prayunviwat As Dr. Kunphol
Tong Tanayut As Thorn (Brother of Tharn)
Becky Armstrong Thanya( sister of Tharn)
Pattarabut Kienukul As San( Tharn Ex-love)
Tao Sarocha Tharn’s Mother
Thaweesak Alexander Thananan Tharn’s Father

TharnType 2

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