Marc Llari (Chess): Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, Age, Birthday, Rating

Marc Llari, the 10-year-old chess prodigy from France, has captivated the chess world with his exceptional talent and achievements.

With multiple world titles under his belt, including being the youngest player ever to win two world championships, Marc is a rising star in the game.

About Marc Llari

Marc Llari Famous young Chess player

Marc Llari is a remarkable 10-year-old chess prodigy hailing from France. With a passion for chess ignited at an early age, he has swiftly risen to prominence in the chess world. Marc’s dedication and natural talent have propelled him to achieve numerous notable accomplishments, including being crowned with first  place in U8 World Champion.

Recognized for his extraordinary skills, he has received prestigious accolades such as the Young Talent Award from FIDE and the Chess Oscar from ChessBase. 

His Parents

Marc Llari was born on January 1, 2014 in France. His parents are both chess enthusiasts and encouraged him to learn the game at an early age. His father Franck Llari is a chess coach and his mother is a chess teacher. They often accompany him to tournaments and support his passion.


Marc Llari age

Marc Llari is currently 10 years old. He started playing chess when he was 4 years old and quickly showed a remarkable talent for the game. He became a Candidate Master at the age of 7 and achieved a FIDE rating of over 2000 at the age of 8.

Chess Rating

Marc Llari has a FIDE rating of  2162 in classical chess, 1969 in rapid chess and 1998 in blitz chess as of June 2023. He is ranked as the world number 26289 among active players and the national number 830 among active players in France. He is also one of the top players in his age group in the world.


Marc Llari has a loving and supportive family. He has two younger siblings: a brother named Lucas and a sister named Emma. They both play chess as well, but not as seriously as Marc. They often practice together and cheer for each other at tournaments.


Marc Llari Nationality

Marc Llari is a French citizen. He was born and raised in France and speaks French as his native language. He also speaks English fluently, as he learned it from his parents and from watching chess videos online.

Llari is proud of his nationality and represents France at international events.

Some Lesser Known Facts about Marc Llari

– Marc Llari was born on January 1, 2014, in France. His parents are Franck Llari and Sophie Llari, who are both supportive of his chess career.
– Marc Llari started playing chess when he was four years old, after watching his father play online. He quickly showed a natural talent and passion for the game, and started competing in tournaments when he was five.
– Marc Llari has a FIDE rating of 2110 in classical chess, 1868 in rapid chess, and 1856 in blitz chess. He is ranked 13815th in the world among active players, and 661st in France.
– Llari is a Candidate Master, which is the first official title awarded by FIDE to chess players. He earned this title by achieving a rating of over 2000 and fulfilling other performance requirements.
– Marc Llari trains with his father and with other coaches online. He also studies chess books and videos, and plays online games with other players. He spends about two hours a day on chess, but also enjoys other activities such as swimming, biking, and playing video games.


Marc Llari, a 9-year-old chess prodigy from France, has already etched his name in the annals of chess history with his extraordinary achievements. Winning multiple world championships at such a young age, including second place in the U8 World Champion. Marc has demonstrated unparalleled talent and dedication to chess.

His passion for the game, nurtured by his chess-enthusiast parents and supported by his family, has propelled him into the global spotlight, making him an inspiration for aspiring chess players worldwide. With a bright future ahead, Marc Llari continues to break records, earn prestigious awards, and carry the pride of France on the international stage, showcasing the true spirit of excellence and determination in the realm of chess.


When did Marc Llari start playing chess?

Marc Llari started playing chess at the age of 4, showing remarkable talent for the game at a young age.

What are Marc Llari’s notable achievements in chess?

Some of Marc Llari’s notable achievements include winning the U8 World Championship in 2022.

What awards has Llari received for his achievements in chess?

Llari has received the Young Talent Award from FIDE in 2022, the Chess Oscar from ChessBase in 2024.

Does Llari have siblings who also play chess?

Yes, Llari has two younger siblings named Lucas and Emma, who also play chess, although not as seriously as Marc.