Taylor Austin Dye: Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Songs

Taylor Austin Dye: Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Songs, Height, Married, Rest in Peace, Tour, Family, Parents, Ethnicity, Birthday, Songs list: Taylor Austin Dye is a rising star in Nashville’s country music scene, engages audiences with her remarkable talent for crafting meaningful lyrics. Her powerful and soulful vocals express the struggles of life under the influence, demonstrating the essence of a true artist.

Who Is Taylor Austin Dye?

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Taylor Austin Dye is a rising star in Nashville’s country music scene. Her heartfelt lyrics and powerful singing captivate listeners. She grew up in Kentucky, surrounded by country music, and even performed at Renfro Valley at just five years old. Taylor’s music skillfully expresses life’s challenges and feelings, making her a genuine artist.

Taylor Austin Dye Age, Height, and Weight:

Unfortunately, there is no information regarding Taylor Austin Dye’s age, height, and weight.

Taylor Austin Dye Education:

Details about Taylor Austin Dye’s education, including primary and secondary schooling, as well as any obtained degree, are currently unknown. There is no available information regarding Taylor’s educational background.

Taylor Austin Dye Family:

Taylor Austin Dye and her husband Josh Kerr form a beautiful and loving family. We don’t know much about Taylor’s immediate family, but she married Josh Kerr on February 21, 2020, in Nashville, Tennessee, starting their family. Their private ceremony showed their deep love and happiness. Josh Kerr is a talented songwriter and producer, well-respected in country music. Although they like privacy, their relationship is a strong foundation as they face life together. Fans celebrate their union and wish them lasting happiness and joy.

Taylor Austin Dye Career:


Taylor Dye is a talented singer. She had a successful career in music. With Maddie & Tae, they became known. Their first album, “Start Here,” came out in 2015. It had hit songs like “Girl in a Country Song,” “Shut Up and Fish,” “Fly,” and “Sierra.” People worldwide liked Taylor’s unique voice and smart songwriting. She started singing young, joining events and contests. Taylor and Maddie Marlow challenged “bro-country” with their hit song.

Taylor Austin Dye Net worth:

Taylor Dye’s net worth is estimated to be between USD 700,000 and USD 5 million, according to various sources.

Taylor Austin Dye has some famous songs:


Information Table:

Here is the full wiki/ bio of Taylor Austin Dye including her, Husband, Net Worth, Songs, Height, Married, Rest in Peace, Tour, Family, Parents, Ethnicity, Birthday, Songs list & other information.

Information Details
Full Name Taylor Austin Dye
Occupation Country singer and songwriter
Family Husband: Josh Kerr
  Sibling: Mason Dye
Career – Rising artist in Nashville’s country music scene
  – One half of the duo Maddie & Tae
Notable Songs – “Girl in a Country Song”
  – “Shut Up and Fish”
  – “Fly”
  – “Sierra”
Net Worth Estimated between USD 700,000 and USD 5 million, with varying estimates from different sources
Notable Songs – “Rest in Peace”
  – “Tonight I Need You”
  – “Damage Control”

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Some Lesser Known Facts About Taylor:

  • Taylor Dye hails from Ada, Oklahoma, United States.
  • She is a talented country singer and songwriter, known for her gift of wordsmithing and poignant lyrics.
  • Taylor gained recognition as one half of the duo Maddie & Tae.
  • She started her musical journey at a young age and participated in various events, including singing the National Anthem and competing in festivals.
  • Taylor met her musical partner, Maddie Marlow, at the age of 15 through a shared voice coach. They began collaborating on music together.


1. From where Taylor comes from?

  • Taylor Dye comes from Ada, Oklahoma, United States.

2. What is her Profession?

  • She is a talented singer.

3. What is her net worth as of 2023?

  • Her  Net worth is USD 5 million.

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