Michael Cera Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth

Michael Cera is a famous actor of our time who is impossible not to recognize. He is not only involved in acting. He is a famous producer, songwriter, and singer. This is a bright and remarkable personality. He makes every fan follow his life.

Due to his active development as a creative personality, many people pay attention to this work. Fans always want to know more interesting information about the life of the famous Canadian. That is why you should pay attention to all these features now.

The star’s net worth is more than $20 million. He began his career as a voice actor for a children’s animated show. He will voice Brother Bear, who was the main character of the show “The Berenstain Bears.” This became the impetus for his further development as a person.

Brief Biography And Early Years Of Life

Michael Cera's Brief Biography And Early Years Of Life

Michael Cera was born in Canada in Brampton. His age is thirty-five. The performer is a citizen of Canada. He is a Christian by faith.

The youngster attended a nearby high school for his elementary and middle school education, staying until the ninth grade. He then enrolled in a public school to finish his schooling.

The father of the actor is of Italian descent. He was a technician by trade. The mother was English and Scottish in origin. To make sure their kids could have a basic education, both parents put in a lot of effort and worked hard.

His family included other children than him. Michael is the older of two sisters. He stays in good terms with his sisters and spends a lot of his leisure time with them.

Personal Life

Actor Cera is the type who prefers to be in the background. He avoids discussing his personal life on a regular basis. He always keeps an eye on everything he does and attempts to avoid getting negative attention from the paparazzi.

For instance, Aubrey Plaza wrote a piece on Michael dating his partner while he was shooting Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in 2016. Following this, the pair tied the knot. Despite their eventual separation, they remained close to one another. His family was always there to encourage him in everything he did.

The actor has a wife, Nadine Cera, but she is not part of showbiz. He decided to leave this part of his life hidden from the views of strangers. In 2017, he got married in secret. This news appeared only in 2018, as fans found out about.

Height, Weight, And Other Parameters

The actor’s height is 175 centimeters, and he weighs approximately 70 kilograms. He has a classic European look that has made him attractive and bouncy for various films and TV series.

Career Development

In 2000, Michael Cera landed his first part. He then acted in the movies “Frequency” and “Steal This Movie!” In the spy action movie Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, released in 2022, he also starred. He went on to star in other movies that brought him notoriety after that. After 2010, he also gave directing short films a shot.

In addition to roles in films, he also played in animated series. For example, his character can be seen in The Simpsons. He is active in acting, appears on television shows and communicates with other industry representatives. He follows trends and tries not to disappoint his fans.


The actor gained good fame in the entertainment services market. He began acting in various television shows and famous programs. He has been especially popular since starring in the TV series “Arrested Development.” Here he played one of the main roles. He also got a role in the film “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.”

He made a great contribution to the development of music. For example, in 2014 he released a personal studio album, which pleased his fans. The actor also worked as a bassist during the tour of the rock band “Mister Heavenly.”

One of his best roles is in the famous movie about gambling. In “Molly’s Game,” Michael Cera took on the intriguing role of ‘Player X,’ a character with a special relationship with the protagonist, Molly. This high-stakes poker film, directed by Aaron Sorkin, showcases a blend of celebrity antics, crime elements, and intense poker scenes.

Cera’s portrayal in this unique setting allowed him to step away from the typically awkward, youthful characters he is known for, demonstrating his versatility as an actor. His performance in this complex role added depth to his acting portfolio, highlighting his ability to adapt to diverse characters and scenarios.

“Molly’s Game” stands as a significant point in Cera’s career, marking his successful venture into a more mature and nuanced type of role. You shouldn’t be surprised if you desire to visit sites like Bodog after watching it.

In 2018, the actor took a short break, but soon returned. After that, he received one of the main roles in the theater. He played in the production of “Lobby Hero.” For this, he received a Tony Award.


Michael Cera's Capital

The actor has collected more than $20 million over the years of his acting career. He was able to accumulate money through his work and desire to improve constantly. At the moment, he leads an active lifestyle but does not forget about charity.

Favorite Things and Hobbies

Despite his popularity, the actor does not lose his down-to-earth interests. For example, Michael loves to travel and sing. He regularly goes on trips with his family. His favorite dish is pizza. He likes to cook it at home but often orders it from various establishments.

Michael’s favorite colors are brown and black. This can be seen in his look as he loves to wear such clothes. The actor is constantly developing and trying to please fans with new projects. You can follow them on his social networks or read articles where various activities of the actor are regularly described.