Mya Powell: Wiki (Devin Booker’s Sister), Bio, Age, Family, Medical Treatment

Mya Powell: Wiki(Devin Booker’s Sister), Bio, Age, Family, Medical Treatment, Disorder, Support, Parents, Education, Chromosomal Deletion Syndrome and more: Mya Powell is a 21-year-old girl popularly known for being the Step-Sister of the NBA Player Devin Booker.  Mya is unfortunately Diagnosed with a disease that is not very common and its name is Chromosomal Deletion Syndrome which is a cause of her deficiency in her Physical and Intellectual Growth. Devin is not the type of person who reveals his family and life in the media but he surely brings his Sister with him at every match. Mya is the Younger sister of Devin which he got from his father’s second wife. All the expenses of the treatment are bared by Devin only out of his fortune of $20 million.

An Image of Mya Powell and her brother Devin Booker

Mya Powell’s Early life

Mya Powell is a 21-year-old girl with a critical disorder of Chromosomal Deletion Syndrome, it is a non-familiar term because it is very rare and usually caused while inside a mother’s womb. She is the step-sister of Devin Booker, the well Known NBA Player. Mya is the daughter of Melvin Booker from another woman but, that didn’t keep Devin to love her and take care of her.

Devin pays extra attention to his sister, Mya, despite not having direct blood relations, both of them have an extreme connection. They both have been together in every match and Devin says that she is a lucky charm for him. A 24-year-old Boy takes such care of her step-sister is very heart touching. The treatment is still on and might not be fully recovered as it is by birth, but Devin is trying his best to deliver his sister the life she deserves.

An Image of Mya Powell and her brother Devin Booker

Mya Powell’s Decease

Mya Powell the stepsister of NBA Player Devin Booker is suffering from CHROMOSOMAL DELETION SYNDROME, a decease that causes deficiency in the Physical as well as Intellectual Growth. When parts of chromosomes are missing, a number of syndromes can occur. These syndromes are called chromosomal deletion syndromes. They tend to cause birth defects and limited intellectual development and physical development. In some cases, defects can be severe and affected children die during infancy or childhood.

There are many chromosomal deletion syndromes, which include

  1. Cri-du-chat syndrome Prader-Willi syndrome.
  2. Prader-Willi syndrome.
  3. Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.

Chromosomal deletions can be suspected before or after birth and confirmed by chromosomal testing. Some physical defects can be corrected with surgery, but generally, treatment is supportive.

An Image of Mya Powell and her brother Devin Booker

Mya Powell’s Net Worth

Since Mya Powell is a 21-year-old girl and currently not doing any job her Net Worth is not certain yet, but her brother Devin Booker has a Net worth of about $20 Million. And from this only he pays for her medicine, appointments, treatment etc.

An Image of Mya Powell and her brother Devin Booker

Here is a full bio of Mya Powell, her wiki, name, bio, age, height, weight, school, education, date of birth, birthplace, zodiac sign, nationality, religion

Mya Powell Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Decease, Interest, Family

Full Name Mya Powell
Age 21 years
Birth Year 2000
Birth Place USA
Decease Chromosomal Deletion Syndrome
Father Melvin Booker
Mother Veronica Gutierrez
Profession Not Known
Hair Colour Brown
Eyes Colour Brown
Height Not known
Weight Not Known
Zodiac sign Not Known
Nationality American
Net Worth Not known

Some Lesser Known Facts About Mya Powell:

  1. She is 21 years old
  2. Mya is diagnosed with Chromosomal Deletion Syndrome.
  3. Mya is the step-sister of Devin Booker, the NBA Player.
  4. She is currently under treatment for the decease.
  5. Mya is the daughter of Devin’s Second Mother.

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