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Aderrien Murry, a resilient 11-year-old boy from Indianola, Mississippi, survived a traumatic shooting incident on May 20, 2023. Despite sustaining serious injuries, including a collapsed lung, lacerated liver, and fractured ribs, Aderrien displayed courage and strength throughout his recovery.

About Aderrien Murry

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A police officer shot 11-year-old Aderrien Murry in the chest in Indianola, Mississippi, on May 20, 2023. However, Aderrien survived the shooting and was discharged from the hospital on May 24, 2023. He endured injuries including a collapsed lung, a lacerated liver, and fractured ribs. Nakala Murry, his mother, along with their family’s lawyer, Carlos Moore, are actively demanding justice for Aderrien, urging for the officer responsible to be terminated and prosecuted.

Aderrien Murry Background

Aderrien Murry was born on July 15, 2011. Murry lived with his mother and his siblings in Indianola, a small city in the Mississippi Delta region. He attended Carver Elementary School and was described by his teachers as a bright and respectful student who loved math and science. He enjoyed playing video games and basketball with his friends.

The Shooting

According to his mother and his lawyer, Aderrien called 911 on the morning of May 20, 2023, at the request of his mother. She said she was concerned by the behavior of the father of another of her children, who had shown up at the house and was acting “irate”. When the police arrived at the scene, they asked everyone inside to come out. Aderrien was following the instructions when he turned the corner of the hallway and was shot by one of the officers. The officer who shot him was identified as Greg Capers, a veteran of the Indianola Police Department.

After being shot, Aderrien asked his mother, “What did I do?” In response, she immediately covered his wound with her hand and applied pressure until the arrival of paramedics. The officer also assisted in providing aid to Aderrien. Subsequently, he was transported to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, where he underwent surgery and received a chest tube. Following a few days on a ventilator, he was transferred to a regular room for further recovery.

The Aftermath

The shooting sparked outrage and protests in Indianola and across the state. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) took over the case and said it was gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. The MBI said it would submit its findings to the state attorney general’s office for review. The Indianola Police Department said it was cooperating with the investigation and placed Capers on paid administrative leave.

Aderrien’s mother and lawyer held a press conference outside Indianola City Hall on May 22, 2023. Then they demanded that Capers be fired and charged with attempted murder. Also they requested that the body camera footage of the incident be released to the public. They said they did not believe that Aderrien posed any threat to the officer or anyone else. They said they wanted justice for Aderrien and accountability for Capers.

Aderrien was released from the hospital on May 24, 2023. Aderrien returned home with his mother and siblings. He said he was happy to be alive and thanked everyone who supported him. Then he said he hoped that no other child would have to go through what he did. He said he still had pain in his chest and had trouble sleeping at night. Then he said he wanted to go back to school and play with his friends again.

Aderrien Murry Update

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As of May 26, 2023, no charges have been filed against Capers or anyone else involved in the shooting. The MBI has not released any updates on its investigation or the body camera footage. Aderrien’s family and lawyer have continued to call for justice and transparency. They have also filed a civil lawsuit against Capers and the city of Indianola for damages. They have asked for a jury trial and a fair compensation for Aderrien’s physical and emotional injuries.

Information Table

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Name Aderrien Murry
Age 11
Interests/Hobbies Playing video games, basketball
Family Mother, siblings
Hometown Indianola, Mississippi
Parents Mother: Nakala Murry, Father: Unknown
Achievements Survived a shooting incident
School Carver Elementary School
Birthday July 15

Some Lesser Known Facts Aderrien Murry

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  •  Aderrien Murry displayed incredible strength and resilience after surviving a traumatic shooting incident at the age of 11. His ability to endure and overcome such a challenging experience demonstrates his remarkable resilience and courage.
  • Aderrien was described by his teachers as a bright and respectful student who had a love for math and science. His enthusiasm for learning suggests a curious and inquisitive nature, highlighting his potential for academic success.
  •  Aderrien found joy in playing video games and basketball. These hobbies likely provided him with a sense of fun, relaxation, and social interaction, showcasing his interests and recreational activities.


Q: What happened to Aderrien Murry?

A: Aderrien Murry was involved in a shooting incident on May 20, 2023, where he was shot in the chest by a police officer in Indianola, Mississippi. Fortunately, he survived the incident but sustained serious injuries.

Q: How old is Aderrien Murry?

A: Aderrien Murry is 11 years old.

Q: What are Aderrien Murry’s interests?

A: Aderrien Murry enjoys playing video games and basketball. These hobbies provide him with entertainment and social engagement.

Q: Has anyone been held accountable for the shooting incident involving Aderrien Murry?

A: As of the latest information, no charges have been filed against the police officer involved in the shooting. The case is under investigation, and Aderrien’s family, along with their lawyer, has called for justice and accountability.

Q: What school does Aderrien Murry attend?

A: Aderrien Murry attends Carver Elementary School, as mentioned in the provided information.

Q: What is the current status of Aderrien Murry’s recovery?

A: Medical professionals released Aderrien Murry from the hospital on May 24, 2023, following his surgery and receipt of medical treatment for his injuries. However, specific details about his ongoing recovery are not available.

Q: Has Aderrien Murry’s family taken any legal action regarding the shooting?

A: Yes, Aderrien Murry’s family and their lawyer have filed a civil lawsuit against the police officer involved in the shooting and the city of Indianola for damages. They seek compensation for Aderrien’s physical and emotional injuries.

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