Black Summer Season 2: Wiki, Cast Real Name, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Black Summer season 2 Wiki, Cast Real Names, producer, director, creator, box office, Release Date, Plot, Trailer: Remember when this film came back in 2019 with the zombie apocalypse. With every episode, we passed the film the thrill and the entertainment increased. It is an American streaming television series. Created by  Karl Schaefer and John Hyams. It was a trademark Netflix cliffhanger. After two years of wait season, 2 were released on June 17, 2021. Thanks to the pandemic which delayed the film more.

black summer

Release Date and timings: black Summer season 2

black summer

The first season consists of eight episodes. streamed on Netflix on April 11, 2019. The second was released on June 17.2021.

Apocalyptic fiction
Created byKarl Schaefer
John Hyams
Based onZ Nation
by Karl Schaefer
Craig Engler
ComposerAlec Puro
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes16

Black Summer Season 2 Cast and character:

Kelsey Flower as Lance- guest appearance in season 2

Sal Velez Jr as William Velez- only in season 1

Erika Hau as Carmen- only in season 1

Bobby Naderi as Ray Nazeri- only in season 2

1.Jamie King as Rose:

black summer

In Black Summer season 2, Jamie is a mother who is separated from her daughter due to the Zombie apocalypse. She is an American actress and model. Her first lead role was in Pearl Harbor (2001). At the end of the first season, Rose reunites with her daughter. It seems a happy ending though. Rose is back again in Black Summer Season 2. She started her acting career in 2001. Her debut film was ‘Happy Campers’, ‘Blow’ and ‘Pearl Harbor. King also portrayed the role of Alexandria in the movie ‘Two for the Money’.

2.Justin Chu Cary as Julius James:


Justin says, ” black Summer is less physical activity for me and more as cerebral. It has been more emotional works for me than physical. Last season was filmed during winter. We used to layer five to six jackets at a time. This season would be summer.” He is working in the STARZ television adaption of the comedy-drama.  He was a good graphic and web designer back in old days. Apart from that, he was also a photographer and freelancer. He has done visual arts throughout his life. He is now with his brother writing and producing films.

3. Christine Lee as Ooh “Sun” Kyungsun:


a Korean woman who doesn’t speak English neither translates her language by anyone. Viewers that’s why find it is difficult to understand her words. Ooh “Sun”  is unapologetically awesome. She is brave enough to stay human till the end. In Black summer she is displayed as a brave girl who can smell danger coming from miles away. she is compassionate enough to travel alone and return safely. “sun” has become the favorite with fans of the show. According to the creator, the whole set exactly doesn’t know what she is speaking. But they understand her. They know when she is in pain, grief, or happy.

4. Zoe Marlett as Anna:

In the film, Black Summer she plays the role of Rose and Patrick’s daughter. Zoe appeared for the first time in Black Summer during the pilot episode of Zombie apocalypse.

black summer

After that, she got separated from her mother. Rose used the pain of separation from her daughters as the motivation to stay alive. In season 1, they reunite. The last view of Anna in Black summer was that with a car waiting for her mother to board.

5. Bobby Naderi as Ray Nazeri:


He is a former police officer. He was seen opposite to Amin El Gamal, Augustus Prew, Inbar Lavi, Mark Feuerstein and Marina Benedict.  He is known for his tremendous roles in How I Got There and Dotty & Soul. He is a Canadian-based Iranian actor.


Reviewing Black Summer Season 2 :

the show is an excellent example of a fear and survival game. Rose and her daughter got separated after the sixth week of the zombie apocalypse. Rose decides to face the zombie and find her daughter. The best episode of the season Black Summer was Spears meeting the wanderers. However, the longest episode was that of a remote lodge. The scenes are full of tense and eerie long-shots. On a contrary, where some thrill-loving viewers will rate this filming as best but for others, it will be a major off-show.

Season 2 spoiler alert!

The first season made viewers afraid of the zombie apocalypse. The second season of Black Summer is free for all carnage. the story will be more gritty this time. It is always chaotic to trust anyone, will be the key point of this season. People will be seen killing each other for fodder. Black Summer season 2 will start with a scene where a person would be saving himself from dreadful zombies. He ends up being killed by a couple of normal people who were trying to escape. People will die ruthlessly. A bunch of challenges has to be faced.  In season 2 you will witness Anna growing into a monster. While her mother is trying her best to absorb all the sins of Anna.


Death will be unpredictable. Knowing that anyone will go at any moment will be an emotional scene for many viewers. Overall, Black Summer season 2 is going to be better than the first. You will appreciate many of the scenes.

Trailer You Can’t Skip:


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