Josie Hart (Blair Underwood’s Wife): Wiki, Bio, Age

Josie Hart is the spouse of Blair Underwood, known for his role in “Sex and the City.” They tied the knot on June 24, 2023, after dating for a few years. Let’s know about her in detail!

Who is Josie Hart?


Josie Hart and actor Blair Underwood have been best friends for more than 40 years. They recently got engaged and shared the happy news. Blair posted a photo on Instagram from the 2022 International Emmys, where they walked the red carpet together.

Josie Hart Age, Height & Weight:

Unfortunately, the specific details regarding Josie Hart’s age, height, and weight have not been disclosed publicly. Her exact date of birth, birthplace, and personal measurements remain unknown.

Josie Hart Career:

Josie Hart is an actress known for her work in movies. One of her famous roles was in the film “Colin,” directed by Marc Price and released in 2008. The movie was about zombies and got a lot of attention. It was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009 after doing well at different film festivals. Josie’s acting career started before she met Blair Underwood, showing she’s been dedicated and experienced in the industry.

Josie Hart Family:

Currently, there is limited information available about Josie Hart’s family members, including her siblings, mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, and aunt. Public details regarding her family background have not been disclosed or made widely known. We’ll update once information is revealed.

Josie Hart Children:

There is limited information available about Josie Hart’s children from her previous marriage. Specific details about her children, including their names, ages, and any other relevant information, have not been disclosed publicly.

Josie Hart Husband:

Blair Underwood married Josie on June 24, 2023. They’ve been friends for a long time and started dating a few years ago. Josie likes to stay private but sometimes goes with Blair to fancy events. Before Josie, Blair was married to Desiree DaCosta for 27 years, and they have three kids together: two sons, Paris and Blake, and a daughter, Brielle. They announced their separation in 2021. Not much is known about Josie’s married life with Blair yet.

Josie Hart Net worth:

Josie Hart, a well-known actress, has an estimated net worth of approximately $3 million.

Information Table:

Here is the full bio of Josie Hart, about her Husband, Nationality, Ethnicity, Ex, Job, Married, Family, Net Worth, Height, Books, Race & other information.

Name Josie Hart
Gender Female
Profession Actress, celebrity Spouse
Hair Colour Light Brown
Nationality American
Educational Qualification Graduate
Marital Status Married
Affairs/Boyfriends/Girlfriends Blair Underwood
Net Worth $3 million

Some Lesser Known Facts about Josie:

  • Josie prefers to keep a low profile and lives out of the spotlight despite her association with Blair Underwood.
  • She is an actress and gained recognition for her role in the 2008 British zombie movie “Colin,” directed by Marc Price.
  • Josie Hart’s friendship with Blair Underwood dates back several decades before their romantic relationship began.
  • Details about Josie Hart’s family, including her siblings, parents, and children from a previous marriage, have not been widely revealed.
  • She has accompanied Blair Underwood to red-carpet events but generally maintains a private and discreet lifestyle.


Q: When did Josie and Blair Underwood get married?

A: Josie and Blair Underwood got married on June 24, 2023.

Q: How long have Josie and Blair Underwood known each other?

A: Josie and Blair Underwood have known each other for several decades, with their friendship dating back many years before their romantic relationship began.

Q: What is Josie Hart’s occupation?

A: Josie is an actress.

Q: What is Josie’s net worth?

A: Josie Hart’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Q: Does Josie have children?

A: Yes, She has children from her previous marriage, although specific details about them have not been publicly disclosed.

Q: What notable role is Josie Hart known for?

A: Josie Hart gained recognition for her role in the 2008 British zombie movie “Colin,” directed by Marc Price.

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