Secret Mizzy: Wiki, Bio, Age, TikTok, Nationality, Banned, Bacari Ogarro

Secret Mizzy: Wiki, Bio, Age, TikTok, Nationality, Banned, Police, Arrested, News, Viral, Prankster, Bacari Ogarro, Ethnicity:Mizzy got arrested and made it big on the internet. People found out about Bacari Ogarro’s bad behavior. He’s a famous TikToker who does so-called “pranks,” but they’re really mean and hurtful. Some even count as bullying and attacking others.

Who Is Secret Mizzy?

Mizzy, whose real name is Bacari Ogarro, is an 18-year-old content creator known for his popular TikTok and YouTube videos. However, there’s a troubling side to his fame. He’s called “Secret Mizzy” and gained attention by sharing “prank” videos. These pranks may not be as harmless as they seem. They have raised concerns. Mizzy’s videos show him doing pranks, but some of these may be crossing the line.

Secret Mizzy Life, Age, Birthday, & Nationality:

Due to the lack of information on Secret Mizzy’s exact date of birth, the details of his birthday and zodiac sign could not be found at the moment. We will update the details about him if he reveals his age, birthday, zodiac sign, etc. He has kept her personal data behind the curtains.

Secret Mizzy Family & Relationship:

Unfortunately, due to the lack of information on Secret Mizzy’s family, their Parents, relationships, and siblings could not be found at the moment. we will update you if the details reveal his family, Parents, relationships, and siblings, etc.

Secret Mizzy Educational Qualifications:


There is no information available about Secret Mizzy’s primary and secondary education at the moment. We don’t know which school he attended for his schooling. Perhaps he received him schooling from a private local school in his hometown. He has not shared any details about her early education.

Secret Mizzy Career:

Bacari Ogarro, also known as “Mizzy,” became famous on TikTok and YouTube for doing wild pranks. But things got bad when he started harassing and hurting people without them knowing. He did things like going into places he shouldn’t, stealing, and hurting others. People got upset and argued a lot about it. The worst part is, he never said sorry or took responsibility for what he did. He just said he wanted to make fun videos. But behind all the fame, Mizzy’s life is hidden, and it’s filled with bad things because of his actions.

Secret Mizzy Net Worth:

Bacari Ogarro is a famous TikToker known for his controversial pranks that made him popular online. Despite facing criticism, he hasn’t felt sorry or said sorry to those he pranked. He believes in creating fun videos. Mizzy’s true net worth is still a secret.

Secret Mizzy Got Arrested:

Mizzy got arrested for hurting Orthodox Jews in Stamford Hill. The news spread through The Jerusalem Post. He made videos where he bothered Jewish people, even sneaking up on a man and going into a Jewish family’s house without permission. He has a bad history, stealing dogs, damaging things, and threatening people. At first, he faced many charges like hurting others, trespassing, and stealing, but later, the charges were changed to criminal damage. Even after getting arrested, Mizzy didn’t feel sorry. He kept making prank videos and didn’t care about what people said online. Many people are mad because he shows no regret and plans to keep making these kinds of videos.

Information Table:

Here is the full bio of Bacari Ogarro his, age, TikTok, Nationality, Banned, Police, Arrested, News, Viral, Prankster, Bacari Ogarro, Ethnicity & other information.

Name Bacari Ogarro (Mizzy)
Nickname Secret Mizzy
Gender Male
Profession Social media star, content creater
Age (as in 2023) Between 18 Years Old
Religion Christianity
Parents Father: Not Known

 Mother: Not Known

Husband/Wife/Spouse N/A
Children N/A

Social Media Accounts:

No Information available regarding his social media Accounts.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Secret Mizzy:

  • While the arrest related to assaulting Orthodox Jews gained significant attention, Mizzy had encountered legal issues prior to that incident.
  • Mizzy’s pursuit of fame and attention drove him to engage in more extreme and controversial pranks over time.
  • Mizzy is 18 years old boy

FAQs About Mizzy:

1. Who is Mizzy?

  • Mizzy, whose real name is Bacari Ogarro, is an 18-year-old TikToker known for sharing prank videos on social media.

2. What kind of pranks does Mizzy do?

  • Mizzy’s pranks often involve troubling behavior, including harassment and assault against unsuspecting individuals.

3. Was Mizzy arrested?

  • Yes, Mizzy was arrested for assaulting Orthodox Jews in Stamford Hill.

4. What charges were brought against Mizzy?

  • Initially, he faced charges including assault, trespassing, and theft, but they were later modified to criminal damage.

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