Reece Barclay: Wiki, Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Education, Net Worth

Reece Barclay: Wiki, Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Education, Birthplace, Nationality, Profession, Latest Pics & More: Reece Barclay is an expert mentor and competitor. He is also the spouse of the famous English marathon runner, Lucy Charles-Barclay whom, he also mentors. The athlete is a mentor to a lot of famous athletes.

Reece Barclay life

Reece is 29 years old and that is pretty much what we know about his life. The couple married back in 2018 in December. They do not have any children together. Both of them are very well settled and focusing on their careers. His education or anything about his family is unknown. Despite being a coach to many famous athletes and a competitor himself there is very less information known about him.  Lucy Charles, his wife is a very well known athlete and has won many championships under Reece’s coaching.

Reece Barclay Career

Reece is a long distance runner but he is well known for being an expert mentor to many expert athletes. He coaches his own wife Lucy Charles Barclay and mentors her for her marathon races. He is also one of the well known individuals in British Triathlete People group. Reece also has several titles to his name as a professional player, he has 3 Ironman World Championship in his triathlon career. He is currently the official coach of Optimum Nutrition UK which is world’s best selling protein brand. He is also one of the most reputed people in the British Triathlete community.

Reece Barclay and Lucy Charles

As already mentioned Lucy is the other half of her own mentor. She is an elite and open water swimmer.  she has been in the Ironman World Championship for 3 consecutive years as an individual athlete. Charles and her husband live in Hatfield (Hertfordshire), which is one of the home counties in southern England, together.

Reece Barclay

Here is the full bio of Reece Barclay, his family, mother, father, name, age,  Girlfriend,  high school, college, nationality, Current Residence, University, Twitter, Instagram, income network, birth year, Birthplace,  education,  date of birth.

Reece Barclay  Bio, Age, Education, Profile, Net Worth

Real name Reece Barclay
Gender  Male
Age  29
Year of birth  1992
Birthplace  England
Nationality  unknown
Current Residence Hertfordshire
Profession Mentor and compititor
Height  Not Known
Weight  Not Known
Qualifications Not Known
Wife Lucy Charles Barclay
Marital status Married
University Not known
Parents  Not known
Siblings Not known
Girlfriend No
Religion Not known
Children No
Net worth Not known

Some lesser-known facts about Reece:

  • Reece has won 3 Ironman World Championship in his marathon profession.
  • He is the official coach of Optimum Nutrition UK.
  • He is currently residing at Hertfordshire

Reece Barclay Social media Accounts: 


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