John Fetterman: Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Education, Height, Net Worth, Wife, History

John Fetterman: Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Wife, History, Net Worth, Height, Weight, Siblings, Children, Lieutenant Governor, Politics, Elections, Education, Hometown: John Fetterman is an American politician who has been serving as the 34th Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania since 2019. He was a member of the Democratic Party. He served as a Mayor of Braddock from 2005 till 2019. He was born on 15th August 1969 in Pennsylvania, United States. John Fetterman had served as a candidate in the United States Senate election in 2016 in Pennsylvania. It is reported that he will be running again in 2022.

John Fetterman governor

John’s Early Life

John Fetterman was born on August 15th in 1969 in West Reading, Pennsylvania in the United States. His parents are Karl and Susan Fetterman. They had John when they were just teenagers and were known to have been extremely poor. He has a brother named Gregg Fetterman. Later on, they moved to York, Pennsylvania. John grew up there and his father found success as an insurance business owner. It is known that he used to sleepwalk in his early childhood. Throughout his four years in college, he played football with the intention to take over his father’s business in time. He completed his graduation in 1991 from Albright College with a bachelor’s degree in finance. He had begun his studies for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Connecticut, but a tragic accident led to the death of his best friend as he was on his way to drive John Fetterman from the gym. This changed his life entirely. An urge sparked inside him to try to make the world a better place. In 1995, he joined AmeriCorps and was then sent to teach students in Pittsburgh who were pursuing their GEDs. After working in Pittsburgh for two years, he attended Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and graduated in 1999 with a Master of Public Policy.

John Fetterman’s Education

According to Fetterman, he grew up in a rich environment and admits he was a sleepwalker during his adolescence. His father’s business was his ultimate goal while also playing four years of football in college. After earning a bachelor’s degree in finance from Albright College, which was also his father’s alma mater, Fetterman went on to get an MBA in 1993.

The death of Fetterman’s best buddy in a vehicle accident, while he was a student at UConn, had a significant impact on his life and career. After his buddy passed away, Fetterman enlisted in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America programme. He was matched with an eight-year-old kid in New Haven, Connecticut, whose mother was suffering from AIDS and whose father had died from the illness. Fetterman said that while serving as a big brother, he developed an obsession with the idea of the chance lottery of birth and made a commitment to the boy’s mother that he would look out for her kid even after she was gone.

In 1995, Fetterman enlisted in the freshly established AmeriCorps and was assigned to work with Pittsburgh GED students. For two years, Fetterman served as a risk-management underwriter for Chubb in Pittsburgh. Later, he attended the Harvard Kennedy School, where he earned a Master of Public Policy in 1999.

John Fetterman’s Personal Life

Gisele Barreto Fetterman, a Brazilian-American activist, is the wife of John Fetterman. In 2007, he received a letter from Almeida, a former illegal resident of Newark, New Jersey, who learned of Fetterman’s work as mayor of Braddock. Almeida was welcomed to Braddock by Fetterman, and a year later, the two got engaged. The couple, who have three kids, and their two rescue dogs, Levi and Artie, reside at a former auto dealership. The family has made the decision not to reside in the State House, the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania’s official house.

Gisele Fetterman uploaded a picture of the home in the fall of 2020, around the same time John was being questioned. Levi’s amusing facial expression caused the picture to become viral. The next day, an unaffiliated Levi admirer opened a Twitter account in his name. This fan, who is still unnamed, then became friends with Gisele Fetterman. They each have a Twitter account with more than 25,000 followers, including Levi and Artie. Levi, a mixed-breed dog, also made an appearance in the CW’s Dogs of the Year 2021 television special. According to a July 20, 2021 article in the York Daily Record, Levi was a supporter of raising the state licencing cost for dog owners in order to pay for the Pennsylvania agency responsible for canine law enforcement, including dealing with dangerous dogs and uncovering puppy mills.

Fetterman is renowned for his unpretentious appearance. He frequently appears with shorts and a hoodie on. There is a clothing rule for the Pennsylvania Senate, which he presides over, and he only has one suit that he must wear.

John Fetterman, Mayor of Braddock

In 2001, Fetterman, who started his career as an insurance agent, moved to Braddock to work with AmeriCorps, assisting neighbourhood youngsters in obtaining their GED. Later, in 2004, he relocated to Braddock.

The fall of the American steel industry had a significant impact on Braddock, a historic industrial town famous for being the location of Andrew Carnegie’s first steel factory. The town was labelled a financially distressed municipality in 1988 after losing 90% of its population since its peak in the 1920s and having no supermarkets, petrol stations, or ATMs. Fetterman was drawn to Braddock because of what he considered its ugly beauty.

In addition to serving as the city’s full-time youth programme director, Fetterman also served as Braddock’s part-time mayor. Additionally, he established the charity Fetterman utilised to buy and rescue Braddock properties, Braddock Redux.

The job of mayor only paid $150 per month, so Fetterman’s father assisted in providing financial support. His father sent him funds totalling $54,000 in 2015. Fetterman has many tattoos that are connected to the Braddock neighbourhood. Braddock’s ZIP code, 15104, is written on his left arm, and the dates of nine killings that took place in the town while he was mayor are written on his right arm.

John Fetterman Election

In 2005, Fetterman challenged Pauline Abdullah, the incumbent, for the position of mayor. He garnered support from the town’s youth and won the Democratic primary by one vote. The general election was won by Fetterman. He didn’t compete against a Republican.

Fetterman ran against Jayme Cox in the 2009 Democratic primary for mayor of Braddock. Cox criticised Fetterman for failing to reach an agreement with the town council during the 2009 campaign. Additionally, Cox blamed Fetterman for abusing his position of authority after Fetterman made private documents available that revealed Cox had been detained in 2004. Lawrence Shields, the Braddock solicitor, concurred that Fetterman’s actions were both a misuse of his position as mayor and a breach of the law governing criminal background checks in Pennsylvania.

By 294 to 103 votes, Fetterman beat Cox in the primary. In 2013 and 2017, Fetterman easily prevailed in the Democratic primary, and she ran unchallenged in the general election.

John Fetterman’s Tenure

One of Fetterman’s first actions after being elected was to create a website for Braddock that featured the town’s mainly abandoned and demolished structures. As mayor, Fetterman started youth and art initiatives, developed the town’s vacant buildings, and attempted to boost the weak economy. Before it was demolished, Fetterman paid $50,000 in family funds to acquire the First Presbyterian Church in the community. He then spent many months living in the basement. Later, the church was transformed into the town’s gathering place. Later, he spent $2,000 on a neighbouring warehouse, added two shipping containers to the roof for more living space, and moved in.

Due to the town’s affordable housing, Fetterman encouraged people from all over the nation to relocate there. People from Chicago and Portland, Oregon, among other areas, have been attracted to the town’s resurgence by the possibility of future expansion. Following Fetterman’s invitation, a group of Braddock residents from Brooklyn relocated there and turned an abandoned church into an art centre. However, worries about gentrification were highlighted by the redevelopment of Braddock. Despite Fetterman’s efforts to increase Braddock’s population, it has remained at or below 2,000 inhabitants, and many of the town’s houses are either condemned or unusable.

After refusing to leave the Pittsburgh U.S. Steel Tower grounds in November 2010, Fetterman was detained and released without further incident. Some members of the community criticised Fetterman for not raising his voice sooner in his opposition to the contentious closing of Braddock Hospital by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Although an urgent-care facility later opened in Braddock, the community was left without a healthcare facility after the Braddock Hospital, which employed 600 people, closed.

John Fetterman Shotgun Incident

In North Braddock in January 2013, Fetterman was condemned for following an unarmed jogger whom he shot with a shotgun after hearing what he believed to be gunshots. Black American jogger Chris Miyares claimed that what Fetterman mistook for gunshots was really children firing bottle rockets. According to Fetterman, no debris was discovered. As he loaded the shotgun, Fetterman allegedly pointed it towards Miyares’ chest before aiming it at his face.

Fetterman disputes that he aimed the pistol in Miyares’ direction and maintains that he just did so to demonstrate his possession of a weapon; he didn’t even have a cartridge loaded or the safety off. Fetterman said that he did what was proper and that he hasn’t apologised. Both parties were not charged in relation to the event, and Miyares never made an official complaint.

John Fetterman U.S. Senate Campaign 2016

Pat Toomey’s U.S. Senate seat was up for grabs in the 2016 election, and John Fetterman declared on September 14th, 2015 that he would seek the Democratic nomination. In contrast to Joe Sestak, the 2010 Democratic nominee for Senate, and Katie McGinty, both of whom are more well-known, his candidacy was viewed as a long shot. Martin O’Malley, a former governor of Maryland; Barbara Hafer, a former treasurer of Pennsylvania; and the editorial board of PennLive all supported Fetterman.

While running for office, Fetterman emphasised progressive principles and garnered support through grassroots activism, drawing similarities to Bernie Sanders. In Pennsylvania, Fetterman was the only state-wide Democratic candidate to support Sanders. Fetterman was able to win 20% of the primary vote despite lacking state-wide name recognition, having small campaign money, and polling as low as 4% a week before the primary. Katie McGinty, who raised $5,064,849 and spent $4,312,688 in the primary, won ahead of Joe Sestak, a former congressman and admiral, who collected $798,981 and came in third. Katie McGinty was backed by Barack Obama and other U.S. senators. After the primary, Fetterman ran a campaign for McGinty, but Toomey won the election and was re-elected.

In the Democratic primary for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat in 2016, John Fetterman placed third. In the Democratic primary, he bested incumbent Mike Stack and other contenders for the position of lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, and together with Governor Tom Wolf, he won the general election. During his time in office, Fetterman attracted notoriety for working to make marijuana legal in the entire state and fighting back against President Donald Trump’s erroneous allegations of election fraud in Pennsylvania.

In the year 2021, Fetterman declared his candidacy for the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat in 2022. With 59% of the vote, he won the Democratic nomination. He will compete against Republican Mehmet Oz in the general election. He is known as a progressive who supports issues including legalising marijuana, raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, boosting ties between the United States and Israel, and recognising health care as a human right.

John Fetterman and Donald Trump

In response to Trump threatening to file lawsuits in Pennsylvania alleging voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, John Fetterman said in November 2020 that he could sue a ham sandwich and that Trump was no different than any other random internet troll. This statement garnered national press attention.

Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in Pennsylvania’s 2020 presidential election, winning by more than 81,000 votes. The results were contested in response to Trump’s allegations of voting fraud, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton launched a lawsuit to nullify the outcomes in Pennsylvania and other states. 18 additional Republican Attorneys General from other states joined Paxton’s lawsuit.

Dan Patrick, the lieutenant governor of Texas, backed that initiative by promising a $1,000,000 prize to anybody who could provide evidence of fraud in the impacted states. In his response, Fetterman confirmed that three incidents of voter fraud had been found in Pennsylvania. Two men had voted for Trump on behalf of their deceased mothers, while a third had voted both for himself and his son (also for Trump). According to Fetterman, his Texas colleague had to make a million-dollar payment in each of these incidents. He claimed to be pleased to report that Trump had received every single dead mother vote cast in Pennsylvania. The mocking of the alleged electoral fraud by Fetterman gained widespread media attention.

John Fetterman U.S. Senate Campaign 2022

Conor Lamb, a sitting U.S. Representative, was Fetterman’s major challenger in the Democratic primary for the Senate. A political action group that backed Lamb broadcast commercials criticising Fetterman for identifying as a democratic socialist. However, The Philadelphia Inquirer pointed out that Fetterman has never officially referred to himself as a socialist, despite the fact that the advertisement used a National Public Radio item that labelled Fetterman as one. Lamb and another contender, Malcolm Kenyatta, both condemned Fetterman for pulling a loaded shotgun on a black jogger who he thought had discharged a pistol.

In the Democratic primary, Fetterman received few endorsements while dominating several surveys. State Representative John I. Kane said that Fetterman’s lone-wolf nature is part of the reason for the lack of support. According to Philadelphia state representative Darisha Parker, the lack of endorsements for Fetterman is attributable to the fact that he never came and introduced himself to me or any of my colleagues.

With 58.7% of the vote, Fetterman defeated Lamb, his closest opponent, by 32.4% to win the Democratic primary. In the majority-black precincts of the city, where Fetterman failed to win over the black vote, he only received 18% of the vote, despite winning every county, including Philadelphia County. Gisele Fetterman, the football player’s wife, delivered the winning speech because her husband was in the hospital after having a stroke.

John Fetterman Political Position

Even by himself, John Fetterman is frequently referred to as social and financial progress. When seeking the Senate in 2022, Fetterman said that he is just a Democrat and not a progressive, stating that many aspects of his agenda that were originally seen as progressive are now accepted party tenets. The New York Times described Fetterman as having a left-leaning perspective in 2022.

John Fetterman Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance.

On August 15, 1969, John Karl Fetterman was born. Currently, he is 53 years old. His height is 6 feet 9 inches. His weight is 150 pounds. He has blue eyes.


John Fetterman’s Net Worth

John Fetterman’s estimated net worth ranges from $717,000 to $1.58 million, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Allegheny County filed a lawsuit for unpaid taxes against Fetterman and his non-profit Braddock Redux in 2008. A $25,000 tax lien was put in place against Fetterman and his non-profit. Fetterman settled the back taxes in 2012.

John Fetterman Health

John Fetterman went to the hospital in 2017 for tests after noticing an unexpected swelling in his feet. He was given the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm, and a diminished heart pump at the time by cardiologist Ramesh Chandra, yet the public was not made aware of this information until Fetterman’s stroke in May 2022.

In 2018, we saw Fetterman openly discuss a significant weight loss. Fetterman, who stands at 6 feet 9 inches (2.06 m), has lost about 150 pounds (180 kg) after weighing more than 400 pounds (70 kg).

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, on June 4, 2019, Fetterman lost his balance while presiding over the State Senate; he grew unsteady and gripped the lectern to keep himself upright, and a nurse from the Capitol arrived to check him out. The lieutenant governor afterwards felt hot, according to Fetterman’s spokeswoman, but is now back to normal.


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John Fetterman Bio, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Profile

Real Name John Karl Fetterman
Nickname John Fetterman
Gender Male
Profession Politician
Height (approx.) in centimeters-167 cm

in meters-1.67 m

in feet inches-6′ 9″

Weight (approx.) in Kilograms-70 kg

in pounds-150 lbs

Figure Measurements (approx.) Not Known
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Bold
Date of Birth 15 August 1969
Age (as in 2022) 53 years
Birth Place United States
Zodiac sign/Sun sign Leo
Nationality American
Hometown Pennsylvania
School Not Known
Higher Education University of Connecticut
Educational Qualification MBA
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
Caste Not Known
Address Not Known
Hobbies/Interests Not Known
Marital Status Married
Affairs/Boyfriends/Girlfriends Not Known
Sexuality Straight
Parents Father-Karl Fetterman

Mother-Susan Fetterman

Siblings Brothers-Not Known

Sisters-Not known

Husband/Wife/Spouse Gisele Barreto Fetterman
Children Not Known
Net Worth $ 1.58million


John Fetterman Social Media

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Twitter link

Facebook link

John Fetterman Lesser Known Fact

  • He always focused on community cultivation.
  • He worked to beautify Braddock.
  • He helped amplify the arts in Braddock.
  • He hit the ground running to fight poverty in Braddock.
  • He rocks some pretty cool tattoos on his arms.
  • He doesn’t like to be called a politician.

John Fetterman FAQs

1. Who is John Fetterman’s wife?

Gisele Barreto Fetterman, a Brazilian-American activist, is the wife of John Fetterman.

2. What does John Fetterman do for a living?

John is an American politician. He has held the position of Pennsylvania’s 34th lieutenant governor.

3. What is his net worth?

John Fetterman’s estimated net worth ranges from $717,000 to $1.58 million.


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