Ju Ae: Wiki, Bio, Age, Gender, Kim Jong Un Daughter, Public Appearance

Ju Ae: Wiki, Bio, Age, Sex, Kim Jong Un, Gender, Instagram, Mother, birthday, Public Appearance, Birthplace, Siblings, Education, Grandparents: Ju Ae or Kim Ju Ae is the daughter of the North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un and the first lady of North Korea, Ri Sol-Ju. Recently she was seen in public when her father took her to a meeting with missile researchers. She was referred to as “the most beloved” child, of Kim Jong Un. Soon after her public appearance, people started speculating several details about her and whether her public appearance with her father meant something as to who the future leader is going to be. Keep reading this article to know more about her age, sex, height, weight, birthday, father, mother, siblings, education, birthplace, hobbies, Zodiac, and other personal details.

Ju Ae Birthday, Age, Zodiac

Kim Ju Ae is the middle child of Kim Jong Un’s alleged three children. She was born in 2013. However, due to several privacy issues her exact date of birth is not known. She is currently 9 years old as of 2022. Since her exact date of birth is not known her Zodiac Sign can’t be predicted, based on the Western system. However, since she is from Korea, according to the Korean Zodiac system, she belongs to the “Year of the Snake” known as “Baem” in Korean.

Ju Ae Mother, Father, Siblings

Ju Ae is the daughter of North Korean Supreme leader, Kim Jong Un and his wife, the first lady of North Korea, Ri Sol-Ju. Kim Jong Un married Ri Sol-Ju in 2009. According to several sources, Ju Ae has an elder brother born in 2010. However, there are not many details about him. According to South Korean Intelligent sources, Ju Ae also has a younger sister born in 2017 though nothing is revealed about her in North Korea. There, are many speculations about Kim Jong Un’s family and especially his children, however, not much information is available out there. It is, however, widely accepted that Ju Ae is the only child of Kim.

Ju’s Grandparents, Great-grandparents

Ju Ae’s grandparents were Kim Jong-il, her grandfather, and Ko Yong-Hui, her grandmother. Her Grandfather was the leader of North Korea before Kim Jong Un. Ju’s great-grandparents are Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-suk, and Ko Gyon-tek. Kim Il-sung rebelled against Japanese rule over Korea in the 1930s, which led to his exile from the Soviet Union. Korea was divided after the Japanese surrender in World War II in 1945. After that, the Kim family ruled over North Korea for three generations since 1948.

Kim Ju Ae Lifestyle, House, Education

Ju Ae is growing up in the barricaded world of the North Korean Kim family. The members of the Kim family have revealed very little about their family life so the enemies can never take advantage of those facts. Ju Ae lives with her family in their massive seaside villa in Wanson, Kangwon. This estate has everything one can ask for, they have swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer fields, waterslides, and a sports stadium.

However, Ju and her family also have 15 other mansions scattered across the country and they travel from one mansion to another as per their needs. However, they do not travel by road. Instead, they have an elaborate underground system of tunnels and railways designed to avoid the eyes of any Foreign agencies.

She might be studying at home, learning from the best tutors. Though several foreign channels are banned for the local people of North Korea, it is believed that Ju Ae and her siblings have access to them and also to the internet. However, unlike her father, she will not be getting the chance to study abroad.

Ju Ae Height, Weight, Looks, Favorites

Ju Ae was 3 feet 9 inches in 2020, which is 121 centimeters or 1.21 meters. She might have grown a little taller by now. Ju Ae also used to weigh 22kg or 48.5 lbs back in 2020, which might have changed by now. She has Dark brown hair and Dark Brown eyes. Ju Ae looks very much like her mother, however, at times she looks the spitting image of her father too. She likes Chinese food, Music, Reading, Drawing, watching cartoons, and much more. Her favorite color is Pink.

Ju Ae Relationships

Ju Ae is very young and has not yet reached adolescence. So, she does not have any relationships of romantic sort. Also, she is growing up in a barricaded lifestyle, which will mean that she might not have a relationship of her own choice, even though she is rumored to be the favorite child of Kim Jong Un. When she will be of age, she may be married to another person of strong heritage or political stature.

Kim Ju Ae Public Appearance

She has recently appeared twice within a week with her father in public, in November 2022. Ju Ae appeared with her father next to a group of scientists who were working on North Korea’s new missile design, the Hwasong-17 missile. Later on another day, she appeared with her father walking hand-in-hand at a nuclear missile testing site. Her public appearance has raised speculation that she might be the potential heir after Kim Jong Un.

North Korea is a master at giving messages through its activities. Hence several foreign agencies feel that this appearance of Kim Jong Un with his daughter, Kim Ju Ae is a move to let the outside world know that he is a normal family man, apart from being a Dictator. His father was against revealing family members to the public, which Kim has followed so far, but apparently not anymore.

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Information Table of Ju Ae

Name Kim Ju Ae
Nickname Ju Ae
Gender Female
Known for daughter of Kim Jong Un
Height (approx.) in centimeters – 121cm

meters – 1.21m

feet inches – 3ft 9in

Weight (approx.) in kilograms – 22kg

in pounds – 48.5lbs

Figure Measurements Not Available
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Year of Birth 2013
Age (as of 2022) 9 years
Birth Place North Korea
Zodiac sign/Sun sign

(as per the Korean system)

The Snake or “Baem”
Nationality North Korean
Hometown Pyongyang
School Homeschooled
College/University Not Available
Educational Qualification Still Studying
Religion Atheist( most probably)
Ethnicity Korean
Caste Not Available
Address Pyongyang, North Korea
Hobbies/Interests Reading, Music, Painting, watching Cartoon
Marital Status unmarried
Affairs/Boyfriends/Girlfriends Not Available
Sexuality Straight
Parents Father: Kim Jong Un

Mother: Ri Sol-Ju

Siblings  1 brother and 1 sister (not confirmed)
Husband/Wife/Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Net Worth $3-4 million dollars (as of 2020)

Ju Ae

Lesser Known Facts About the Dictator’s Daughter

  • She was first seen by retired professional Basketball player, Dennis Rodman who is the first foreigner to see her.
  • She is rumored to have two other siblings, one elder brother, and one younger sister. However, only she had made a public appearance among her other siblings.
  • Since she is the only daughter, who has been ever seen with Kim Jong Un, she is considered to be his favorite.
  • Even though several speculations arise as to whether she is the rightful heir to the throne of Kim Jong Un, it is most unlikely that she will ever rule the country as it is against North Korean Laws.

FAQs on the “Precious Daughter”

1)How old is she?

She is currently 9 years old.

2)Is she the only child of Kim Jong Un?

Though there is no confirmation of this information, she is most probably the middle child of Kim Jong Un. She has an older brother, and a younger sister rumouredly.

3)Why did she appear in public?

It appears that Kim Jong Un wants to change some rules, and reveal a little about the family. So Ju Ae appeared with her father to his nuclear meetings and they also seem to be very intimate and not pretending.

4)Does she attend school?

Since the Kim family members are not to appear in public, it’s unlikely for her to go to a local school. For the most part, she might be studying at home.

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