Too Hot To Handle (Season 5): Wiki, Cast, Release Date and Time, Winner

Get ready for the hot return of ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 5! The show will be back on Netflix this Friday, July 14, at 03:01 am ET. New episodes will come out every Friday until July 28. The filming took place in the beautiful Caribbean, adding to the excitement. This season will bring a mix of familiar and fresh faces, making the show more enticing than ever before. Don’t miss out on the fun and passion that will heat up your screens!”

What is Too Hot To Handle?



Welcome to the exciting world of “Too Hot to Handle!” On a beautiful island, 10 super attractive singles, who are afraid of commitment, come together for a four-week retreat. But there’s a surprise! They find out they can win money, but only if they resist their urges and stay celibate. Get ready for drama, temptations, and a struggle between desire and the chance to win big!

Too Hot To Handle Cast:

Cast Member Age Residence Entered
Alex Snell 28 London, England Episode 1
Christine Obanor 26 Texas, USA Episode 1
Courtney Randolph 25 Houston, Texas Episode 1
Dre Woodard 23 Atlanta, Georgia Episode 1
Elys Hutchinson 23 Switzerland Episode 1
Hannah Brooke 24 Los Angeles, California Episode 1
Hunter LoNigro 24 Arizona, U.S. Episode 1
Isaac Francis 24 New Jersey, U.S. Episode 1
Louis Russell 22 Hampshire, England Episode 1
Megan Thomson 26 Cambridge, England Episode 1

1. Alex Snell:

This handsome man is from London, England, and is 28 years old. His looks made him look like Prince Charming. As a personal trainer, he gets through life with perfectly styled hair and a love of exciting trips. But the fact that he often makes decisions on the spot could be a big problem on Too Hot to Handle.

2. Christine Obanor:

Christine from Texas is 6’1″ tall and has lot of confidence. Even though she’s good at getting men’s attention, she acts like she’s not interested if she’s not their first choice. Lana, the host, should talk about this and tell Christine to deal with her behavior directly.

3. Courtney Randolph:

Meet Courtney Randolph, a 25-year-old real estate agent coming from Houston, USA. With dreams of creating her own business empire, Courtney is renowned for being a supportive cheerleader for her friends. Her loyalty makes her an ideal fit for a captivating show like Too Hot to Handle.

4. Elys Hutchinson:

Elys Hutchinson is a beautiful model from Switzerland who is 23 years old and has a great mix of charm and feminine beauty. She flirts with ease, making people from different backgrounds interested and creating a charming dynamic.

5. Hannah Brooke:

Hannah Brooke is 24 years old and is from Los Angeles. As an acclaimed artist and content creator, she captivates over half a million fans. She stands out among the female contestants because of the way she sings, dances, and talks. Men who like her are in awe.

6. Dre Woodard:

Dre is a 23-year-old graduate student from Atlanta. He comes from a big family with twelve brothers. He knows how to make an impression because he has a lot of charm. Especially interesting is that he seems to be able to go on dates every single day of the week.

7. Hunter LoNigro:

Hunter LoNigro is from Arizona and is only 24 years old. He brings a sense of excitement to the show. With 19K followers on Instagram, he is a well-known person who is known for liking free-spirited and interesting women. This makes him an interesting candidate.

8. Isaac Francis:

Isaac Francis, who is 24 years old and from Manchester, USA, is the best example of an American frat boy. This model and banker from New Jersey draws people in with his mischievous personality. He easily gets people’s attention and leaves a lasting impact at every event he goes to.

9. Louis Russell:

Louis Russell is only 22 years old and is from the UK. This charming model is full of fun and charm, and he loves the thrill of challenges. He knows how to charm women and make them think they love him forever, even if it’s just for a short time.

10. Megan Thompson:

Megan Thompson, a 26-year-old personal assistant from Cambridge and a huge JLS fan, gives off a sense of joy and positivity that is hard to resist. She joins the show because she wants to find out what went wrong in her past relationships and grow as a person.

Too Hot To Handle (Season 5) Winner:

Too Hot To Handle (Season 5)

The winner of Too Hot to Handle (Season 5) is yet to be determined, as the premiere is set to take place on July 14, 2023, exclusively on Netflix. Since the show goes on for four or five weeks, the winner won’t be revealed until the end of this exciting trip. As the exciting episodes go on, viewers will eagerly wait for the time when the worthy contestant wins and gets the coveted title of Too Hot to Handle Season 5 winner.

Where to watch?

Get ready for the excitement as Too Hot to Handle Season 5 comes to Netflix on July 14, 2023, at 03:01 am ET. New episodes will be released every Friday until the thrilling grand finale on July 28. This season is going to be the hottest yet, filled with passion and temptation. Make sure you don’t miss any thrilling moments—watch on Netflix and get immersed in the electrifying drama!

Information Table:

Here is the full information about Too Hot To Handle (Season 5), about Wiki, Cast, Release Date and Time, Premiere, End Date Winner, Contestants, Where to watch & other information.

Category Details
Show Title Too Hot to Handle (Season 5)
Premiere Date Friday, July 14, 2023
Premiere Time 03:01 am ET
Streaming Platform Netflix
Duration Spanning over 4-5 weeks
Release Schedule New episodes every Friday
Filming Location Caribbean
Winner To be announced at the end of the season
Alex Snell 28 years old
Christine Obanor 26 years old
Courtney Randolph 25 years old
Dre Woodard 23 years old
Elys Hutchinson 23 years old
Hannah Brooke 24 years old
Hunter LoNigro 24 years old
Isaac Francis 24 years old
Louis Russell 22 years old
Megan Thompson 26 years old
Season Winner To be announced at the conclusion of the season
Where to Watch Exclusively on Netflix

Some Lesser Known Facts:

  • Despite its popularity, “Too Hot to Handle” was initially pitched to several networks before being picked up by Netflix.
  • The show’s producers intentionally choose contestants who are commitment-phobes to create dramatic tension and explore personal growth.
  • Contestants are completely cut off from the outside world during filming, including no access to phones or the internet.
  • The prize money offered on the show is substantial, with the potential to change the winner’s life significantly.
  • The filming location of the show is kept a secret until the premiere to maintain an element of surprise and ensure a genuine reaction from the contestants.


1. What is “Too Hot to Handle” about?

  • “Too Hot to Handle” is a reality dating show where attractive singles are brought together in an exotic location. However, there’s a catch—they must abstain from any sexual activity if they want to win a cash prize.

2. How does the show work?

  • The contestants are informed about the no-sex rule and are incentivized to form emotional connections instead. Any physical contact or intimate behavior leads to a deduction from the prize money. The goal is for the participants to learn about themselves, their relationships, and personal growth.

3. Where can I watch “Too Hot to Handle”?

  • “Too Hot to Handle” is exclusively available for streaming on Netflix. You can watch the show on Netflix’s platform at your convenience.

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