Susan Edwards: Wiki, Bio, Accusation, Murder, Family, Husband

Susan Edwards: Wiki, Bio, Accusation, Murder, Family, Husband and details: Susan and her husband Christopher Edwards are the infamous murderers who killed her parents, buried their bodies in the garden and get rid of the evidence. The parents who were named as Patricia and William Wycherley were shot dead by their own daughter Susan in 1998. Her husband Christopher helped bury the bodies and get rid of evidence. The next working day after the two murders, Susan cleared all the money, about 40,000 pounds from her parents accounts. The Edwards did not just stop there however. Over the next fifteen years, they sent fake Christmas Cards to their relatives, in Wycherley’s name to keep up the pretense.


Susan Edwards Life and Documentary

Susan is a British national. She is currently 57 years of age. Susan and her husband forged signatures wherever necessary and siphoned off their parents money, including private pensions, industrious injury benefits, winter fuel payments, and Christmas bonuses.

The couple was arrested after 15 years of the murder, and was handed a life sentence of minimum 25 years. The gruesome story is showcased in the Landscapers Documentary Sky News.

Susan Edwards Husband

She married her husband Christopher Edwards in 1983. He used to work as an accounts clerk. He was also a former gun club member. Reportedly Christopher stated that he did not kill his in -laws but helped his wife to get rid of the bodies. According to hm he could not leave his wife to the wolves.

After murdering Wycherley and siphoning off their money, he and his wife sold their house and relocated to France.

Susan Edwards Personal Life

Susan was the only child of Patricia and William Wycherley. They were 67 and 85 at the time of deaths respectively. She admitted to killing her parents on the grounds that she was provoked. She further said that her mother had a sexual relationship with his husband in 1992. The arguments caused her to shoot her parents dead.

However, the prosecution rejected the story and claimed it all being a lie. They said it was a premeditated murder and her husband Christopher was also present at the time of murder. As the former gun club member , it is likely that he was the one who shot her parents.


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Susan Edwards Bio, Husband, Profile, Age, Killings

Full name Susan Edwards
Date Of Birth 1963
Age 57 Years
Gender Female
Birthplace Britain
Nationality British
Hometown N/A
Sentence 25 Years Imprisonment
Height N/A
Parents Patricia and William
Siblings None
Debts 245,000 Pounds
Marital status Married
Net Worth Under Scrutiny
Education N/A
Children None
Husband Christopher Edwards

Social media Accounts:

Her social media presence is next to zero.

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