Wagle ki Duniya : Cast, Plot, Airing And, History.

Have you ever heard of sitcoms? You might be thinking about ‘F.r.i.e.n.d.s.’ which is a sitcom.  Also, you remembered how i met your mother, The big bang theory and the latest sitcom on Netflix is Brooklyn 99. And keeping all the english shows aside, do you know about Indian sitcoms. Even India had sitcoms in Hindi. For example, there is Tarak Mehta ka….., Best of luck Nikki, etc. Let’s talk about ‘ Wagle ki Duniya.

It is the oldest Indian sitcom.  And it aired first in 1988. The plot is all about a common man known as Srinivas Wagle.  Moreover, the story revolves around Mr. Wagle.  So, with Srinivas Wagle one seems to portray the life of a middle class man in a humorous yet touching relatable way.

32 years  later, the show is making its comeback. And people are excited to once again watch ‘Wagle ki Duniya’ with enthusiasm.  As,  we know sitcoms can never get old or out of fashion. We can watch them at any age or era.


The wagle ki Duniya in 1988. Srinivas Wagle was played by Anjan Srivatsav. He is an actor and been in alot of films and his recent notable films are Jab Harry met Sejal and Sanju.

And Bharati Achrekar acted as the wife of Srinivas Wagle as Radhika wagke. Moreober, in the new show of Wagle ki Duniya will be aired at ‘Sony Sab’ in 2021. Hats off production is bringing this show to the media. Also, the new show just like the old one seems to potray the life of the middle class man in the present Indian society.

The lead actor is Sumeet Raghavan. Sumeet Raghavan is a television and film actor. For instance, his notable shows are Tu Tu Mein Mein and Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai. And his notable films are Holiday with Akshay Kumar.


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