Who is Akuma Nihmune? Wiki, Bio, Age, Face Reveal, Twitch, Music, Avatar

Who is Akuma Nihmune? Wiki, Bio, Age, Face Reveal, Instagram, Music, Discord, Nationality, Features, Content, Height, Real Personality: Akuma Nihmune has been an English-speaking independent YouTuber, since 19th November 2021. Akume uses a virtual Personality and chats using her virtual persona look AKA Avatar. She generally Streams on Twitch, keeping up a good conversation with her fans, streaming live games, live covers of songs, or original songs, her real-life stories, Date nights with other streamers, and much more. She has recently hit the Buzz with talks of her face reveal. Keep reading this article to know more about her age, sex, height, weight, Avatar, personality, content, boyfriend, songs, family, nationality, zodiac, nicknames, and other personal details.

Akume Nihmune

Akuma Nihmune Avatar, Nicknames

Akuma Nihmune uses the Avatar of a half-demon and half-human girl, who has been kicked out of hell because she was too soft to be a fearful demon. So, she spends most of her time with her fans in the Alleys and Arcades. She calls her fans “Noombas” and she uses a number of nicknames for herself such as Numi, Nihmu, and some others which other Virtual Youtubers call her such as Nemo, Numiana Grande, Numinem, and much more.

Akuma Nihmune Age, Height, Weight, Avatar Look

Nihmune has not yet revealed her face or given us any hints about how she actually looks. However, her Avatar as the Half Demon-girl is widely speculated. As such, she is 102 years of age as we all know Demons live forever. She is a 7 foot 13 inches tall demon. There is no evidence of her weight, but she calls herself a “Power Bottom”. She has a very cute face, with big eyes and long straight blue hair. She has a very Womanly figure and dresses up mostly like a schoolgirl.

Akuma Nihmune Personality

She describes herself to be a scary Demon with her 7 feet 13 inches in height, with a Seiso Personality. Seiso is a Vtuber term meaning “wholesome”. The character described as Seiso is innocent, pure, and proper. However, because of her soft look, her fans often call her short, cute, and Degen.

In her live streams, she is extremely kind, laughs a lot, and creates a great interactive atmosphere. She is wholesome and downloads as is evident from her chats with her viewers. She loves the comments of her fans which are of great importance to her. However, it seems like Nihmune has ADHD, as she switches from one topic to another very frequently.

Akume Nihmune

Akuma Nihmune Content & Face Reveal

As a Virtual YouTuber or Vtuber, she shares live streaming of games, songs, and much more in her Avatar look. She does different types of content every day with no specific routine. Akume sometimes shares streaming of Assorted games like GTA or Flash and at other times she does Live covers of Songs and sometimes even sings her original songs. She also streams Live date nights, with other streamers. She plays the “Wheels of Pain” which is her special and shares real-life stories with her fans. Sometimes she also does Karaoke and idly interacts with her viewers but in a slightly bullying tone.

Akuma Nihmune Songs, Albums

Nihmune is also an Artist, she has released a number of her original songs from 2021. She released her first Single in 2021, ” Super Swag yet Super Sad “, comprising of 3 songs and received a huge response. Soon after, she started releasing a number of other albums and Eps like Bite (Single), Edgy Toxic (Single), and Perceive Me (EP) in the same year. In 2022, she released CPR (Single), Nihmussy (Single), Cult of the Ussy (Single), Cunningham (Single), and Carry Me Home (Album).

She also has other songs that she didn’t release as an Album or EP but sang to her viewers in Live Stream such as “Bunny Girl Senpai”, “For the Discord Noombas”, “What a Great Day to Enjoy Some Ham… It’s Pretty SWAAAAAGGGG” and many more.

You can listen to her songs here!

Akuma Nihmune Viewers, Subscribers, Stats

She has 2.05 Lakh subscribers on YouTube and her latest video received 91k views. More interestingly, she has 193,467 followers on Twitch. She started her channel on 19th November 2021 and has increased her Fandom at a really fast rate.

AKuma Nihmune Boyfriend, Family

Akuma Nihmune uses her Virtual Personality to stream. As such, she sticks to her Avatar Personality and does not reveal anything about her real personal life. She has never revealed about her family so we have absolutely no clue. She also has never mentioned anybody as her boyfriend. In one of her Youtube Videos, Nihmune talked about a game where there is an option to choose a boyfriend avatar of choice and that guy will be behaving like a real boyfriend to you in a virtual space. She claims that she had been really addicted to that game for some time. However, she has been on date nights with other streamers like Orihime, Buffpup, Rosedoodle, Shylily, Bao, and some others and we guess someone among these might be the lucky guy.

Akuma Nihmune Birthday, Zodiac, Country

Akuma is born on 11th December, however, the year is not known. As such she is a Saggitarius and thus lively, passionate, and smart. She speaks English and is from America.

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Akuma Nihmune Information Table

Name Akuma Nihmune
Nickname(s) Numi
Numiana Grande
Plum Kisser
Wall Kisser
Abs Girl
Num Nums
Gender Female
Profession Vtube Content Creator
Height (approx.) in centimeters – 248cm

meters -2.48m

feet inches – 7ft 13in

Channels Twitch


Affiliation Independent
Eye Colour Red
Hair Colour Blue
Date of Birth 11th December, year not Known
Age (as of 2022) 102 years
Birth Place N/A
Zodiac sign/Sun sign Saggitarius
Nationality American
Avatar Type Half-Human Half-Demon
School N/A
College/University N/A
Educational Qualification High School
Religion Nothing(as she is a Demon)
Ethnicity N/A
Style Soft Anime Style with a baby face and Womanly body
Address America
Hobbies/Interests Singing, Talking, Streaming, Gaming
Marital Status Most Probably Single
Affairs/Boyfriends/Girlfriends N/A
Sexuality Straight
Parents N/A
Brands  Akume Nihmune Merch
Face Reveal stats Not yet revealed
Viewer Stats Twitch -193,467

Youtube- 2.05 Lakh subscribers

Net Worth $40,000


Akume Nihmune

Social Media Accounts





Lesser Known facts about Akume Nihmune

  • She has a pet dog named Norkie, and she says it is hypoallergenic.
  • She was inspired by Morie Calliope and Watson Amelia to become a Vtuber.
  • Her Favourite Pokemon Character is Shroomish.
  • Her Devil Horns are detachable and light on fire.

FAQs about Akume Nihmune

1)Does Numi have a boyfriend?

No, she has never talked about having a constant boyfriend, so we can say that she is single.

2) Is Numi a Demon Girl?

No, she is a half-human and half-demon.

3) Why was she kicked out of hell?

She was kicked out of hell because she was too soft to be a demon.

4) Does she speak Spanish?

No, she can’t speak Spanish however she can sing  “telepatía” by Kali Uchis with the correct pronunciation.

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