Danielle Miller (Swiffer Girl): Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, Net Worth

Danielle Miller(Swiffer Girl): Wiki, Bio, Age, Swiffer Girl, Parents, Net Worth, Biography, History, Scammer, Family, Height, Ethnicity, Nationality: Danielle Miller is an interesting person who has been in the spotlight because of her connection to various scandals and illegal actions.


Who Is Danielle Miller?

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Danielle Miller, known as the “Swiffer Girl,” became famous in school for getting into a lot of trouble. A video she made went viral, causing the world’s first revenge porn scandal. This brought her even more attention. She was involved in many criminal activities, leading to various scandals. People couldn’t stop talking about her actions and choices during those school years.

Danielle Miller Age, Height & Weight:

Unfortunately, since no specific information is available about Danielle Miller’s date of birth, height, or weight, it is impossible to provide accurate details about her age, height, and weight. hence, Stay tuned to get the latest updates on Danielle Miller.

Danielle Miller Education:

Danielle Miller, a popular person on social media, grew up in a rich family in New York City. She went to Horace Mann, a famous school linked to Ivy League Preparatory Schools. This great school helped her learn and plan her future.

In a podcast, she said that when she was in eighth grade, she didn’t know any better. She sent videos of herself doing masturbation with a Swiffer mop. These videos became very popular in private school communities and ended up on file-sharing services like LimeWire and Kazaa. The whole situation became a major scandal, making headlines and being called the world’s first-ever revenge-p*rn scandal.

Danielle Miller Family:

Danielle Miller comes from a respected family in Manhattan. Her dad, Michael Miller, is a lawyer who used to lead the New York State Bar Association. Her mom was a Rockette for twenty years before retiring to focus on raising Danielle and her little brother. Because they value education, the Millers chose to send Danielle to Horace Mann, where her dad went to school.

Danielle Miller Scams:

People knew Danielle Miller for doing bad things and tricking others. When she was young, she did a harmful thing by sending out inappropriate videos that got spread around a lot. She didn’t seem to understand that what she did was wrong and caused trouble for others. There were more times when she pretended to be other people to steal money or live in fancy places. She made friends with other bad people too. During the pandemic, she got money by using fake names and stealing identities. She showed off her stolen riches on social media, not feeling bad about what she did. Because of everything she did, she had to say she was guilty, give back a lot of money, and go to prison for six years. All this makes it clear that she was involved in many scams and did bad things to get what she wanted.

Danielle Miller Net worth:

Unfortunately, We don’t have information about Danielle Miller’s Networth. Stay Tuned to get the latest updates about her net worth.

The Age of Influence:


The documentary came out on June 5, 2023, and got people interested. It talks about how viewers are looking for a scandalous video of Swiffer Girl after watching the series. The documentary investigates how influencers abuse their power and has interviews with Miller, investigators, and prosecutors involved in her criminal cases. They aim to tell an exciting story by combining journalism, crime, pop culture, and social media.

Information Table:


Here’s the full bio of Danielle Miller including her  Swiffer Girl, Parents, Net Worth, Biography, History, Scammer, Family, Height, Ethnicity, Nationality, & other pieces of information.

information Details
Full Name Danielle Miller
Known As Swiffer Girl
Scandal Involved in the world’s first revenge porn scandal
Education Attended Horace Mann, part of the Ivy Preparatory School League
Family Father: Michael Miller (estate attorney)

Mother: Former Rockette

Younger Brother- unknown

Scams 1. Identity theft

2. Friendship with con artist Anna Delvey

3. Fraudulent COVID-relief loans

Net Worth Information Unavailable
The Age of Influence Hulu docuseries featuring Danielle Miller and other influencers
Release Date June 5, 2023
Focus Abuse of power by influencers, true crime, pop culture, social media
Interviews Includes statements from Miller, investigators, and prosecutors involved in her cases

Social Media Accounts:

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Some Lesser Known Facts about Danielle Miller:

  • Danielle Miller gained notoriety during her school years due to her involvement in various scandals and criminal activities.
  • She became famous for being part of the world’s first revenge porn scandal when a video she recorded went viral.
  • Miller considers herself a con artist and has been associated with fraudulent activities throughout her life.
  • She attended Horace Mann, a prestigious institution in Manhattan affiliated with the Ivy Preparatory School League.


1. What is Danielle Miller’s real name?

  • Danielle Miller is her real name. She is commonly known as “Swiffer Girl” due to her involvement in the revenge porn scandal.

2. When did the revenge porn scandal involving Danielle Miller occur?

  • The revenge porn scandal involving Danielle Miller occurred when she was in middle school. It is considered the world’s first revenge porn scandal.

3. What is the docuseries featuring Danielle Miller called?

  • The docuseries featuring Danielle Miller is called “The Age of Influence.” It is a six-part series that tackles controversial issues surrounding social media influencers.

4. What is the release date of “The Age of Influence”?

  • “The Age of Influence” was released on June 5, 2023.

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