Luke Belmar: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Birthday, Girlfriend, Net worth

Luke Belmar is a famous entrepreneur and famous YouTuber. He is from the United States. He is the president and co-founder of Capital Club. Luke is best known for sharing dropshipping and making money online videos on YouTube. His Crypto investments make him Millionaire.

Luke Belmar Birthday, Age, and Family


Luke Belmar was born in an Argentinian family in Argentina. His birth is secret and so her zodiac sign is also not Known. There is no information available regarding Luke Belmar’s early life. Due to the lack of information, we were not able to find out the detail of Luke’s parents on the Internet at the moment.

He has not disclosed his family information related to his parents and siblings. His educational background is also not available right now. We will try to update more information about him very soon.

The exact age of Luke Belmar’s not known But by looking at Luke’s appearance, he seems to be in the age group of 25+ years old as of 2023. The given age is based on Luke Belmar’s appearance. The details regarding Luke’s birthday and zodiac sign could not be obtained at the moment.

Luke Belmar’s Career

Luke Belmar's Career

Luke Belmar spent 16 years of his life in his home country before moving to the US. He worked various jobs such as pressure washing basketball courts, cleaning toilets, and much more in order to make money. After saving enough money, he enrolled at a university but quickly dropped out.

This is because he did not want to continue that education and wanted to do something on his own. Then he continued working a few other jobs. Around the same time, he got to know various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. He often used to put half of his daily earnings into Bitcoin. Though his investment rose by at least 100 times, he didn’t cash out and lost all of his unrealized profits.

This happened because he was unaware of the market cycles. As time passed, he did his research on each cryptocurrency and made proper investments. On the side, he started to get into e-commerce businesses. He started his first dropshipping business in 2016 and used social media ads to make sales.

His product selection was on point through which he made tons of money in sales. Eventually, he left his job to become his boss. Upon making good money, he continued to start a few more e-commerce businesses as well.

However, it looks like he is no longer running any active e commerce businesses. His current focus is on his latest company Capital Club. He co-founded the capital club in August 2019. and now he is the president of the company.

Luke Belmar’s Net worth

The estimated net worth of Luke Belmar is approx. $12.75 Million. The main source of his income is investing in cryptocurrency and his company Capital Club.

Name Luke Belmar
Nickname Luke
Gender Male
Profession Entrepreneur, Investor and Youtuber
Age (as of 2023)  25+ Years
Birth Place Argentina
Nationality American
Hometown Argentina
Address United States
Social Media Accounts Instagram LinkedIn
Marital Status Unmarried
Net Worth $12.75 Million

Some Lesser Known Facts about Luke

  • Luke Belmar is a renowned American entrepreneur and YouTuber.
  • He is famous for sharing dropshipping and money-making videos on YouTube.
  • Luke co-founded Capital Club and serves as its president.
  • His successful crypto investments have made him a millionaire.
  • He was born in Argentina, but details about his early life and family are scarce.
  • Luke’s estimated net worth is approximately $12.75 million.


Luke Belmar, a distinguished American entrepreneur and YouTuber born in Argentina, has garnered recognition for sharing insights on dropshipping and online money-making. Despite limited details about his early life and family, he spent 16 years in Argentina before relocating to the United States.

In the U.S., Luke explored various jobs before immersing himself in cryptocurrency investments. Initially facing losses due to a lack of market awareness, he later conducted extensive research, leading to successful crypto investments. Additionally, he ventured into e-commerce, achieving financial success with his inaugural dropshipping business in 2016.

Presently, Luke directs his attention to his latest venture, Capital Club, co-founded in 2019, where he serves as the president. With an estimated net worth of approximately $12.75 million, derived from cryptocurrency investments and his role at Capital Club, Luke stands as a testament to entrepreneurial success in the digital realm.

In the broader context of successful individuals in crypto investment, Luke Belmar joins a growing cohort of entrepreneurs who have navigated the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape. The crypto market has seen notable figures amassing wealth through strategic investments and navigating the evolving nature of digital assets. Luke’s story aligns with a broader narrative of individuals achieving financial success in the realm of cryptocurrency.



1. Who is Luke Belmar?

Luke Belmar is a famous American entrepreneur and YouTuber known for his dropshipping and money-making videos.

2. Where was Luke Belmar born?

Luke Belmar was born in Argentina.

3. What is Luke Belmar’s net worth?

Luke Belmar’s net worth is estimated to be around $12.75 million.

4. What is Luke Belmar’s nationality?

Luke Belmar is from the United States.

5. What is Luke Belmar’s main business venture?

Luke is the co-founder and president of Capital Club, a company he co-founded in August 2019.