Who Is Tania Lara (Pablo Fornals Wife): Wiki, Bio, Age,

Tania Lara, who is married to football player Pablo Fornals, recently got married to him in Spain.

Tania, who likes to stay out of the spotlight, but her support for Fornals and her growing job as an interior designer has made her known.

Who Is Tania Lara?

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Tania Lara is a 28-year-old woman from Spain.

She recently married Pablo Fornals, a 27-year-old footballer who plays for West Ham United. He is a midfielder.

Tania was born on July 11, 1996, in Spain.

They got married in Spain just two days after Fornals’ team won the Europa Conference League trophy.

Tania Lara Height, Weight & Age:

Tania Lara’s height, weight, and age are not specifically known, but her unwavering support for Fornals and her blossoming career as an interior designer has attracted attention.

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Tania Laria Education:

Tania Lara went to a nearby high school and always had big dreams.

She really liked design, so she studied interior design in college.

She was very interested in it from a young age.

Tania worked hard to achieve her goals, and now she has a degree in interior design.

Tania Laria Family & Relationships:

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Tania Lara’s family background is not well-known, but her parents had a big impact on her character. We don’t know if she has siblings.

In 2016, Tania met Pablo Fornals, and they fell in love right away.

They have been together ever since, supporting each other in personal and professional things.

In November 2021, Tania and Pablo became parents to their first child, Martin. They are happily married and love their family life.

Tania Laria Career:

Tania Lara is currently focused on building a good reputation in the interior design industry.

She has an Instagram account with the handle @tannialv.

She wants a calm life away from too much attention.

Tania is different from many famous people because she doesn’t share everything on social media.

This way, she keeps her life private and professional as she follows her interior design career.

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Tania Laria Wedding:

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Football cup winner Pablo Fornals and his bride Tania Lara celebrated their wedding in a special way.

Surrounded by loved ones, they sat in a beautiful courtyard, enjoying the big day.

The celebration had drum beaters with colorful lights, playing lively music for everyone to dance.

Before the wedding, Fornals posted a heartfelt message on Instagram, saying it was the best week of his life and promising to always be there for his love.

Pablo wore a sharp blue suit, while Tania had a pretty white wedding dress with capped shoulders.

Teammates Michail Antonio and Angelo Ogbonna, and ex-captain Mark Noble were there too. The festivities went on for three nights, and just 48 hours after his team’s win, they got married in Spain.

Tania Laria Net Worth:

As of 2023, Tania Lara is estimated to have a net worth ranging from $100,000 to $200,000.

Information Table:

Name Tania Lara
Age 28
Date of Birth July 11, 1996
Nationality Spanish

 Social Media Account



Some Lesser Known Facts About Tania Lara:

Source: instagram.com
  • Tania Lara prefers to maintain a low profile and keeps her personal life away from excessive media attention.
  • She developed a deep interest in interior design from a young age, which led her to pursue a degree in the field.
  • Tania’s unwavering support for her husband, Pablo Fornals, has garnered attention, even though she prefers to stay out of the spotlight.
  • Despite being married to a professional footballer, Tania chooses not to share every aspect of her life on social media and keeps her Instagram account private.
  • Details about Tania’s height, weight, and specific family background remain undisclosed.
  • She and Pablo Fornals first met in 2016 and experienced love at first sight, leading to their strong bond


1. Is Tania Lara a professional footballer like her husband Pablo Fornals?

  • No, Tania Lara is not a professional footballer. She has pursued a career in interior design.

2. Does Tania Lara have a public Instagram account?

  • No, Tania Lara has chosen to keep her Instagram account private, preferring a more private life away from intense media scrutiny.

3. What is Tania Lara’s net worth?

  • As of 2023, Tania Lara is estimated to have a net worth ranging from $100,000 to $200,000.

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