Larry Mazza: Wiki, Bio, Height, Wieght, Jail, Marriage and Details

Larry Mazza: Wiki, Bio, Height, Weight, Jail, Marriage and Details: Larry Mazza when the former hitman and a Gangster. Now he has become an Aspiring actor and Gym Trainer.

Larry Mazza Video Biography

Life and education.

He was born in 1961 and the exact birthdate is not known to the media. And he was born in Brooklyn USA. His father was a Firefighter and his mother was a banker.

He did his schooling in a Catholic school in Brooklyn and later went to John Jay College and studied criminal justice. Since childhood he was determined to become a Firefighter like his father.


The career of Larry Mazza.

While he was studying in college he also used to work as a delivery boy and Danza supermarket.

One Day while delivering groceries to a house symmetry an Italian lady named Linda Schiro. And then she seduced him and had a passionate session. Little did he know that the Italian lady was the wife of Greg Scarpa. He was part of the Colombo crime family. But the boss blessed these 2 as he was also having an extramarital affair.

Sone Larry became a part of their Gangster life and started working as a Hitman and killed a lot of people. Later there were differences in the Colombo crime family itself and they’re attacking each other. As a result, Larry was arrested and serving as a life sentence in prison.

Later it was revealed that the Boss of the crime family was an FBI informant. And Larry was honest to the boss. And he gave all the required information to the FBI regarding the world of the Mafia. As a result, his prison sentence was reduced to 10 years. And he was released from Prison in 2001.

Now he is an actor, author and Gym owner. He Owns a gym in Merritt Island. Moreover, he also provided acting advice to Robert De Niro. And you also work as a technical advisor in action movies.

Larry Mazza BOOK

When he was in prison he also wrote a book called The Life: A Brooklyn boy is seduced into the Dark World of Mafia. The book is about his life as a teenager and how he entered into a mafia world and ended up in jail.

Personal life of Larry Mazza.

As we know his first wife is Linda. Later he met a hairdresser named Christine in a Salon and started dating her. Later divorced Linda and married Christain in 1991. The couple had a Baby named Lawrence Mazza II. After he got released from prison he split with his wife.

After a few years, he met Kelly Guion. And the couple got married in 2012. The couple is Happily residing in Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach. His son  Lawrence Mazza is also an actor.

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Bio. Height, Weight and Details of Larry Mazza

Larry Mazza bio

Real name Larry Mazza
Gender  Male
Age  59
Date of birth 1961
Birthplace  Brooklyn, USA
Nationality  American
Profession  Actor, Author, Gym Trainer
Height  N/A
Weight  N/A
Hair color Greyish White
Eye color Blue
Ethnicity  White
Zodiac sign N/A
Marital status Divorced and married Again
Alma mater John Jay College
Parents  Lawrance Sr and Joan
Children Lawrance Mazza II
Net worth $600,000

Social media Accounts: 



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