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Renowned writer and producer Manny Coto, known for his work on the hit series DEXTER, lost his life while fighting with Pancreatic cancer on July 9, 2023. Surrounded by his loved ones, he passed away at home. Let’s delve into his remarkable career, family, wife, net worth, notable productions, movies, and TV shows.

Who was Manny Coto?


Manuel Hector Coto (June 10, 1961 – July 9, 2023) was a prolific Cuban-born American screenwriter, television director, and producer. He made significant contributions to the entertainment industry, serving as the executive producer and showrunner of Star Trek. Additionally, he showcased his talents as an executive producer and writer for the fifth season of the popular Showtime television series Dexter.

Manny Coto Height, Weight, and Age:

At the age of 62, Manny Coto’s exact height is currently unavailable, but we will provide an update on his physical attributes, including height, weight, body measurements, eye color, hair color, shoe size, and dress size as soon as possible. However, it is estimated by seeing him that he stands at approximately 6 feet tall and weighs around 90 kilograms. Furthermore, his body measurements, eye color, and hair color are not available, but he is known to have white hair.

Manny Coto Education:

Unfortunately, information about Coto’s college and school remains unknown. The specific institutions he attended for college and school are currently undisclosed.

Manny Coto Family:

Manny Coto’s mother’s name was Florida. He tied the knot with Robin Trickett on December 27, 2004, in Venice, Italy. Sadly, at the age of 62, he passed away from pancreatic cancer on July 9, 2023. Our database indicates that he did not have any children, and information about his siblings is unavailable.

Manny Coto Career:


After graduating from the American Film Institute, Manny Coto became a skilled writer and director in sci-fi and fantasy genres. He sold a script called “The Ticking Man” for a million dollars in 1990, but the movie was never made. Coto wrote and directed episodes for shows like “Tales from the Crypt” and “The Outer Limits.” He created and wrote the series “Odyssey 5” and worked on popular shows like “Enterprise” and “24.” Joining “Dexter,” he wrote and produced several seasons. Coto also directed films like “Cover Up,” “Dr. Giggles,” and “Star Kid.” He created and produced “NeXt” and contributed to “American Horror Story” and “American Horror Stories.” Manny Coto’s talent left a lasting impact on TV and film.

Manny Coto Networth:

As Manny reached the age of 62, his net worth experienced substantial growth in 2023. Unfortunately, his exact net worth is not known to us as of now. We’ll surely update the information as soon as possible.

Manny Coto Movies:

Manny Coto has done impressive filmography, including notable movies like “Jack in the Box” (1989), “Playroom” (1990), “Cover Up” (1991), “Dr. Giggles” (1992), “Star Kid” (1997), “The Other Me” (2000), and “Zenon: The Zequel” (2001). These films showcase his variety of storytelling abilities and contributions to the world of cinema.

Manny Coto TV Shows:

Throughout his career, Manny has contributed to various TV shows. In 1989, he worked on “Monsters” with the episode titled “Love Hurts.” In 1991, he wrote for “Tales from the Crypt” in the episode “Mournin’ Mess.” More recently, in 2021, he made his mark on “American Horror Stories” with the well-received episode titled “Feral.”

Manny Coto Cause of Death:

Manny Coto

Manny Coto sadly passed away on July 9, 2023, at the age of 62, after a battle with pancreatic cancer. May he rest in peace.

Information Table:

Here is the full bio information, about Manny Coto including his Death, Family, Wife, Net Worth, Productions, Movies and TV Shows, and other information.

Information Details
Full Name Manuel Hector Coto
Birthdate June 10, 1961
Death July 9, 2023 (at the age of 62)
Birthplace Havana, Cuba
Nationality Cuban-American
Spouse Robin Trickett (married on December 27, 2004)
Children None
Height Approx. 6 feet
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color White
Net Worth Approx. $1.5 million.
Known For Writer, producer, and director
Notable Works Dexter, Star Trek: Enterprise, 24, American Horror Story
Cause of Death Pancreatic cancer


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Some Lesser Known Facts About Manny Coto:

  • Manny Coto was born in Havana, Cuba, and later sought refuge in Orlando, Florida with his mother.
  • He had a significant interest in the sci-fi and fantasy genres, which is reflected in his work.
  • In 1990, Coto and Brian Helgeland sold a script titled “The Ticking Man” for $1 million, although the film was never made.
  • He wrote an episode for the popular TV show “Tales from the Crypt” and also worked on “The Outer Limits” revival.
  • Coto was an avid fan of Star Trek and even wrote a Star Trek comic book at one point in his life.
  • He created and wrote the series “Odyssey 5” and directed episodes for “American Horror Story” and “American Horror Stories.”



1. Who is Manny?

Manny is a renowned Cuban-born American screenwriter, television director, and producer known for his work on popular shows like Dexter, Star Trek: Enterprise, and 24.

2. When and where was Manny born?

Manny was born on June 10, 1961, in Havana, Cuba.

3. What were Manny Coto’s notable contributions to television?

Manny Coto served as the executive producer and showrunner for Star Trek: Enterprise, executive producer of multiple seasons of 24, and writer/executive producer for Dexter.

4. What other shows has Coto worked on?

Apart from his notable contributions, Coto has also worked on shows like The Outer Limits, American Horror Story, American Horror Stories, and NeXt.

5. What were some films directed by Coto?

Manny directed films such as Cover Up, Dr. Giggles, and Star Kid.

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