Kimbrady Carriker: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Ethnicity, Family, Job

Kimbrady Carriker: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Ethnicity, Philadelphia Shooting, Family, Wife, Kids, Job, Profession, Charges: On July 3, 2023, in Philadelphia, a person named Kimbrady Carriker went on a random shooting spree, which sadly took five lives, as reported by the police chief. The shootings happened at around 8:30 p.m. near 56th Street and Chester Avenue in southwestern Philadelphia. One victim was found inside a home, while multiple incidents occurred on the street.

Kimbrady Carriker

Who is Kimbrady Carriker?

Kimbrady Carriker is the suspect in the Philadelphia shooting on July 3rd. It’s claimed she killed five men and hurt two kids during the shooting. Though many say she’s a man, she identifies as a transgender woman and supports Black Lives Matter. Police caught her soon after the shooting. Radaris states she’s from Philadelphia and was born in October 1982.

Kimbrady Carriker Height, Weight, and Age:

Kimbrady Carriker, born in October 1982, is around 40 years old in 2023. She has black hair and black eyes. We don’t know her height and weight.

Kimbrady Carriker Family & Relationship:

Kimbrady Carriker’s family details are not given, including info about her dad, mom, sister, and brother. In her personal life, she’s single with no reported relationships. So, there’s no available info about her wife or girlfriend.

Kimbrady Carriker Education:

Kimbrady Carriker is a graduate of Lincoln Technical Institute, where she pursued her college education. She successfully completed her studies at the institute, although specific details about her field of study or qualifications are not provided.

Kimbrady Carriker Career:

Kimbrady Watson Carriker, born in October 1982, has had a career as the former Director of IT and Development. While specific details about her professional journey are not provided, this role suggests her expertise in managing information technology systems and overseeing development projects. In the IT field, she probably had duties related to new technologies, software development, and strategic planning. Kimbrady has been residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Mass shooting in Philadelphia:

Kimbrady Carriker

A mass shooting happened in Philadelphia, and there was another incident at a party in Baltimore, Maryland. Many people were hurt or killed. The victims were between 16 and 59 years old. Some of their names were Lashyd Merritt, Dymir Stanton, Ralph Moralis, Daujan Brown, and Joseph Wamah, Jr. They say Kimbrady Carriker did it, but they don’t know if she knew them. The Gun Violence Archive says mass shootings are increasing. In 2022, there were 647 shootings, in 2021, there were 690, and in 2020, there were 610. Before the pandemic, it was lower, between 336 and 383 from 2016 to 2018. The police found Carriker with weapons and a bulletproof vest, and they caught her. They also arrested another person who may have shot at Carriker. The police chief didn’t say that person’s name.

Kimbrady Carriker Net Worth:

As of now, Kimbrady Carriker’s net worth remains undisclosed. If any information regarding her net worth becomes available in the future, we will update it accordingly.

Information Table:

Kimbrady Carriker

Here is the full bio of Kimbrady Carriker, about her Height, Ethnicity, Philadelphia Shooting, Family, Wife, Kids, Job, Profession, Charges & other information.

Information Details
Real Name Kimbrady Watson Carriker
Birth Date October 1982
Age (as of 2023) 40 Years
Residence Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Profession Former Director of IT and Development
College Lincoln Technical Institute
Qualification Graduate
Height Not available
Weight Not available
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Father Not available
Mother Not available
Sister Not available
Brother Not available
Relationship Status Not available
Marital Status Single
Affair No
Wife/Girlfriend Not available
Net Worth Not available


Social Media Accounts:


Some Lesser Known Facts About Kimbrady Carriker:

– Kimbrady Carriker is a transgender woman and a Black Lives Matter activist.
– She has been involved in various political rallies.
– Kimbrady was the former Director of IT and Development.
– She is a graduate of Lincoln Technical Institute.
– Her exact height, weight, and relationship status are not disclosed.
– Kimbrady’s net worth is currently unknown.
– Specific information about her family, including her father, mother, sister, and brother, is not provided.
– She has black hair color and black eye color.
– As of 2023, she is 40 years old.
– Kimbrady resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
– There are no reported affairs or marital status for her.


1. Who is Kimbrady Carriker?

  • Kimbrady Carriker is an individual who gained media attention as the alleged suspect in a mass shooting incident in Philadelphia.

2. What is Kimbrady Carriker’s background?

  • Kimbrady Carriker has been identified as a transgender woman and Black Lives Matter activist. She is also known to have worked as the former Director of IT and Development.

3. Where is Kimbrady Carriker from?

  • According to available information, Kimbrady Carriker is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

4. What is Kimbrady Carriker’s education?

  • Kimbrady Carriker is a graduate of Lincoln Technical Institute, although the specific field of study or qualification attained is not provided.

5. What is Kimbrady Carriker’s age?

  • As of 2023, Kimbrady Carriker is 40 years old, having been born in October 1982.

6. Is Kimbrady Carriker married or in a relationship?

  • Kimbrady Carriker’s marital status is stated as single, and no information about her current relationship status or any past affairs is available.

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