Niko Khale (Keyshia Cole Ex-Boyfriend): Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Ethnicity

Niko Khale is an American singer, songwriter, and music artist. He gained recognition for his unique style and captivating tracks like “Something Changed About You” and “Truth Is.

“With his soulful voice and meaningful lyrics, Niko Khale has made a lasting impact in the music industry.

About Niko Khale

Niko Khale, born on October 17, 1995, is an American singer, music artist, and songwriter.

He gained recognition in the music industry for his unique style and captivating tracks such as “Something Changed About You” and “Truth Is.”

Starting his career as an independent hip-hop artist, Niko caught the attention of music producer Rodney Jerkins with his talent, eventually leading to collaboration and guidance under Jerkins’ mentorship.

Throughout his journey, Niko Khale has showcased his musical abilities, captivating audiences with his soulful voice and meaningful lyrics.

Although he may be known for his music, Niko Khale’s personal life also attracted attention when he entered a relationship with singer Keyshia Cole.

The couple welcomed their son, Tobias Khale, in 2019. Despite their subsequent breakup, Niko continues to pursue his passion for music, leaving a lasting impact on the industry and showcasing his potential as a rising talent.

Niko Khale Net Worth

As of 2020, Niko Khale’s net worth was reported to be approximately $1.7 million USD.

This estimation takes into account his earnings from his music career, including album sales, streaming royalties, performances, and other ventures.

Niko Khale Family, Kids

Niko Khale is a father to one child named Tobias Khale, who was born in 2019. Tobias is the son of Niko Khale and his former girlfriend, Keyshia Cole.

The couple’s journey into parenthood has been documented on social media, where Niko occasionally shares heartwarming moments and updates about their son.

Niko Khale Ethnicity

Niko Khale is of Afro-American ethnicity. This indicates that he has African ancestry and identifies with the African-American cultural background.

Niko Khale Girlfriend

Niko Khale’s former girlfriend is the well-known American singer Keyshia Cole. The couple entered into a public relationship in 2018.

Despite their 14-year age difference, they remained unaffected by the negative attention and enjoyed their time together.

During their relationship, Keyshia Cole and Niko Khale welcomed their son, Tobias Khale, in 2019.

Their journey into parenthood was documented on social media, where they shared precious moments with their son.

However, the couple faced rumors of a split in 2020, which were later confirmed by Niko Khale himself.

While their romantic relationship may have come to an end, they continue to co-parent their son and support each other in their respective endeavors.

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Niko Khale Job, Career

Niko Khale’s career in the music industry began when he caught the attention of music producer Rodney Jerkins.

Impressed by Niko’s talent, Jerkins took him under his wing and provided guidance and mentorship.

Niko initially used the stage name “Ace Primo” and gained recognition for his music uploaded on MySpace.

In 2019, Niko Khale transitioned to using his real name for his performances and embarked on a solo career as a hip-hop artist and songwriter.

He released tracks like “Something Changed About You” and “Truth Is,” which showcased his musical abilities and unique style.

Throughout his career, Niko Khale has collaborated with notable artists, including being featured on Nelly Furtado’s song “High Life” from the album The Spirit Indestructible.

While his career has primarily focused on his music, Niko Khale has also gained attention for his personal life, particularly his relationship with singer Keyshia Cole.

Despite the ups and downs, Niko continues to pursue his passion for music, leaving a mark as a talented artist in the industry.

The Stabbing Incident

On July 2, Niko, the ex-boyfriend and baby daddy of American singer Keyshia Cole, revealed on his Instagram handle that he was gravely injured in a stabbing incident.

He shared a series of pictures, including one of him lying on a hospital bed.

In the caption, Khale disclosed that he was stabbed in his chest and arm, resulting in punctured and collapsed lungs, as well as a ruptured diaphragm.

He expressed gratitude that he was able to recover and regain his ability to breathe on his own.

However, specific details about the incident, including when and how it occurred, were not provided in his social media post.

Concerned fans and well-wishers offered prayers and support for his speedy recovery.

Information Table

Category Information
Full Name Niko K. Hale
Stage Name Niko Khale
Age 27
Interests/Hobbies Music, songwriting
Hometown Washington, D.C.
Ethnicity Afro-American
Birthplace Washington, D.C., United States
Achievements Known for his songs and collaborations
School Unknown
Net Worth $1.7 million USD (as of 2020)
Birthday October 17, 1995
Zodiac Sign Libra
Religion Christian

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Some Lesser Known Facts about Khale

  • Khale initially gained attention in the music industry through his uploads on MySpace, where he showcased his talent with covers and freestyles. This caught the interest of music producer Rodney Jerkins, leading to a collaboration and mentorship under Jerkins’ guidance.
  • While working under Rodney Jerkins, Khale decided to change his stage name from “Ace Primo” to his birth name, wanting to leave a legacy behind and be known for his true identity.
  • Khale entered into a public relationship with singer Keyshia Cole in 2018. Despite the age difference and speculation surrounding their romance, the couple welcomed a son named Tobias Khale in 2019.
  • Although they later confirmed their breakup, they continue to co-parent their child.
  • Some of Khale’s popular tracks include “Something Changed About You” and “Truth Is.” These songs have resonated with audiences and showcased his musical abilities.


Q: What is Niko Khale’s full name?

A:  Khale’s full name is Niko K. Hale.

Q: How old is  Khale?

A: Niko Khale is 27 years old.

Q: What are  Khale’s notable achievements?

A: Niko gained recognition for his songs and collaborations in the music industry. He has worked with music producer Rodney Jerkins and has released popular tracks such as “Something Changed About You” and “Truth Is.”

Q: What is  Khale’s net worth?

A: Khale’s net worth is estimated to be $1.7 million USD.

Q: When is  Khale’s birthday?

A: Khale was born on October 17, 1995.

Q: What is  Khale’s ethnicity?

A: Niko is of Afro-American ethnicity.

Q: What is Khale’s religion?

A: Niko follows the Christian religion.

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