Zaki Anvari: Wiki (Afghan Footballer), Bio, Age, Family, Death Cause

Zaki Anvari: Wiki (Afghan Footballer), Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Education, Gender, Wife, Children, Family, Career, Age, Net worth, Birthday, Height, Nationality, and other details: On Monday, Zaki Anvari was found in the wheel well of a US C 17 carrier plane that had taken off from Kabul with dejected Afghans clasping to the fuselage. In a wild attempt to abandon the Taliban, an earlier Afghan national junior team player died. He was entangled in the landing gear of a US evacuation aircraft. It was announced today, centuries of young Afghan fellows climbed aboard the US Air Force plane as it drove off from Kabul on Monday. It created views of utter pain and turmoil.

Zaki Anvari

Zaki Anvari Life and Education

Zaki Anvari was a previous Afghan football player. At 19, Zaki was an outstanding and promising athlete who could’ve represented his nation. Not just was he great at sports, but he was so in his academics too. Zaki went to the prestigious school French medium Esteqlal High School in the center of country Kabul.

Zaki Career

Touched by his skills, national trainers invited him to join the state youth team at the tender age of 16. The shocking death of such a skilled individual was a great loss to the country. His death was greatly horrifying and unfortunate. One can’t imagine how much his family and colleagues are undergoing, along with the disastrous situation of the country. ‘He was a brother, with whom I had the most wonderful moments, and his unfathomable loss fills me with anguish,’ one of his dear friends wrote. ‘May his spirit rests in peace and his memory be remembered,’ said Afghanistan’s deputy manager, Ali Askar Lali.

Zaki Personal Life

With the prevailing situation in Afghanistan, Zaki Anvari’s family has still to comment on Zaki’s death. They haven’t moved out to social media to unveil themselves either. Their actions are expected since the whole nation has become upside down; they can’t hazard losing their lives. It is hoped that the family member is safe and tries to get the best out of the deteriorating condition in the country. While trying to evacuate Kabul, an Afghan national youth team footballer was abolished in the landing gear of a US jet. When the aircraft landed in Qatar, the remains of Anvari’s body pieces were found. The player was one of the many people who perished after trying to board the plane as it took off The bodies were cascading to the ground as the aircraft rose into the sky. The young teenager took to sit on a fin beneath the plane’s turbine as it barreled down the runway, only to plunge hundreds of feet to their deaths. The US Air Force stated on Tuesday that it had launched an inquiry into the takeoff. It highlighted Mr. Zaki Anvari and others clasping to the plane’s exterior as it took off.

Zaki Anvari

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Zaki Anvari Bio, Height, Weight, Profile, Net Worth

Real name Zaki Anvari
Gender  Male
Age  19
Date of birth Not known
Birthplace  Kabul
Nationality  Afghan
Hometown Not known
Profession Football Player
Height  Not known
Weight  Not known
Interest Not known
Zodiac sign Not known
Marital status Unmarried
University Esteqlal High School
Parents  Not known
Siblings Not known
Wife None
Girlfriend Not known
Children None
Net worth Not known


Some lesser-known facts about Zaki Anvari

  • Zaki Anvari was 19 years old at the time of his death.
  • Zaki Anvari was an earlier Afghan national junior team player.
  • Zaki Anvari went to Esteqlal High School in the center of country Kabul.
  • Zaki Anvari was abolished in the landing gear of a US jet while trying to leave Kabul.
  • His body pieces were found when the aircraft landed in Qatar.
  • His family is still to comment on Zaki’s death.

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