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Tribes Of Europa  Wiki, Cast, Plot, Release Date, Producer, Director, Writer, Box office, Budget, Review, and Trailer: The three siblings are all set to change the fate of Europe which got shattered due to the catastrophe. Directed by Philip Koch and Florian Baxmeyer. Written by Philip Koch, Jana Burbach and Benjamin Seiler. It is a German sci-fi television series. Tribes Of Europa was released on 19th Feb of this year on Netflix.

Tribes Of Europa

Release Date And Timings: Tribes Of Europa 

In the wake of a mysterious global disaster, reckless happenings, and on the verge of the end of Europe.

GenreScience fiction
Written byPhilip Koch
Jana Burbach
Benjamin Seiler
Directed byPhilip Koch
Florian Baxmeyer
Country of originGermany
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 6
Production companyW&B Television
Original networkNetflix

cast and characters:

1. Henriette Confurius as Liv:

Tribes Of Europa

She is a German actress. Henriette is starred as Liv in Tribes of Europa. Her notable role as Kayala in  The Countess. Liv remains hidden in the forest along with her tribe. The whole tribe was lead to death by the  Crows. the Crows were in search of the  Atlantian pilot and cube. Liv plans a trap. she decides to stay close to Commander David Voss. Liv tries to earn the trust of Grieta, who is captured by the Crows. But unfortunately, the plan fails.

2.Emilio Sakraya as Kiano:

Tribes Of Europa

He is starred as Kiano in the sci-fi series  Tribes of Europa. He is featured as Emilio Sakarya. Kiano of Origines is the eldest brother of the other two(Liv and Elija). The Crows killed all his tribe members. They enslaved him also. He used to work in a wolk factory. He discovered that some guards are smuggling the products. As he helped the factory people to catch those smugglers he won the heart of Varvara. She made him a Crow member.

3.David Ali Rashed as Elja:

Tribes Of Europa

David is starred as Elja in Tribes of Europa. He is the youngest brother of Liv and Kiara. During the killing of his whole tribe, he fled from there and reached Praha. He asked Moses to help him to which he agreed. Elja’s sole mission was to take back the cube as it is to Ark.

4.Melika Foroutan as Varvara:

Tribes Of Europa

Lord Varvara’s role is played by Melika. She is the leader of The crow. She is furious. she loves merciless death. She loves partying a lot. She is a German actress. she made her debut in acting in 2000. She is in search of the  Atlantian pilot and cube. Kiano with her bravery impresses Varvara. Later he is chosen as a Crow member.

5.Oliver Masucci as Moses:

Tribes Of Europa

In tribes of Eropa Oliver is starred as Moses. He is a German actor. He is notable for his roles in  Ulrich Nielsen in the Netflix original show titled Dark.  he is best known for his role as Adolf Hitler in a novel named Ist Wieder Da.

6.Robert Finster as David:

Tribes Of Europa

He is known for his acting in Krieg and  Wie man Leben soll.

7.Benjamin Sadler as Jakob:

Tribes Of Europa

He is starred as the leader of the Origines. He is taken as a prisoner by the Crows.

8.Ana Ularu as Grieta:

Tribes Of Europa

she is a part of Crow. she is never influenced by anyone.

9.Jeanette Hain as Amena:

Tribes Of Europa

He is a German actress. she has done acting in more than 90 films.

10.Michaël Erpelding as Atlantian Pilot:


he along with an Atlantian cube was going to inform the good people about the danger they are going to face.

11.James Faulkner as General Cameron:


His notable roles as Pope Sixtus IV in Da Vinci’s Demons series.

Reviewing Tribe of Europa:

Set in 2074, the European catastrophe is a German sci-fi television series. Such a mysterious blackout cause the government to shut down and rebuilt their nation into microstates. the real plot twist occurs when the three siblings got separated. Liv, Elja, and Kiano roles are played by Henriette Confucius, Emilio Sakraya, and David Ali Rashed. Cinematography has been marvelous. Viewers will see some breathtaking shots in this season. The appealing set, catastrophic feels, and aesthetic filming make it worth watching. The soundtrack adds more glory to the filming as a whole.

Struggles of the three siblings-


Liv suffers backstabbing and betrayal as a regular thing during the journey. Elija on the other hand has to deal with a tech-y cube thing from the lost cities of Atlantis. Kia’s part in season 1 on Tribes Of Europa is not so interesting but the other two siblings’ part is quite predictable.

The plot was a little misleading-

For the sake of doing actions more and acting less at some places, I thought the logic was missing. some of the scenes were so painful to watch. They suffered many cliches and overused tropes for no reason of course. When the bad people were trying to steal the cube from the good guy instead of doing a deal with the villagers they were in favor of. The bad guys decided to kill everyone and sustain somehow. Some of the breathtaking shorts are helping for a must-watch session where many of the scenes are dumb.

Trailer of Tribe of Europa:

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