Demond Fernandez: Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Parents, Married, Salary

Demond Fernandez is a well-known and respected investigative reporter who has worked for several news stations across the United States. He has recently announced his departure from WFAA, where he had been working since June 2014.

About Demond Fernandez

About Demond Fernandez

Demond Fernandez is a well-known and respected investigative reporter who has made significant contributions in the field of journalism. With a career spanning several news stations across the United States, he has gained a reputation for his dedicated work and commitment to uncovering the truth.

Having worked at WFAA since June 2014, Demond recently announced his departure, marking the end of an era at the station. Throughout his tenure, he has tackled important and impactful stories, shedding light on critical issues and bringing attention to matters that often go unnoticed.

Demond’s professionalism and meticulous approach to investigative reporting have earned him recognition and awards, solidifying his position as a trusted journalist. While he keeps his personal life private, Demond is known to be a devoted husband and cherishes the support and love of his wife, who he considers his “best friend” and “soulmate.”

His departure from WFAA marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in his career, where he will undoubtedly continue to make a difference in the world of journalism.

Demond Fernandez Wife

Demond Fernandez is a married man, but he has not revealed much information about his wife. He occasionally posts pictures of her on his social media accounts, but he does not mention her name or occupation. He has described her as his “best friend” and “soulmate” and has expressed his gratitude for her support and love. We’ll keep updating for more.

Demond Fernandez Parents

Demond Fernandez has not disclosed the names or backgrounds of his parents either. However, he has shared some photos of them on his Instagram account, showing his affection and appreciation for them. He has also mentioned that his parents are very proud of his achievements and have always encouraged him to pursue his dreams. We’ll keep updating for more.

Demond Fernandez Net Worth

Demond Fernandez Net Worth

Demond Fernandez has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023, according to some online sources. He has accumulated this wealth from his successful career as an investigative reporter for various news stations. He has covered many important and impactful stories that have earned him recognition and awards.

Demond Fernandez Family

Demond Fernandez belongs to a mixed ethnic background, as he has African American and Hispanic ancestry. He has also stated that he is proud of his heritage and culture. He has a large and close-knit family that includes his parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins and other relatives.

Demond Fernandez Salary

Demond Fernandez Salary

Demond Fernandez earns an annual salary of around $80,000 as an investigative reporter for WFAA, according to some sources. This is the average salary for reporters in Dallas, Texas, but it may vary depending on the experience, skills and qualifications of the individual. Demond Fernandez is considered to be one of the most experienced and skilled reporters in the industry, so he may earn more than the average.

Demond Fernandez is a talented and dedicated journalist who has made a name for himself in the field of investigative reporting. Fernandez has recently left WFAA to pursue new opportunities and challenges in his career. He is also a loving husband, son, brother and uncle who values his family and friends. He is an inspiration to many aspiring journalists and a role model to many people.

In the realm of investigative journalism, while delving into the riveting details of Demond Fernandez’s career, it’s noteworthy to draw parallels to his counterpart, Jonathan Dienst, exploring the multifaceted aspects that define these dedicated reporters.

Information Table

Category Information
Name Demond Fernandez
Interests/Hobbies Investigative reporting, travel, fitness, basketball, golf, musicals
Family Wife (name unknown), two sons in college
Ethnicity African American, Hispanic ancestry
Parents Mother and father (names unknown)
Achievements Respected investigative reporter

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Some Lesser Known Facts about Fernandez

  • He is a proud father of two sons, who are both in college. He often shares photos of them on his social media accounts and says they are his biggest motivation.
  •  He is a passionate traveler and has visited more than 30 countries around the world. He loves to explore different cultures and cuisines and learn from the people he meets.
  • Fernandez is a fitness enthusiast and works out regularly. He also enjoys playing basketball and golf in his spare time.
  • He is a fan of musicals and Broadway shows.
  • He is a mentor and a volunteer for several organizations that support young journalists, students, and underprivileged communities. He believes in giving back and making a positive impact on society.


1. When did Demond Fernandez start working at WFAA?

Fernandez began working at WFAA in June 2014.

2. What is  Fernandez’s ethnicity?

Demond  has African American and Hispanic ancestry.

3. Can you provide the name of Fernandez’s wife?

The name of Fernandez’s wife has not been publicly disclosed.

4. Does Fernandez have any children?

Fernandez has two sons, who are currently in college.

5. What are  Fernandez’s interests and hobbies?

Demond Fernandez has expressed interests in investigative reporting, travel, fitness, basketball, golf, and musicals.