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Kiran Gosavi is an Indian private investigator from Mumbai who gained attention for his involvement in the Aryan Khan drug case. He became known after his selfies with Aryan Khan went viral.

Who is KP Gosavi?


Kiran Gosavi, a private investigator from India, gained a lot of attention for his role in the Aryan Khan drug case. In October, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) disclosed that Gosavi, with the late Prabhakar Sail, were chosen as independent witnesses by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) for the Cordelia cruise ship drug raid.

KP Gosavi Age, Height, Weight:

As such there’s no information about Gosavi’s age, height, birthday, weight. He only gained significant attention due to his involvement in Aryan Khan drug Case.

KP Gosavi Family, Wife, Children:

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about his family, wife, or children because these details haven’t been shared with the public. So, his personal background is still a big secret. Stay tuned to get the latest updates!

KP Gosavi Proffession:

Kiran Gosavi, an Indian private detective, became famous for his involvement in the Aryan Khan drug case. He is accused of working with others to threaten Aryan Khan’s family with false accusations of having drugs and demanding ₹25 crore from them. This situation happened because he wanted to take money from them by scaring them with fake stories about drugs.

He was a witness in a case, not taking sides, and is accused of taking a small amount of money and giving back some of it later. Gosavi got arrested in 2021 for another case in 2018. In that case, he tricked someone by promising them a job in Malaysia and took ₹18 lahks from them.

Independent Witness KP Gosavi:

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has accused KP Gosavi, who called himself an “independent witness” in the Aryan Khan drug-on-cruise case, of committing a terrible crime. They claim that Gosavi and his partner Sanvile D’Souza planned to demand a huge amount of money from Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s family. Shockingly, they first asked for Rs 25 crore! The CBI says that they frightened the Khan family by making false claims about them having illegal drugs. The family must have been very scared. Eventually, they settled for Rs 18 crore after negotiations.

The police report says that Sameer Wankhede, a former officer, told another officer, VV Singh, to let Gosavi deal with the accused during their transfer. This made it seem like Gosavi had custody of the accused, even though NCB personnel were there too. The report suggests that this helped Gosavi, D’Souza, and others plan to ask Shah Rukh Khan for money. The latest news is that Wankhede, Gosavi, D’Souza, and two more people are in custody by the CBI for planning together to get money from Shah Rukh Khan by threatening him.

Sameer Wankhede Relations with KP Gosavi:

Sameer Wankhede, a former officer of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), got involved in the Aryan Khan drug case. As per the FIR filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Wankhede is accused of making KP Gosavi, an independent witness, take part in the Cordelia cruise ship drug raid on October 2, 2021. The FIR claims that Wankhede told NCB Superintendent VV Singh to let Gosavi “handle the accused” during their transfer, giving the impression that Gosavi had custody of them.

The FIR’s shocking details suggest that Wankhede’s actions played a crucial role in allowing Gosavi and his associate, Sanvile D’Souza, to allegedly conspire and demand a bribe from Shah Rukh Khan’s family. As a result, Wankhede and four others, including Gosavi, face charges of criminal conspiracy, extortion threats, and bribery as per the CBI’s complaint.

These allegations link Sameer Wankhede directly to KP Gosavi in the complicated context of the alleged extortion and bribery scheme surrounding the high-profile Aryan Khan drug case.

KP Gosavi’s Net worth:


Unfortunately, information regarding his Networth is unavailable.

Information Table:

Here is the full bio of KP Gosavi, his Witness, Wife, Net Worth, Aryan Khan Case, Durgs, Sameer Wankhede, Death, Family, Profession, 25 Cr, Parents, Hometown, Caste, Religion.

Information Details
Full Name KP Gosavi
Profession Private Investigator
Notable Involvement Aryan Khan Drug Case
Allegations Conspiracy, Extortion, Bribery
Legal Status Arrested in a separate case

Social Media Accounts:


As He’s in the limelight only because of the Aryan Khan drug case so the availability of his social media is unavailable right now.

Lesser Known Facts About KP:

  • Gosavi’s presence in selfies with Aryan Khan during the case went viral and raised questions about his role.
  • They initially set the alleged extortion amount at Rs 25 crore, but they later negotiated it down to Rs 18 crore.
  • Gosavi and his aide Sanvile D’Souza collected a token amount of Rs 50 lakh, which they later partially returned.
  • KP Gosavi is an Indian private investigator based in Mumbai.

FAQs About KP Gosavi:

1. Did KP Gosavi have any connections with other individuals involved in the case?

  • KP Gosavi was associated with his aide, Sanvile D’Souza, who was also involved in the alleged extortion and bribery scheme.

2. Is KP Gosavi a law enforcement officer?

  • No, KP Gosavi is not a law enforcement officer. He is a private investigator.

3. Has KP Gosavi been arrested?

  • Yes, KP Gosavi was arrested on October 28, 2021, in a separate cheating case from 2018, where he allegedly duped someone of ₹18 lahks by promising a job in Malaysia.

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