Michael Harry O Harris: Wiki, Bio, Wife, Net Worth , Age, Birthday, Married, Daughter, Pardon, Release

Michael Harry O Harris: Wiki, Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Married, Daughter, Pardon, Release: Michael is the co-founder of Death Row Records.  He was born on 20 September 1960, in west 46th street in south-central Los Angels, USA.  He is notorious for spending 32  years of his life inside the prison.

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Michael Harry O Harris’s Life and Education

When Michael was only 7 years old his father left him. He was raised by his mother. She was a working lady with her two jobs. That’s why She did not have enough time to take care of her son. But, she did what she was able to raise him. When he was a child.  He had an affinity for the entertainment industry.   Then,  His mother sent him to West Los Angeles Community College so he could take acting classes.

Michael Harry O Harris  Career

Michael started his career by selling drugs at the age of 20. Soon after, he grew a big network of drug distribution in several places. When he was 26 years old,  his organization was making $ 2 million dollars on a daily basis.  And he also invested his money in several businesses like an electrical contracting business, a hair salon, an exotic car dealership company, etc. And he became  an affluent businessman at a young age,

But, Michael was arrested for attempted murder and drug trafficking in 1988. He got his sentence in the prison for a long time. While serving his sentence in the prison, he invested $ 1.5 million in order to start a Death Row Records company with  Suge Knight. And the company turned into a successful business. Michael and Suge were selling $ 18 million albums and making a profit of more than  $325 million for its 4 years.

Michael got pardoned by Donald Trump in January  2021.  Finally,  He got a  release from prison after 32 years. He has been an affluent businessman for his whole life.

Michael Harry O Harris’s Wife and Daughter

Michael married Lydia Harris. The couple has a daughter whose name is Lydasia. But, He filed for a divorce due to some issues.  The couple separated in 2005.

Here is the full bio of Michael  Harry O Harris. His family, mother, father, spouse, daughter, college, profession, nationality, eye color, age gender, height,  birthday. Zodiac  sign, date of birth, net worth.

Michael Harry O Harris, Bio Daughter, Age,  Net worth

Real Name                 Michael Harry O Harris
Gender                          Male
Date of Birth              September of 20, 1960
Age                                   60
Parents Name             Regina Harris ( Mother)
Former Wife Name    Lydia
Marital Status              Divorced
College                          West Los Angeles Community College
Profession                    Businessman
Nationality                   American
Children                        Lydasia   ( Daughter)
Birthday                        September of 20
Eye Color                       Black
Height                            6 feet 5 inches
Zodiac Sign                    Virgo
Net Worth                   $ 40 Million
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Michael Harry O Harris

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