Emma Corrin: Wiki, Bio, Age, Movies, The Crown, Gender Neutral

Emma Corrin: Wiki, Bio, Age, Movies, the Crown, Gender Neutral, Net Worth, Mother, Achievements, Education, University, Siblings, TV shows, Nationality, Religion, Interest and more: Emma Corrin is a British Actress, well-known for her appearance in the Netflix Series, The Crown. She portrayed the role of Lady Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales in the 4th Season of the show. She also won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Actress in a Television Series Drama. Emma is recently making it in the news headlines following her appeal for a gender-neutral Oscar Awards ceremony in 2023. She said that she would like to witness gender-neutral categories at the Oscars. The actress identifies herself as non-binary and expressed her wish in a recent interview on 25th October 2022. She added that the current award categories are not inclusive enough. Her latest film ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ was released worldwide on 23rd November 2022.

Emma Corrin Photoshoot

Emma Corrin Early Life and Birth Details

She was born on the 13th of December 1995 at the Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. Her sexuality was always under a debate by her fans. Corrin, on July 2021, reported that she was a queer. Almost one year later, she urged the world to call her by pronouns like ‘They’ or ‘Them’ as she had identified herself as non-binary.

Emma Corrin Education

She went to the Roman Catholic Woldingham School in Surrey, a boarding school only for girls. During her time there, she gained interest in drama and acting. Then she took an year off and when to London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art for doing a Shakespeare course and then volunteered as a teacher at a school in Knysna, South Africa. She studied drama from the University of Bristol. She did not complete her course and  later went to the St John’s College, Cambridge to study English, Drama, and Arts from 2015-18. Emma completed her graduation from the University of Bristol and went to St John’s College, Cambridge for BA. She has been an actress since 2017 and completed her drama and actor course from Cambridge.

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Emma Corrin Personal Life

Emma’s father, Chris Corrin was a businessman in England and her mother, Juliette Corrin was a speech therapist from South Africa. She later moved to the UK. Corrin has 2 younger brothers named Richard and Jonty and they all live together in Seal, Kent.

Emma Corrin Career

Emma is a well known British Actress who worked as Diana, the Princess of Wales in the Fourth Season of Netflix Original The Crown Series. She made her debut in the Cesare movie from the role of Mica which was released in 2017. And her Television debut is form Grantchester for the role of Esther Carter. Her most popular show is The Crown. She has received many awards for her acting career such as Golden Globe Award, Critics Choice Television Awards, MTV Movie and Tv Awards, Satellite Awards etc. She has also played the role of Esme winks in Pennyworth which was released in 2019.

Emma Corrin Net Worth

Emma Corrin began to get noticed after her role of Princess Diana in the Netflix web show, The Crown. She has done more than 20 films and shows till now. As per the latest reports, her net worth is estimated to be around close to $1.5 Million USD. She gets remuneration from films and shows. Additionally, she is also a model and gets paid for photoshoots and collaborations with famous designers and brands. She also features on the cover of various top magazines around the world and all these adds to her net worth.

First Non-Binary Model

Here is the full bio of Emma Corrin, her full name, bio, age, height, weight, date of birth, birthplace, university, education, religion, zodiac sign, nationality, career, profession, interests, relationship, family and net worth.

Emma Corrin Age, Interest, Net Worth, Family, Profession

Full name Emma Louise Corrin
Birthdate 13 December 1995
Age 26 years old
Height 5 feet and 5inches
Birth Place Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent England.
Current resident Kent, England
School Roman Catholic Woldingham School

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

Parents Chris Corrin

Juliette Corrin

Siblings Richard Corrin

Jonty Corrin

University University of Bristol

St John’s College, Cambridge

Profession Actress
Nationality British
Relationship Not known
Interest Drama
Net worth $1.5 Million USD

Emma Corrin The Crown

Some Lesser Known Facts About Emma

  • Emma does not want to reveal her gender and prefers to call herself as a non-binary.
  • Emma became the first non-binary star to feature in the Vogue magazine’s cover.
  • As she does not reveal the gender, Emma is addressed as ‘They’, ‘Their’ etc.
  • Emma asked for gender-neutral categories of awards for the 2023 Academy Awards ceremony.

Social Media Accounts


Emma Corrin has an Instagram account with a following of 806K people. She posts pictures from her latest photoshoots and also shares teasers of her newest films through the platform. Corrin also shares information about her public appearances and shows in her profile.


Emma Corrin does not have an official Twitter account. The above pinned account is a fan page account made her fans on behalf of her. Latest updates and pictures of Corrin are available through the account.


1. Which are the movies and TV shows that Emma Corrin has done?

Ans: Emma is famous for her roles in ‘My Policeman’, ‘The Crown’, ‘Pennyworth’, ‘Misbehavior’ etc.

2. Which is the latest movie of Emma Corrin?

Ans: As per the latest reports, Emma Corrin was the female lead in the movie, ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ which was released on the 23rd of November 2022.

3. Who is Emma Corrin’s mother?

Ans: Emma’s mother’s name is Juliette Corrin. She is a speech therapist from South Africa.

4. What does Emma Corrin look like?

Ans: During the shoot of the 4th season of ‘The Crown’, people began relating Emma to the real Lady Diana because her youthful face helped her look like Princess Diana.  In some of the scenes, Emma and the real princess are almost indistinguishable.

5. What is Emma Corrin’s gender?

Ans: Emma Corrin identifies herself as non-binary.

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