Tony Duncan Ochonjo: Wiki, Bio, Death, Height, Gender, Family

Tony Duncan Ochonjo was a popular comedian and actor on the Kenyan show Njoro wa Uba. He passed away unexpectedly on May 11, 2023, due to liver complications.

Who Is Tony Duncan Ochonjo:

Tony Duncan Ochonjo was a famous comedian and actor from Kenya. He became popular for his role on the TV show Njoro wa Uba. He also had many fans on TikTok, where he shared funny sketches and videos. People loved his jokes and fun personality, making him a cherished figure in Kenya’s entertainment world.

Tony Duncan Ochonjo Birthday, Ethnicity & Nationality:


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Tony Duncan Ochonjo was a famous funny man. His birth date is not known, but he left us on May 11, 2023, at 36 years old. Ochonjo was from Kenya, and his race is private.

Tony Duncan Ochonjo Family & Relationships:

Sorry, but we don’t have any information on Tony Duncan Ochonjo’s family, wife, girlfriends, parents, or siblings. However, it seems that after seeing his Instagram I’d that he had close friends and colleagues who were like family to him. They were deeply sad when he passed away.

Tony Duncan Ochonjo Career:

Tony Duncan Ochonjo was an actor and comedian. He was famous for his roles in popular TV shows like Njoro wa Uba and the Mweheshimiwa series on KTN. He also made funny videos on TikTok with comedians Mike Wako and Onsongo.

Ochonjo was becoming a big star in the entertainment industry, making people laugh with his natural comedy and acting skills. He loved working with other famous comedians in Kenya and was always finding new ways to make people happy. Everyone loved him and his funny content.

Tony Duncan’s Net Worth:

Unfortunately, there is no information on Tony Duncan’s Net worth.

Tony Duncan Ochonjo Cause of Death:

Tony Duncan Ochonjo

Tony Duncan, a popular Kenyan actor, and TikTok content creator passed away on May 10, 2023, due to kidney failure and liver-related issues. His sudden death has left his friends, colleagues, and fans in deep sorrow, and many have expressed their condolences and shared memories of his humor and talent.

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Information Table:

Topic Information
Full name Tony Duncan Ochonjo (also known as Brian Njogu)
Date of death May 10, 2023
Cause of death Kidney failure and liver-related issues
Occupation Actor, Tiktok content creator
Notable works Njoro wa Uba (TV show), humorous sketches with fellow comedians Mike Wako and Onsongo
TV appearances Mweheshimiwa series on KTN, other local entertainment programs
Colleagues Worked closely with prominent comedians in Kenya

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Tony’s Lesser-Known Facts:

Tony's Lesser-Known Facts
  • Tony Duncan Ochonjo was also known by his stage name, Brian Njogu.
  • He was born and raised in Kenya.
  • Ochonjo was a graduate of Daystar University in Nairobi.
  • Before becoming a comedian, he worked in customer service and sales for a bank.
  • He was part of the comedy group “BNN Comedy” with fellow comedians Mike Wako and Onsongo.
  • Ochonjo was known for his humorous sketches on TikTok, which often featured his signature hat.
  • He was a fan of hip-hop music and often incorporated it into his comedy sketches.
  • Ochonjo was passionate about using comedy to address social issues and promote positive change in society.

Tony’s FAQs:

1. Who was Tony Duncan Ochonjo?

Tony Duncan Ochonjo was a well-known actor on the hit TV show Njoro and a TikTok content creator.

2. What was Tony Duncan Ochonjo’s real name?

Tony Duncan Ochonjo’s real name was Brian Njogu.

3. What was Tony Duncan Ochonjo’s cause of death?

Tony Duncan passed away due to kidney failure and liver-related issues.

4. What TV shows was Tony Duncan featured in?

Tony Duncan Ochonjo was featured in several local TV programs on entertainment, including the Mweheshimiwa series on KTN.

5. Did Tony Duncan Ochonjo work with other comedians?

Yes, Tony Duncan Ochonjo worked closely with other prominent comedians in Kenya, including Mike Wako and Onsongo.

6. When did Tony Duncan pass away?

Tony Duncan passed away on May 10, 2023.