Spencer Elden: Wiki (Nirvana Nevermind Baby), Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Spencer Elden: Wiki (Nirvana Nevermind Baby), Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Education, Nationality, Gender, Wife, Children, Family, Career, Age, Net worth, Birthday, Height, Nationality, and other details: Spencer Elden is the baby fellow who is seen in the cover photo of Nirvana’s Nevermind. Nevermind is the other album by the American rock band Nirvana. It was issued on September 24, 1991. The album was created by Butch Vig. It was Nirvana’s initial release on the DGC label. And during its publicity, all they needed was a cover picture for their album. It was at that time when Spencer Elden was determined to be the cover page guy of Nevermind. At the time of the shoot, Elden was only 4 months old, and the picture was clicked by their family friend and picture-taker Weddle. Now, he is all over the media, and recognition, because of his lawsuit against Nirvana.

Spencer Elden

Spencer Elden Life and Education

Spencer Elden is presently 30 years old. Looking at his age, one can say that he must have a love life promptly. Elden marks his birthday on the 7th of February. He was born in the year 1991.

Spencer Career

Spencer Elden is presently all over the web because of the lawsuit. In one of the accounts, Elden has said that he is an artist now. He has served for the Shepard Fairey for five years. He is also committed to music and is a huge music collector. Speaking about his Instagram, he has a followers base of over 4.5k people, and with only 3 posts. It seems that Elden prefers to keep his personal life out of the media. This could be the cause for him not being on any other social platform. As per some Reddit users, Elden’s Reddit ID is gitty7456. As there are some other accounts to climbing that they are Elden, it is hard to find the original one. Spencer Elden is now actively fighting for the lawsuit he filed against Nirvana. Elden alleged that the authorities of Nirvana have used his image on the album, without his consent. Moreover, he added that his progenitors never signed any releasing authority of his photo to be used as the cover photo. He also claims the nude image establishes child p*rnography. Though US law doesn’t consider non-sexualized photos of babies as child p*rnography. Nevertheless, Elden’s lawyer, Robert Y. Lewis, clarifies that the inclusion of the dollar bill makes the minor look “like a sex worker”. The complete report on the lawsuit is screen by the BBC. Other than this, Elden’s prevailing life is out of context. He is nowhere to be seen on social platforms. Spencer Elden’s total worth is not still been made public. He never got any pay for his photo in the album and was only awarded $180 (154 Euro) for his picture on the album. Therefore, it is difficult to say anything about his wealth in 2021. Moreover, his income and other revenue details are concealed from the public. It appears that Elden notwithstanding been one of the main faces of Nirvana desires to live a low-key life.

Spencer Personal Life

As of the present, Spencer Elden has not issued any statement regarding his wedding. Therefore, it is hard to say anything about his wife. His Instagram and other social platforms also don’t reveal any details about his spouse.

Spencer Elden

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Spencer Elden Bio, Height, Weight, Profile, Net Worth

Real name Spencer Elden
Gender  Male
Age  30
Date of birth 7th of February, 1991
Birthplace  Not known
Nationality  Not known
Hometown Not known
Profession Model
Height  Not known
Weight  Not known
Interest Not known
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Marital status Not known
University Not known
Parents  Not known
Siblings Not known
Wife Not known
Girlfriend Not known
Children Not known
Net worth Not known

Some lesser-known facts about Spencer Elden

  • Spencer Elden’s present age is 30 years.
  • His birthday is on the 7th of February, 1991.
  • He has said that he is an artist now.
  • He was only awarded $180 (154 Euro) for his picture on the album.
  • Spencer Elden loves to keep his personal life away from the public.
  • Spencer Elden has not mentioned his wife or his love life on social media platforms.

Spencer Elden Social media Accounts:


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