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Trigg Watson is from Townsville, Australia. He is a famous mentalist and professional magician noticed for his exciting presentations and unique approach to magic. He has also had appearances on Penn & Teller’s “Fool Us,” POP TV’s popular reality magic series “Don’t Blink,” Masters of Illusion on the CW. His date of birth and age is publicly not disclosed. In this article we have provided you with Trigg Watson biography for you. So, read this article to learn about his wiki, bio, age, magician, auditions and many more.

Trigg Watson Educational Qualifications

His background in software engineering and programming has allowed him to incorporate technology into his magic acts, using smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets to enhance the illusions. Trigg Watson’s performances have been praised for their creativity, humor, and ability to engage audiences of all ages.

Trigg Career And Profession

He has become well-known in the magic world for his unique approach, which combines mental illness with technology and magic. He has performed in a variety of locations and occasions, such as business meetings, private gatherings, and plays. Trigg frequently includes mind reading, lies, and open elements in his talks, which leave audiences in surprise and amused.

Trigg Physical Appearance, Height And Weight

Unfortunately, the public doesn’t have access to his height or weight. As a result, we are unable to determine his precise height, current weight, or eye or hair color. Additionally, his astrological sign is not made known to the general world. This part of the page will be updated as soon as it is made public.

Trigg Watson America Got Talent

The 18th season of “America’s Got Talent” will feature Trigg Watson, a magician who has established himself in the entertainment industry with his original approach to magic and amazing miracles. Beyond his magical abilities, Trigg flows personality and charm, making an effect on the audience that lasts.

Trigg Watson Awards

He has won many awards for his performances, such as two victories in the Texas Magicians Contest and the honor of being the American magician with the highest score in the World Magic Contest in Las Vegas. In addition, he received the titles of Dallas Magician of the Year in 2015 and Dallas Performing Artist of the Year in 2013.

Trigg Watson Nationality And Ethnicity

Trigg is an American magician and mentalist. However, We don’t have specific information about his ethnicity. Information regarding his ethnicity will be informed, once it is publicly available.

Trigg Watson Dating And Girlfriend

Sadly, we do not know anything about his dating or current connection, and he never provided any details about his relationships or made them public on social media. and has consistently kept a low profile. When it becomes available to the public, this section of the article will update.

Trigg Watson Net Worth And Income


Since he never disclosed anything about his private life to the public, we are sadly unable to access his way of life and source of income. Therefore, little is known about his life. Furthermore, it is clear from his career that he built up sufficient wealth for himself.

Trigg Watson Family, Friends And Siblings

The information presented makes no mention of his family, friends, or siblings. His personal relationships, especially those with his family and close friends, have remained a secret. He can want to keep a low profile and hide his personal matters. Soon, we’ll let you know.

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Trigg Watson Information Table

Information Details
Gender Male
Profession Magician
Real Name Trigg Watson
Nationality American
Hometown Townsville, Australia

Trigg Watson Social Media


Lesser Known Information About Trigg Watson

  • He is a magician and mentalist.
  • He does magic tricks and mind-reading performances.
  • He is known for his unique and exciting approach to magic.
  • He uses technology into his magic acts, using things like smartphones and tablets.
  • He has appeared on TV shows like Penn & Teller’s “Fool Us” and “Masters of Illusion.”
  • He has won awards for his magic performances.
  • He is from Townsville, Australia.
  • He is praised for being creative, funny, and able to entertain people of all ages.
  • He exact date of birth and age are not publicly known.
  • He has performed in different places, including the United States.
  • He has a background in software engineering and programming.
  • His height and weight is not available
  • His income and lifestyle has not been publicly disclosed.


Who is Trigg Watson?

He is a magician and mentalist known for his unique approach to magic and mind-reading performances.

What is the color of his eye and hair?

His eye and hair color is not known.

What kind of magic does Trigg Watson perform?

He uses technology and illusions into his magic acts.

What is Trigg Watson’s educational background?

His magic performances draw on his skills in software engineering and programming.

Where has Trigg Watson performed?

He has performed in various locations, including London, Las Vegas, and on cruise ships.

How much he weigh and what is his height?

Information regarding his height and weight is publicly not disclosed.

What is his income and lifestyle?

His net worth and income widely not available.

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