Wunmi Olowokandi: Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Family, Tribe, Nigeria

Wunmi Olowokandi: Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Family, Tribe, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Parents, Education, Career, Nigeria, Instagram, Height, Weight, Profession: Wunmi Olowokandi is a Nigerian actress who has appeared in several Nollywood movies. She is known for her roles in movies such as “The Return” (2015), “The Fixer” (2015), and “The Antique” (2014). Olowokandi has also won several awards for her performances including the City People Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2015.

Wunmi Olowokandi

About Wunmi Olowokandi

Wunmi Olowokandi is a Nigerian actress, producer, and director who has made a significant impact in Nollywood. She began her career in 2007 and has since become known for her versatile acting abilities. Olowokandi has appeared in notable films such as “The Return” (2015) and “The Last 3 Digits” (2014). She has also ventured into producing and directing, further showcasing her talent and commitment to the Nigerian film industry. With several awards to her name, Wunmi Olowokandi continues to captivate audiences with her performances and contribute to the growth of Nollywood.

Wunmi Olowokandi Background, Family, Ethnicity and Tribe

Wunmi Olowokandi hails from Nigeria and is a member of the Yoruba tribe, one of the largest ethnic groups in the country. The Yoruba people are predominantly located in southwestern Nigeria and have a rich cultural heritage.

Regarding Wunmi Olowokandi’s family background, she has not publicly shared extensive details about her parents or siblings. However, it is known that she grew up in a close-knit family that has been an important source of support throughout her life and career.

While her professional achievements and contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry are well-documented, Wunmi Olowokandi tends to maintain a level of privacy when it comes to her personal and family life. This allows her to focus on her career and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Wunmi Olowokandi Education

Wunmi Olowokandi pursued her education at the Lagos State University, where she studied Theatre Arts. This educational background provided her with a solid foundation and understanding of the performing arts, which later played a crucial role in her acting career.

Studying Theatre Arts likely exposed Olowokandi to various aspects of the performing arts, including acting techniques, stagecraft, script analysis, and dramatic theory. The program at Lagos State University would have provided her with the opportunity to develop her skills as an actress and explore different facets of the entertainment industry.

The education and training she received at Lagos State University likely played a significant role in shaping her acting skills, enabling her to bring depth and authenticity to her performances. With her educational background in Theatre Arts, Wunmi Olowokandi embarked on her acting career in 2007, marking the beginning of her journey as a prominent figure in Nollywood.

Wunmi Olowokandi Career and Profession

Wunmi Olowokandi is a versatile Nigerian actress, producer, and director known for her notable contributions to Nollywood. With a career spanning since 2007, she has showcased her talent and range through various film and TV projects. Notable works include “The Return” (2015), “The Fixer” (2015), “The Antique” (2014), “The Last 3 Digits” (2014), “Jenifa’s Diary” (2015), and the TV series “Tinsel” (2008). Her performances have earned critical acclaim and recognition in the industry.

Wunmi Olowokandi’s involvement extends beyond acting, as she has successfully produced movies like “The Last 3 Digits” (2014) and “The Return” (2015). She showcases her versatility and storytelling skills in these roles. Her talent has been acknowledged with awards, including the City People Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2015 and the Best Supporting Actress award at the 2017 African Film Awards.

Wunmi Olowokandi remains an active figure in Nollywood, contributing to its growth and captivating audiences with her performances. Her dedication, versatility, and impact make her a respected and influential figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Wunmi Olowokandi

Olowokandi’s Networth

Unfortunately, information about Wunmi Olowokandi’s net worth is not readily available in the public domain. We’ll keep posting when more details are made public.

Olowokandi’s Death

No information has been disclosed about the cause of Wunmi Olowokandi’s death. The circumstances surrounding her passing are currently unknown, and it is anticipated that updates regarding the cause might be shared in the near future. We’ll keep psoting for more information.

Information Table

Here is the full bio/wiki of Wunmi Olowokandi and her family, mother, father, name, age, height in feet, weight, body measurements, interests/hobbies, family, address, hometown, ethnicity, birthplace, parents, achievements, school, net worth, birthday, zodiac sign, education, caste, religion.

Information Details
Name Wunmi Olowokandi
Age 42 (as of 2022, approximate)
Height Approximately 5 feet 6 inches
Weight Not publicly disclosed
Interests/Hobbies Acting, producing, fashion
Family Not publicly disclosed
Hometown Lagos State, Nigeria
Ethnicity Nigerian
Birthplace Lagos State, Nigeria
Parents Not publicly disclosed
Achievements City People Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress (2015), Best Supporting Actress at the African Film Awards (2017)
School/Education Lagos State University (Theatre Arts)
Net Worth Not publicly disclosed
Birthday October 22
Zodiac Sign Libra
Caste Not applicable
Religion Not applicable

Olowokandi’s Socials

We dont have information about Wunmi Olowokandi’s social media accounts. We’ll keep updating when the information is released.

Wunmi Olowokandi

Some Lesser Known Facts about Wunmi Olowokandi

  •  In addition to her acting talents, Wunmi Olowokandi is known for her multilingual abilities. She is fluent in multiple languages, including English and Yoruba, which allows her to seamlessly portray diverse characters and connect with a broader audience.
  •  Wunmi Olowokandi is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. She has been known to support various charitable causes, particularly those focused on education and empowerment. Her efforts aim to make a positive impact on the lives of others and give back to her community.
  • Beyond her acting career, Wunmi Olowokandi has a keen interest in fashion. She has been spotted attending fashion events and showcasing her personal style on social media. Her fashion choices reflect her unique sense of creativity and elegance.
  •  Wunmi Olowokandi prioritizes her physical fitness and leads an active lifestyle. She is known to engage in regular exercise routines and shares her fitness journey with her followers on social media, inspiring others to embrace a healthy lifestyle.
  • As an established figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry, Wunmi Olowokandi takes on a mentorship role, offering guidance and support to aspiring actors and filmmakers. She actively encourages and uplifts emerging talents, sharing her experiences and insights to help them navigate the industry.
  •  In addition to on-screen performances, Wunmi Olowokandi has also lent her voice to animated characters. She has showcased her vocal talent through voice acting roles, adding another dimension to her artistic repertoire.
  •  Wunmi Olowokandi is passionate about environmental conservation and sustainability. She advocates for eco-friendly practices and raises awareness about the importance of protecting the environment through her social media platforms.


Q: What is Wunmi Olowokandi’s most famous role?

A: Wunmi Olowokandi has appeared in various films and TV shows, and her most famous role can vary depending on individual preferences. Some notable projects she has been a part of include “The Return” (2015), “The Fixer” (2015), and the TV series “Jenifa’s Diary” (2015).

Q: Has Wunmi Olowokandi won any awards?

A: Yes, Wunmi Olowokandi has won awards for her performances. She received the City People Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2015 and the Best Supporting Actress award at the 2017 African Film Awards.

Q: Is Olowokandi active on social media?

A: Yes, Olowokandi is active on social media, particularly Instagram. She often shares updates about her work, personal life, and engages with her fans through her social media platforms.

Q: What languages does Olowokandi speak?

A: Olowokandi is known to be fluent in English and Yoruba, allowing her to effectively communicate and portray characters in both languages.

Q: Has Olowokandi been involved in any philanthropic activities?

A: Yes, Olowokandi actively engages in philanthropic endeavors, supporting causes related to education and empowerment.

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