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Shermichael Singleton is a political character with many different roles. As a political adviser, writer, and commentator, he has made a big difference. Let’s know about him more in the following blog!

Shermichael Singleton

Who is Shermichael Singleton?

Shermichael Singleton is well-known for his writing and political commentary. He also works as an adviser for the Republican Party.

Many people noticed him when President Donald Trump fired him from his job as Deputy Chief of Staff at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Shermichael Singleton Height, Weight & Age:

Shermichael Singleton is a 32-year-old political figure. While specific details about his height and weight are not available, he appears to have an approximate height of 6 feet.

Based on his appearance, his weight is estimated to be between 68 to 75 kilograms.

Shermichael Singleton Education:

Shermichael Singleton is from New Orleans, Louisiana. He studied Political Science at Morehouse College, where he learned about politics.

Later, he continued his education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, focusing on Government and Politics to gain even more knowledge.

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Shermichael Singleton Family & Relationship:

We don’t know if Shermichael Singleton is married or not. There is no information about his wedding, spouse, or if he has a partner.

We also don’t know if he has children. Everything about his family and personal life is currently not known.

Shermichael Singleton Career:

Shermichael Singleton

Shermichael Singleton has had an impressive career in politics and media.

He started his career by working on presidential campaigns for Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Dr. Ben Carson, focusing on reaching young people, managing campaign activities, and forming faith groups.

He also researched opponents for Republican candidates. Outside of politics, he worked with Lauren’s Kids, a non-profit, to raise awareness about child sexual abuse.

Later, he became Dr. Carson’s communication director and played a key role in his appointment at HUD. Now, he gives political analysis on CNN and MSNBC.

Shermichael Singleton Awards & Achievements:

Shermichael Singleton has received many awards and accomplished significant milestones in his career. He’s one of the 10 African-American people chosen as Senior Executive Service (SES) political appointees, making him the youngest to hold an SES position. While at Morehouse College, where Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. studied, Singleton founded the College Republican Chapter.

He arranged important events on religion, race, and politics, and helped with leadership training at the Leadership Institute and ISI.

In 2010, he ran for Vice Chairman of the Georgia Association of College Republicans and earned an endorsement from HHR Blog, showing his leadership and political skills.

Shermichael Singleton Net worth:

As of now, specific information about Shermichael Singleton’s net worth is not available.

Information Table:

Shermichael Singleton

Category Information
Name Shermichael Singleton
Occupation Writer, political commentator, Republican political consultant
Notable Work Contributing Host for Vox Media’s Consider It; CNN Political Commentator
Education Morehouse College (Political Science); University of Massachusetts Amherst (Government and Politics)
Awards Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree for Law and Policy (2019)
Age 32 years
Height Approximately 6 feet
Weight Estimated between 68 to 75 kilograms
Career Highlights Worked on presidential campaigns, including Gingrich, Romney, and Carson; Former Director of Communications for Carson; Deputy Chief of Staff at HUD
Contributions Youth outreach, campaign operations, faith coalitions; Opposition research for Republican candidates
Notable Organizations College Republican Chapter at Morehouse College, Lauren’s Kids

Social Media Information:




Some lesser-known facts about Shermichael Singleton:

1. Shermichael Singleton is an excellent public speaker and has given speeches at various conferences on topics like religion, race, and politics.

2. He founded the College Republican Chapter at Morehouse College, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. studied.

3. Singleton worked as an opposition researcher for America Rising, LLC, focusing on Republican candidates running for Congress and the United States Senate.

4. During the presidential transition, he played a crucial role as a top aide to Dr. Ben Carson, guiding him through the Senate confirmation process.

5. Singleton’s remarkable contributions to politics and media earned him a spot as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 honorees for Law and Policy in 2019.


1. What is Shermichael Singleton known for?

  • Shermichael Singleton is known for his roles as a political consultant, writer, and commentator. He gained attention for his work on presidential campaigns, his contributions to political media, and his appearances as a political commentator on CNN and MSNBC.

2. What led to Shermichael Singleton’s dismissal from the Department of Housing and Urban Development?

  • Singleton’s dismissal from the Department of Housing and Urban Development came after he wrote an article in October 2016 that criticized then-candidate Donald Trump’s rhetoric toward black voters. This article led to his termination from the position of Deputy Chief of Staff at HUD.

3. What is Shermichael Singleton’s educational background?

  • Shermichael Singleton studied Political Science at Morehouse College and Government and Politics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
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