Danny Fairbrass: Wiki (Businessman), Bio, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth

Danny Fairbrass : Wiki(Businessman), Bio, Age, Height, Family, Net Worth, Education, Career, Life, Achievements: Danny Fairbrass popularly known as the founder and the managing director of Korda company, which manufactures terminal tackle items, specifically for carp fishing. He is mostly known for his passion in fishing at an early age which he later on made a career out of it. Danny has a Youtube channel also, where he posts about his fishing techniques and related stuff. He was born in 1970 in United Kingdom in a small village.

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Danny Fairbrass Life and Education:

Danny Fairbrass or popularly known by his nickname Gaffer(Boss) was born in a small village of Southend-on-Sea in United Kingdom. In his whole earlyhood, he spent most of his time Carp fishing at the club lakes of Essex, being a young lad, he can only go to the nearby lakes where he could reach by bus or bike. He caught his first double aged fifteen, a 10lb 4oz common from The Piggeries in Hadleigh, near his Mum’s house. For catching his first 20lb 14oz at The Little Grange, also in Essex, he waited for 6 years, doing fishing at weekends and overnight on weekdays.

Its been 25 long years to this incident, now Danny fishes a mixture of day-ticket waters like Walthamstow and Linear and zero-publicity syndicates. He also fishes outside the country on a regular basis like in Holland(20 years ago), Belgium and then in France. The most favourite of all of them is The Waters of Lac Du Der Chantecoq, spread in a total area of 16000 acre reservoir in Champagne Region.

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 Danny Fairbrass Career

As of now we all know that Danny loves Fishing and he has an understanding with the waters, so after his 20’s, he started making leads in his own kitchen. He sold the First pair of leads which were Black Buckets in the market of Walthamstow Reservoirs in the early 90’s. His life story changed after he took his 2oz and 3oz Zipp-style led to a couple of market places(usually the local tackle shops), there he found that there was  clear need of high quality and stable leads and for different sizes and shapes, so from then he started making the leads on order and set them on commission basis, and thats how after years of hardship Korda was born! Korda is a market leading fishing company that manufactures and distribute carp fishing products .

Danny’s time is unorganized between his fishing, personal life, outings on different lakes in France, Belgium and his work commitments with Korda, Guru , Gigantica, Tv shows/DVD shows like Masterclass. Danny was diagnosed with skin cancer in the January of 2017 which was followed by the removal of a mole and eventually after the operation it came to an end.

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 Danny Fairbrass Net worth

His wealth is mostly surrounded by his fishing career and he has made fortune out from many tv shows and his own fisheries with several more independently run waters. Danny’s Net Worth from known sources is around $3-5 million. His company Korda owns the other fishing company also known as its sister Guru and the unveiling of the krusha- one of the best selling carp fishing products ever.


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Danny Fairbrass Bio, Age, Height, Relationship, Net worth, Family:

Full Name Danny Fairbrass
Nickname Gaffer
Age 51 yrs
Date of Birth Not Known
Birth Year 1970
Religion Not Known
Birth Place Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom
Gender Male
Father Not Known
Mother Not known
Siblings Non
Profession Founder and managing director of Korda
Hair Colour Brown
Eyes Colour Blue
Height 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight 83kgs
Girlfriend Not Known
Zodiac sign Not Known
Nationality British
Net Worth $3-5 million

Some Lesser-Known Facts About Danny Fairbrass:

  1. He caught his first fish at an age of 14.
  2. Danny has also fished in South Africa.
  3. He has fished commercial waters and wild ones including the rivers Saone in France.
  4. He is called Gaffer because of his bossy attitude which is important for his work.

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