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Sector Balakot: Movie, Release Date, Movie Cast, Songs, Trailer, Producer, Director, Writer, Release Platform, Running time, Origin, Language, Cast Real Names, Plot, Storyline, Ratings, Genre, and all other details: Sector Balakot is an upcoming new movie which is set to be released on 17 February 2023. After the pandemic hit the world, mostly all new movies and series were released on OTT platforms. All these years, the amount of movies and series that were released on OTT platforms is significant. However, as the world and India are coming back to their regular state, things have started to settle down as well.

Sector Balakot

Hence, the producers have announced that the movie would be released on the big screen, that means, in the cinemas near you. The trailer of the movie was released approximately three weeks ago. And we must add that just the trailer has created quite chaos in the industry. The budget for the film seems to be low, however, the energy is seriously high. Sector Balakot has a lot of underrated actors in their court and we are looking forward to seeing the full movie. Let’s read further, to know more about the movie, the cast, the plot, and everything else that might interest you.

Sector Balakot: A War Economy Plot

Sector Balakot is one of the newly released Indian and Hindi language movies that showcase and portrays a story of the fight and war against terrorism. We already know that the movie is set and scheduled to be released in India on the 17th of February 2023. However, the thriller and the action-packed movie has a lot to offer apart from just violence. The story of this movie takes the viewer into a world where terrorism is business. Sector Balakot is a bit about brave soldiers fighting against terrorists, international war, and terrorism business.

The first scene of the movie starts when a bunch of NIA officers is seen reading a secret place in a jungle. Furthermore, there are also 8 terrorists and one mastermind I think they’re in the jungle. The movie rotates on how the officers will have to save India something Bing that has been planned by the terrorist group. It has all set to happen before India’s Independence Day and the movie is all about how some soldiers simply choose their country above all. It is a story of how because of some loyal and hardworking officers, India Israel safe.

Sector Balakot Cast

  • Puneet Issar – Puneet Issar is one of the most known and loved actors in the Bollywood industry. He has given a lot of hit movies and series to the Bollywood industry. Furthermore, he has also been known for his Evergreen character and brilliant acting talent.
  • Ashmit Patel – Ashmit Patel brother of one of the most famous actresses in Bollywood Amisha Patel is also a part of this movie. He is playing a negative role in Sector Balakot and has been portrayed as one of the terrorists who has been captured by the officers for information.

Sohail Khan Launches the Trailer and "Vande Mataram" Song of Ashmit Patel Film "Sector Balakot" - Sangri Buzz

  • Vipul Gupta – Vipul Gupta has given the industry a lot of great series and movies of all time. He has been a model and an actor for more than 10 years. His web series named Maaya was one of his best works that made him really popular. Gupta is acting as one of the investigating officers in the movie and is quite technically the hero of the film.
  • Jinal Pandya – Jinal Pandya is a very beautiful and aspiring actress and is playing the role of yet another female investigating officer in a world-dominated career. Her involvement in the case and in the movie would be that one aspect that everyone is quite frankly looking forward to.

Apart from all the above-mentioned people, there are also more amazing actors and actresses who have worked hard to make the film worth it.

Sector Balakot Songs

On January 25, 2023, Sohail Khan launched the film’s poster, teaser, trailer, and one of the opening songs named Vande Mataram. The event also showed the trailer and the song and it was simply loved by the audiences. Sector Balakot: The War Economy is a movie that is based on true events and a true story. It is based on the attack that happened on Balakot. No other songs have been yet released to be part of the movie.

Here is the full information about Sector Balakot Movie, Release Date, Movie Cast, Songs, Trailer, Producer, Director, Writer, Release Platform, Running time, Origin, Language, Cast Real Names, Plot, Storyline, Ratings, Genre.

Sector Balakot Information Table

Movie Name – Sector Balakot
Directed by Hitesh Paulbhai Khristy
Written by Pushpendra Albe
Sanjay Macwan
Jalaj Saxena
Starring Ridoyanul Hoq
Puneet Issar
Ashmit Patel
Jitendra Trehan
Cinematography Sunil Patel
Edited by Arun Yadav
Sunil Yadav
Hitesh Khrishty Film Production
Q-Cafe Films
Running time
109 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi


Sector Balakot Trailer

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