Spencer Herron: Wiki, Bio, Age, First Wife, Student, Job, Family

A horrible story of a school teacher, how he destroyed numerous children’s lives by living in deception.

This is explored in-depth in the true-crime podcast series “Betrayal” from Glass Podcast and iHeartMedia.

In other words, this story is about a school teacher Spencer Wayne Herron’s depraved deeds.

These deeds were seen through the eyes of his ex-wife, Jenifer Faison.

Spencer Harron

Now if you want to know more about this sexual predator and all his crimes and essential information about his past, then go ahead.

I have covered so many details about the life of this man for you to satisfy your curiosity. Read till the end of the article:

Spencer Herron Job and career:

Spencer Herron was an acclaimed teacher at Kell High School in Marietta. He was awarded “Teacher of the Year” for the 2016-2017 school year.

He was a great mentor for his students, up until June 2018. This was the time when the truth about his hideous deeds, which included the claim that he had sexually abused at least three of his students, came to light.

Spencer owned a Local business and also served in the Air National Guard.

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Spencer Herron’s Wife:

Jennifer Faison is the ex-wife of Spencer. She is a TV Producer. They both lived a happy life together until the truth about her beloved husband come out.

Jennifer is the one who took the lead to investigate the hidden story behind Betrayal and revealed so many things about her husband who had concurrent affairs with many friends, neighbours and strangers.

She talked with family and friends and so many different girls who were close to Spencer and she also knew them personally.

Herron and Jennifer were college sweethearts.

Their first encounter was in their college classes where they both pursued the bachelor’s degree in communications.

Their happy married life lasted only for seven years after marriage until Herron’s criminal history come to light.

In an interview, Jennifer said :

“Spence was the last person who I ever would have guessed would have taken advantage of a kid, and I think anybody else who knew him would have said the same thing.

Could it be true that this man I loved was a sexual predator? I realized that afternoon that life as I knew it would never be the same.

The future that we planned was gone, and that was the last time I had seen him.”

Spencer Herron crime:

According to the reports, Spencer started texting his female student in the summer of 2016 and encouraged them to meet him, so that they could work together on a mythical school club.

According to the documents provided by the court, Spencer kept up the pretence to take her on unsanctioned field trips but in reality, he continuously abused her throughout the academic session.

It all happened inside and outside the school. Fortunately, after her graduation, this assault came to an end.

But according to the record from 2016 to 2018, Spencer also abused two other female students at her school constantly.

In 2018 he was taken into custody at his residence and jailed on a $55,220 bond.

Spencer Herron Height, Weight:

Spencer Herron is a 5 ft 6 in tall man and his weight is 130 lbs.

He was reserved into the Wilcox State Prison in Abbeville, Georgia, where he served his six years sentence. Now he was set free on June 1, 2023.

Information Table:

Category Details
Name Spencer Harron
Birth Place Acworth, Georgia
Age (as of 2023) 49
Gender Male
Profession Teacher
Ethnicity White
College University of Vermont
Educational Qualification Dropped out
Marital Status Married
Wife/Husband Jennifer Faison
Height (Approx.) 5 ft 6 in
Weight (Approx.) 130 lbs
Body Type Average
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color grey
Hair Length Short

Some lesser-known facts about Spencer Herron:

Here are some lesser-known facts about Spencer:

Spencer Harron

1- Herron was a teacher at Kell High School in Marietta,  Georgia.  In this school, Herron taught for 15 years.

2- According to the documents provided by the court, he told one of his victims to ‘be quiet’ when she cried and proceeded to have sex with her.

3- Spencer has been charged with three counts of sexual assault.


Q. How old is Spencer Herron?

Ans. Spencer Herron is 49 years old.

Q. How long was Spencer Herron sentenced?

Ans. Judge John sentenced Herron to six years, with the first five years to be served in imprisonment.

Q. Who is the first wife of Spencer Herron?

Ans. Jennifer Faison is the wife of Spencer Herron. She is a Tv Producer.

Q. What is the release date of Spencer Harron?

Ans. Spencer’s release date is June 1, 2023.

Q. Who is the Spencer from Betrayal?

Ans. Caption Ron is the Spencer from Betrayal.

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