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John Berylson was an American businessman and philanthropist.

He gained recognition as the founder of Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC and served as the chairman of the London football team Millwall.

Known for his generosity and commitment to making a positive impact, Berylson dedicated his time and resources to various charitable initiatives.

About John Berylson


John Berylson was an esteemed American businessman, philanthropist, and the founder of Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC.

He made a profound impact on various spheres of life, including business, sports, and social welfare.

As the chairman of the London football team Millwall, Berylson led the club with passion and dedication, overseeing its growth and success.

His philanthropic endeavors were equally remarkable, as he and his wife Amy established the Amy Smith and John G.

Berylson Foundation, channeling their resources towards education and noble causes.

Berylson’s unwavering commitment to philanthropy, along with his entrepreneurial acumen, left an indelible mark on the lives of many.

John Berylson Cause of Death


John Berylson tragically passed away due to a car accident on 4 July 2023. While driving in Falmouth, Massachusetts, he lost control of his Range Rover and collided with a tree.

The accident resulted in his untimely demise, leaving a void in the lives of his family, friends, and the community he touched.

John Berylson Wife


John Berylson was married to his dedicated and supportive wife, Amy Berylson.

Together, they shared a loving partnership and worked on philanthropic endeavors to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Amy stood by John’s side throughout his career and philanthropic endeavors, contributing to their shared legacy of compassion and giving.

John Berylson Nationality

John Berylson was an American national. Born and raised in the United States, he made significant contributions to various sectors, including business, philanthropy, and sports.

Berylson’s accomplishments and philanthropic endeavors made a lasting impact both in his home country and internationally.

John Berylson Daughter

John Berylson had three children, including a daughter named Jennifer.

The details regarding his daughter’s personal life and accomplishments are not available.

John Berylson Children

In addition to his daughter Jennifer, John Berylson had two other children named James and Elizabeth.

The three children, along with his wife Amy, were an integral part of Berylson’s life.

Together, they formed a close-knit family that supported and uplifted one another.

John Berylson Career


Berylson’s career was characterized by his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership in diverse industries.

He founded Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC in 2002, an investment company that achieved remarkable success under his guidance.

Berylson’s strategic approach and business acumen contributed to the growth and prosperity of the company.

Additionally, he held directorship positions in companies such as Youngworld Stores Group, Inc. and Manifold Capital Corp, showcasing his involvement in different sectors and his ability to navigate various business landscapes.

One of the notable highlights of Berylson’s career was his role as the chairman of Millwall Football Club.

He became involved with the club in 2006, leading a consortium that made significant investments.

As chairman, Berylson played a pivotal role in the club’s development and success.

Under his leadership, Millwall experienced two promotions, securing a place in the Championship and establishing themselves as a competitive force in English football.

Berylson’s financial support and vision for the club’s future contributed to its growth and maintained its position in the second tier of the league.

Beyond his business ventures and involvement in sports, Berylson’s career also demonstrated his commitment to service.

Having served as a US Marine, he brought a sense of discipline and dedication to all his endeavors.

John Berylson Net Worth

The exact net worth of John Berylson is not disclosed. We’ll keep updating for the exact numbers.

John Berylson Wealth


John Berylson achieved financial success through his entrepreneurial ventures and investments.

While the precise details of his wealth are undisclosed, his philanthropic efforts and generous contributions suggest that he possessed substantial financial resources.

Berylson utilized his wealth to create positive change and support causes that aligned with his values and beliefs.

Information Table

Category Details
Name John Berylson
Age 70
Interests/Hobbies Philanthropy, sports (Boston Red Sox fan)
Family Wife: Amy Berylson
  Children: Jennifer, James, Elizabeth
Achievements Founder of Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC
  Chairman of Millwall Football Club
Education MBA from Harvard Business School
  A.B. degree from Brown University
  M.S. from New York University

Berylson’s Socials

His social media accounts haven’t bee revealed to the public. We’ll keep posting for more updates.

Lesser Known Facts About Berylson

  • In addition to his involvement with Millwall Football Club, John Berylson had a successful career as a businessman. He founded Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC and led the company to notable success in the business world.
  • Berylson and his wife Amy were dedicated philanthropists. They established the Amy Smith and John G. Berylson Foundation, which focused on supporting education and making a positive impact on various communities.
  •  John Berylson was a fan of the Boston Red Sox, showcasing his passion for sports. He also supported educational institutions and held trustee positions at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, The Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Brown University Sports Foundation, and the Brown University Library System.
  •  Berylson’s political affiliations were a topic of discussion. While he was initially reported as being a Republican and having donated to John McCain in the 2008 Presidential Election, he clarified that he was actually a registered Democrat.
  • Before his successful career in business and philanthropy, John Berylson served as a US Marine, highlighting his commitment to service and discipline.


Q: What was John Berylson’s cause of death?

A: John Berylson tragically passed away due to a car accident on 4 July 2023.

Q: Who is Berylson’s wife?

A: Berylson’s wife is Amy Berylson. They shared a loving partnership and worked together on philanthropic endeavors.

Q: What is the net worth of Berylson?

A: The specific net worth of Berylson is not disclosed.

Q: Who are Berylson’s children?

A: Berylson had three children. Their names are Jennifer, James, and Elizabeth. They were an integral part of his life and family.

Q: What were Berylson’s notable achievements?

A: Berylson’s notable achievements include founding Chestnut Hill Ventures LLC, serving as the chairman of Millwall Football Club, and making significant investments in the club. He also had a successful business career and was involved in various philanthropic initiatives.

Q: Can you provide information about Berylson’s educational background?

A: Berylson attended Harvard Business School, where he earned an M.B.A. He also earned an A.B. degree from Brown University and an M.S. from New York University.

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