River Jarvis: Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, Parents, Net Worth

River Jarvis: Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, Parents, Net Worth, Songs, Ethnicity, Father, Family: River Jarvis is an Australian kid actor who is very well known. Between 2020 and 2023, when he played Jai Simmons in different episodes, he became well-known. Let’s go deep into his wiki and know more about him by scrolling down this page!

Who Is River Jarvis?

River Jarvis is a talented Australian kid actor who became famous for playing Jai Simmons in a TV show from 2020 to 2023. He also showed off his voice skills as Chips in an animated series called Reef School. River Jarvis is well-known for his roles in Sweet Tooth (2021), Home and Away (1988), and Reef School (2022). He was born in 2017 and has become a promising young actor in the industry.

River Jarvis Height, Weight & Age:

We don’t know when and where River Jarvis was born. Also, we don’t know how old he is or how tall and what weight he has. If we find out more about these things, we’ll share them soon!

River Jarvis Family:

River Jarvis, the up-and-coming Australian child actor, keeps his parents’ names and jobs a secret, which adds an exciting mystery to his personal life. We also don’t know if he has any siblings, making his family a mystery.


River Jarvis Education:

River Jarvis, the young child actor, keeps his schooling private. The name of his school or playgroup is not known. While he owns his acting skills and follows his dreams, details about his education are kept secret. This way, he can focus on his studies in a safe and supportive environment, away from the public eye.

River Jarvis Career:


River Jarvis has shown off his talent and skills in the entertainment world. He played Jai Simmons in the famous show “Home and Away” for 34 episodes from 2020 to 2022. Then in 2022, he voiced the character Chips in the kids’ animated series “Reef School” for 20 episodes. In 2021, he also appeared as Gus at the age of 4 in the TV series “Sweet Tooth.” River’s fantastic performances in these shows prove that he’s a promising and talented young actor.

River Jarvis Net worth:


River Jarvis’s Instagram profile reveals a life of luxury. It’s difficult to know his exact net worth as his parents manage his finances, but his online presence suggests that he enjoys his life too much.

Information Table:

Here is the information about his Birthday, Parents, Net Worth, Songs, Ethnicity, Father, Family, & other information.

Information Details
Full Name River Jarvis
Occupation Child actor
Nationality Australian
Notable Roles Jai Simmons in “Home and Away” (2020-2022)
  Voice of Chips in “Reef School” (2022)
  Gus (age 4) in “Sweet Tooth” (2021)
Parents Names and occupations undisclosed
Siblings Unknown
Education Details undisclosed
Career Highlights – Portrayed Jai Simmons in “Home and Away” (34 episodes, 2020-2022)
  – Voiced Chips in “Reef School” (20 episodes, 2022)
  – Appeared as Gus (age 4) in “Sweet Tooth” (1 episode, 2021)
Net Worth Unknown


Social Media Accounts:


Some lesser-known facts about River :

Source: m.imdb.com
  • River is a child actor from Australia who has gained popularity in recent years.
  • He has a promising career in the entertainment industry, with notable roles in TV series such as “Home and Away,” “Reef School,” and “Sweet Tooth.”
  • Despite his young age, River has demonstrated remarkable talent and versatility in his performances.
  • He maintains a private personal life, with limited information available about his parents, siblings, and educational background.
  • River’s Instagram profile provides glimpses into his lavish lifestyle, showcasing his affinity for luxury and comfort.


1. Who is River?

  • River is a highly regarded child actor from Australia known for his roles in TV series such as “Home and Away,” “Reef School,” and “Sweet Tooth.”

2. What are River Jarvis’s notable roles?

  • River is best known for portraying Jai Simmons in “Home and Away,” voicing the character Chips in “Reef School,” and appearing as Gus at the age of 4 in “Sweet Tooth.”

3. What is River Jarvis’s age?

  • River’s exact age is unknown, as it has not been publicly disclosed.

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