Shoichiro Toyoda: Wiki, Bio, Age, Company, Net Worth, Death

Shoichiro Toyoda: Wiki, Bio, Age, Company Toyota, Net Worth, Death, Awards, Family, Career, Educational Qualification: A Japanese business executive Shoichiro Toyoda was the chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation from 1992-1999 and alongside was also the chairman of Japan Business Federation from 1994 to 1998. He was born in Japan and has spent the left of his life there itself. Engineering pursued by him and had written his thesis on the subject of fuel injection.

Shoichiro Toyoda

Shoichiro Toyoda Birth Details

The country of birth of Soichiro Toyoda is Nagoya, Japan. He was born on 17th February 1925 to his parents Hatako Toyoda (mother) and Kiichiro Toyoda (father) who is recognised as the founder of Toyota motors. At the time of his death in the year 2023, he was of the age of 97. His height according to the sources is said to be 5 feet.

Shoichiro Toyoda’s Educational Qualifications

His middle schooling was completed at what currently is named Hibiya High School and high schooling which at present is known as Tokyo university. Graduation was done from Nagoya Imperial University in the year 1947 with a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering. Furthermore, he completed his PhD in 1955 from Tohoku University. World War II had an impact on Toyoda’s family due to his own conscription into civil service along with his father’s business warrant to manufacture trucks for the Imperial Japanese Army. He joined Toyota in the year 1952.


Shoichiro Toyoda Family

Shoichiro Toyoda is the eldest son of Japanese businessman Kiichiro Toyoda who was the son of Toyoda Loom Works founder Sakichi Toyoda and the founder of the company Toyota motors. Tatsuro Toyoda was his sibling who passed away on December 30, 2017. Hiroko Mitsui was his wife and both of them tied the knot in the year 1952 and had a successful marriage until 2023 when he breathed his last breath. Both of them together had one son Akio Toyoda who is said to take over the business after the death of Shoichiro Toyoda.

Shoichiro Toyoda Career

After joining his father’s business in 1952, within 10 years he rose to the position of managing director. There was no looking back after then in 1967 he was promoted to the rank of senior managing director and in 1972 to vice president furthermore, became the president of the organisation in 1981. Toyota motor corporation was made by merging the sales and production organisations in 1982. With the merging of the two distinct corporate cultures Toyda successfully became the leader of it. He served as chairman from 1992 to 1999, and he became honorary chairman in 1999. He was committed to revitalizing the sluggish Japanese economy and responding to issues such as administrative and financial reform

The leadership he served played an important role in the global introduction of the popular culture of the Lexus brand of luxury automobiles and environmentally focused Prius engine electric hybrids. Dr Toyoda served on the board for 57 years and assumed the position of honorary chairman in 2009 until his death.

Shoichiro Toyoda Net Worth

Shoichiro Net Worth

Shoichiro Toyoda’s net worth At the time of death was $800 million.

Shoichiro Toyoda Awards

He has received a lot of awards for his excellence. The national honours include 1972, 1984, 1985- Medal of honour (Dark blue ribbon), November 1984 – Medal of Honor (Blue Ribbon), April 1995 – Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure, April 2002 – Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun, November 2007 – Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia Flower among other national honours and decorations including May 1986 – Grand Cross of the Order of Antonio Jose de Sucre of Venezuela and April 2010 – Grand Collar of the Order of Lakandula of the Philippines


Shoichiro Toyoda’s Death

Shoichiro Toyoda the eldest of his family at the age of 97 took his last breath on 14th February 2023, Tuesday. The death was said to be caused by heart failure. A funeral service was kept within close members of the family. He died less than a month after his son, Akio Toyoda, 66, the third generation of the founding family to run the automaker, announced that he was stepping down as president and would become chairman. At the Prime Minister’s residence on the 14th, the Prime Minister of Japan said “Shoichiro Toyoda cultivated Toyota into a world-renowned automaker and led the Japanese auto industry. Great efforts have been made to develop.”

Here is the full Bio/ Wiki of Shoichiro Toyoda including his real name, birthday, birth sign, born country, age,  date of death, marital status, wife, profession, mother’s name, Father’s name, education, net worth, children, social media, and siblings along with his height.

Shoichiro Toyoda Information Table

Real Name Shoichiro Toyoda
Birthday / Date of Birth 17th February 1925
Date of Death 14th February 2023
Age 97 (Deceased)
Birth Sign Aquarius
Born Country Japan
Mother Hatako Toyoda
Father Kiichiro Toyoda
Education (Graduation) Nagoya Imperial University
Marital Status Married
Wife Hiroko Mitsui
Siblings 1
Children (son) 1- Akio Toyoda
Net Worth $800 million
Social media None
Height 5 ft.

Shoichero Toyoda’s Social Media Accounts

Shoichero Toyoda was not on any social media handles.

Some Lesser-Known Facts About The Japanese Businessman

  • He was the eldest son of Kiichiro Toyoda.
  • The name of his wife was Hiroko Mitsui
  • His first job at Toyota was inspecting cars that had been returned for defects.
  • Toyoda joined Toyota two years after his father, Kiichiro, was forced to step aside as Toyota president when the company ran into financial difficulties and needed a bank bailout brokered by the Bank of Japan.


  1. Who is the father of Shoichiro Toyoda?

Kiichiro Toyoda

2. When did Shoichro Toyoda die?

14th February 2023

3. How did Shoichiro Toyoda die?

Heart Failure

4. What is the net worth of Shoichiro Toyoda?

$8 Million

5. What is Shoichiro Toyoda’s nationality?


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