Big Brother 23: Wiki, Vote, Cast, Release Date, Contestants, Winner, Elimination

Big Brother 23: Wiki, Cast, Release Date, Vote, Episodes, Contestants, Winner, Elimination, and details: Big Brother is now ready to roll in with its 23rd Season on the way. The show which is the usual summer treat for its audience was adversely affected due to the COVID Pandemic for two years. However, things are looking to be normal again and the show Big Brother is now ready to be aired.

In the 23rd Season of the show, 16 new cast members, or as they are called “Houseguests”, are going to be placed in their new home for the show period. They are going to encounter several challenges and some spicy twists as the show progresses. The format of this season is: The sixteen houseguests will be divided into four teams, each of which will be consisting of four members. The appointed team captains will get to draft the other contestants into their team.

In the course of voting and eliminations, the houseguests will get a WildCard Competitions, which will grant them immunity in exchange for a punishment. The competitors will play in those teams for the first four weeks, adding a wrinkle to avoiding eviction.

Big Brother 23

Big Brother 23 Vote, Release Date and Timings

As Big Brother is a CBS Original, it will air on the same United States-based broadcast network. Big Brother 23 will be released on the 7th of July 2021. This season will be premiered as a 90-minute show on Wednesday at 8/7c. The other platform on which the audience can watch the much-awaited show is Paramoount+.

Show NameBig Brother 23
Release Date7 July 2021
PlatformCBS and Paramount+

Season 23 features a Big Risks and Big Rewards theme, where one wrong gamble could cost players everything. And by the end of the season premiere, houseguests will be presented with a double-or-nothing offer.

Contestants of Big Brother 23

1. Azah Awasum

Azah is an American national. She is a 30-year-old lady hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. Professionally, Azah is a Director of Sales Operations. Speaking about her strategy to win the game, she said she will be a distance from romance and will make really good decisions.

Azah Big Brother 23

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She is not much active on her Instagram account but her popularity will surely rise once the show airs.

2. Christian Birkenberger

This 23-year-old young man is originally from Harwinton, Connecticut. Christian is a general contractor assistant. The three apt words to describe him are charming, friendly, and determined.

Big Brother 23

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Find his Instagram account where he posts almost all his life moments.

3. Hannah Chaddha

Hannah is a woman who is from Chicago but she some Indian ancestry. She is currently a graduate student who identifies herself to be ready to bring magic to the show. Hannah describes herself as a composed and versatile young woman. She is currently 21 years of age.

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Follow Hannah on her Instagram to get to know her more.

4. Brent Champagne

Brent is a 28 years old man from Cranston, Rhode Island. He is professionally a flight attendant. Brent is an athlete and a fitness enthusiast. However, he has mentioned that his social abilities are the prime reason he will progress in the show. Brent is confident that will mesmerize everyone in the house whether male or female.

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Brent’s  Instagram account is available and he is very active on his social media accounts.

5. Britini D’Angelo

Britini is a 24-year-old lady from Niagra Falls from New York. She is a kindergarten teacher and she is used to dealing with small ids. It will be interesting to see this young woman using her social and communications skills to make the houseguest her fans. Britini is a self-proclaimed authentic lady and she is not afraid to speak her mind.

Big Brother 23

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Her Instagram account is public and fans can follow her to see what is going on in her life.

6. Derek Frazier

This 29-year-old Philadelphia safety officer is ready to get into the house and get into action as soon as he can. He claims himself to be a leader and says that he will get everyone to get his dirty work done for him. Derek is excited to get to know everyone personally as a house guest.

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Follow Derek on Instagram to get to know if he is true in all his claims.

7. Brandon French

Hailing from Camden Tennessee, Brandon is a 34-year-old farmer. He is currently living in Clarksville. According to him, the key to success is “Building relationships with everyone, not just your alliance.” He is nicknamed Frenchie.

Big Brother 23

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His Instagram is not accessible right now but will be updated as soon as it becomes available.

8. Travis Long

Travis is a tech consultant who is originally from Austin in Texas. He is currently residing in Honolulu, Hawaii. Travis is a 22-year-old young man who is ready to make his appearance in the show. He is proud of his charismatic personality and thinks that it will help him in getting everyone to love him.

Big Brother 23

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Visit his Instagram account to see Travis posing for photos.

9. Alyssa Lopez

Alyssa is 23 years lady from Sarasota. She is a swimwear designer and model. Alyssa is ready to make her alliances in the house so that it can benefit in times of distress.

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Alyssa’s Instagram account is a treat for sore eyes.

10. Tiffany Mitchell

This 40-year-old diva is from Michigan, Detroit. She is professionally a phlebotomist. According to her, “My strategy for winning the game is to learn as much as I can about everyone else and keep my mouth shut.”

Big Brother 23

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Tiffany could not be found on Instagram.

11. Xavier Prather

Xavier is an attorney from Michigan. He is currently 27 years of age and resides in Wisconsin. He is planning to play the game by the rules. Adapt to the twists of the game as they come and enjoy playing Big Brother the way it was meant to be played!

Xavier could not be found on any social media platform.

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12. Sarah Steagall

Sarah is a 27-year-old Forensic Scientist. She has finely proven her metal in the field of science and now it is her time to shine in the show. She feels like she will make people fall in love with her for her loyalty.  “Once they realize I’m only playing for myself, hopefully, it’ll be too late to stop me,” she said.

Big Brother 23

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Sarah does not use any social media platform.

13. Christie Valdiserri

This professional dancer hails from Philadelphia. She is currently living in California. Christie is 27 years of age and she has shaved her hair which strikes some people as a very confident move.

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Christie is very active on Instagram she posts her hot photos which her fans absolutely love.

14. Whitney Williams

This 30-year-old make-up artist is one of the contestants who is going to be loved and adored by her fans and the audience. Whitney is from Portland, Ore, and lives there. She is interested in creating genuine friendships in the house and believes that she will get some true friends.

Big Brother 23

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Read more about Whitney: Whitney Williams: Wiki (Big Brother), Bio, Age, Height, Career, Boyfriends, Family

15. Derek Xiao

This is the second constant named Derek who is going to be in the show. He is an entrepreneur and hails from Baltimore. Derek is living in New York for now. He is 24 years of age.

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Follow Derek on his Instagram account to get to know him more.

16. Kyland Young

Kyalnd is a 29-year-old Executive Accountant. He hails from California and presently lives at Venice Beach. Regarding his strategy, he says, “My strategy is to combine the subtle influence of Derrick, with Cody’s charm.”

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His Instagram account is full of creative photos and he has gathered more than 3500 followers.

Big Brother 23 Winner

The show is yet to be aired so the name of the Winner cannot be known. However, we will update this as the show comes to an end.

Big Brother 23 Eliminations

The show has not been released fully as of yet, so the eliminations are not seen. It will be updated as the show progresses its course.